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Newsletter Issue #358: 06 Nov 2011

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Thanks to Isaac Aesili for answering these questions:

What can we expect to see from Funkommunity over the next year?

We will be touring with the Funkommunity band in NZ, Australia and all going well Europe and Japan. We will also be recording our second album.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Believe in yourself, embrace the difficulties because they help you learn, stay positive and stay true to yourself.

Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands, and why?

Riki Gooch, Mike Fab (Lord Echo), Will Ricketts, Julien Dyne, Recloose, El Truento, Electric Wire Hustle, Ladi6, Frank Booker, Ria Hall, Aaradhna, Iva Lamkum, Vince Harder, Tyra Hammond, Katchafire and the rest of my music fam because im inspired by their music and they are close friends.

What will Funkommunity’s next release be?

Album # 2, yet to be composed.

How do you come up with your lyrics?

Rachel Fraser writes her own lyrics and melody, I help out sometimes in the studio while we are recording.

Who would you most like to support live?

Dam Funk

How do you believe Funkommunity fits into the NZ music industry?

We are NZ musicians providing an essential injection of Funk into the NZ music industry. We work in the industry but we are not controlled by it.

What can you never leave home without?

My afro.

How do you describe Funkommunity’s music?

It's a fusion of Funk, Soul, Jazz, R&B and electronic music.

What is your favourite NZ venue?


What is the best part of being a musician?

The infinite energy and joy that comes from playing music.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Ria Hall, Aaradhna, Aaradhna, Vince Harder, Tyra Hammond, Riki Gooch, Mike Fab (Lord Echo), Will Ricketts, Recloose, Julien Dyne, Electric Wire Hustle, and El Turento and all the fresh cats cause I really feel their music and it influences me.

What is in your CD collection at home?

I dont own any CDs as im 100% digital but I've got plenty of old Jazz, funk and soul records.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

No comment.

What is your favourite place in NZ to be?

The beach, lakes, rivers and forest, too many to choose.

What inspired you to start Funkommunity?

A track on my 1st album 'Eye See' called 'I'm All In' was my first collaboration with Rachel, we both felt it was logical to keep working and eventually formed this new outfit together. 

How did you come up with the name Funkommunity?

It was spontaneous, just came to me and then I checked it on google and nobody had used it so I was like sweet, thats us!

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Support for Space Invadas it was our first gig and a mean vibe.

How do you keep in contact with your fans?


What rumour would you like to start about Funkommunity?

Funkommunity are socialists.

Funkommunity are Rachel Fraser (lead vocals), Isaac Aesili (trumpet, APC, vocals), Dan Ryland (guitar, keyboards), Marika Hodgson (bass) and Tom Broome (drums)

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SinSin – a new Auckland three piece releasing their dual format EP November 7th through Dirty Records. SinSin is Motocade guitarist Geordie McCallum, Kerretta drummer H. Walker and Zowie bass player Harry Champion.

The dual format EP includes two music video clips. Sam Handley, who has produced amazing videos for such kiwi acts as The Datsuns, Connan Mockasin, An Emerald City, directed the ‘Responding to Drama’ music video. He has created a video that will make you laugh and be in awe, all in three minutes.

The other music video ‘Layers’ produced by Geordie McCallum, is a journey through his family tree with actual `super 8 footage from 1965 of his Aunty Megs wedding in Scotland. Many of the family have since passed away including Geordies father. The video then takes on a dark twist with footage of Thailand from a NZ peacekeeping force.

The ‘Layers’ EP has also been quite the work in progress. Produced over the last year and a half, the long-time production is evident in the distinctive sound of each track. It’s diversely developed and yet cunningly cohesive in sound, all of which has been mastered by renowned audio engineer Dale Cotton.

Watch the ‘Layers’ music video now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y42fLwWN4OU

Watch the ‘Responding to Drama’ music video now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sJHXvagAlo&feature=related

SinSin is Harry Champion (bass, vocals), H. Walker (drums) and Geordie McCallum (guitar, vocals, keyboards).

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Freaky Meat

What can we expect to see from Freaky Meat over the next year?

More of us live with fresh material. This year we released our first album and will have completed our first tour. We intent to expand and extend the Meat closer to your door-step where ever you may be.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Surround yourself with good muso's and mates and be very very patient... be prepared to work hard and try to have as much fun as you can.

What will Freaky Meat's next release be?

The next album will be flavoursome and full of variety like the first. We've been testing a few on audiences already and had some good reactions which is pleasing.. and saves so much time 'explaining' to the audience why they should bloody well like it.

Who would you most like to support live?

Tom Waits or Lou Reed.

How do you believe Freaky Meat fits into the NZ music industry?

A bit like square pegs into round holes. We dance around the outside and poke sticks at it.

What can you never leave home without?

MY FREEDOM... but probably the house keys more so.

How do you describe Freaky Meat's music?

Well Graham Reid said we sounded like Head Like A Hole with Sam Hunt, yeah I think he might have got something there.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Well we love playing with The Neo Kalashnikovs. Volita writes songs that are so fantastic and so simple I always rub my head and wonder why anyone hasn't thought of them before, they are pure kick ass rock and roll. Also Drop Dead Redhead are brilliant.

Freaky Meat is Shane Hollands (vocals), John McNab (lead guitar), Rod Redgrave (bass) and James Percy (drums).

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Charity Children Berlin

What can we expect to see from Charity Children Berlin over the next year?

As winter arrives in Berlin, busking on the streets is becoming less feasible.  We’re told they have proper winters here. The sort of winters you die in if you stay too long outside. But we’re beginning to get invited indoors to play, which is nice. We’re currently recording our first album with Nigel Braddock of Monkey Records (who we recently signed with) in our living room. It’s due for release December 10th, 2011. Then we are planning a tour around NZ in March next year - then back to Berlin for summer-sessions busking and hopefully a wee European Summer tour.

How do you come up with your lyrics?

By looking through drunken rants in our journals, by gaining inspiration from antiquated love folk poems, through people we’ve met, experiences we’ve shared, through heartbreak, melancholic moments and newfound love in each other.
What can you never leave home without?

Our house key.

How do you describe Charity Children Berlin music?

Someone called us anti-folk once. We liked that. It made us sound progressive and just a bit subversive.  But we’re really not. So we suppose ‘Indie-folk’ would be pretty close.

What is the best part of being a musician?

The sleep-ins?

What is in your CD collection at home?

The Tallest Man On Earth, Bob Dylan, Beirut, Aloe Blacc, Lawrence Arabia and Nina Simone. To name a recent few.

What inspired you to start Charity Children Berlin?

When we moved to Berlin from New Zealand and discovered that we couldn’t work anywhere, as we couldn’t speak an inkling of German. The first time we went busking, albeit slightly drunken, we made twelve Euros and two apples. We thought, ‘that’s enough for four falafel kebabs!’ That was exciting.

We’ve always enjoyed playing music together. The first night we kissed (at Whammy in St Kevin’s Arcade), we played piano and harmonica together in the gig room at the Wine Cellar.  I guess music was a sort of vessel for which we fell in love.

How did you come up with the name Charity Children Berlin?

Ah well, that’s a long story that we will make concise. Shortly after we first started courting, we were kindly given a piano, which was over a hundred years old. We hired a trailer and transported it home, by ourselves, which was quite a physical task given our frail frames. We named it the  ‘Happy Prince’ after the much adored Oscar Wilde children’s story. The ‘Charity Children’ in the story are told off by their teacher for dreaming.

"He looks just like an angel," said the Charity Children as they came out of the cathedral in their bright scarlet cloaks and their clean white pinafores.

"How do you know?" said the Mathematical Master, "you have never seen one."

"Ah! but we have, in our dreams," answered the children; and the Mathematical Master frowned and looked very severe, for he did not approve of children dreaming.

-Oscar Wilde

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

Via Facebook or our email address [email protected]

Charity Children Berlin is Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee.

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NZ Music News

Brooke Fraser & TNAF Big Winners at Vodafone NZ Music Awards

Brooke Fraser & TNAF Big Winners at Vodafone NZ Music Awards
Auckland indie band The Naked and Famous and sultry songstress Brooke Fraser are the big winners at tonight’s (Nov. 3) 2011 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

Both are taking home five Tuis, with The Naked and Famous winning the coveted Russian Standard Vodka Album of the Year Award and Brooke Fraser the International Achievement Award.

And to cap off a great night for The Naked and Famous, the band’s video for the single “Punching In A Dream” produced by Special Problems also takes out the NZ On Air Best Music Video category.

Other big winners on the night include Tiki Taane with three Tuis and Ladi6 with two.

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Jim Beam Homegrown - 2nd Announcement

Jim Beam Homegrown - 2nd Announcement drops Freddy's and 16 other top Kiwi actsJim Beam Homegrown is the stand out gig of the summer, proudly showcasing the cream of New Zealand music.  A further 17 acts have just been announced to grace the 7 stages set along the beautiful Wellington waterfront.

After 4 consecutive sell-outs Homegrown’s plans for the 5th year are bigger and better. The February 18th   festival features a new free to the public stage, a new collaborative stage - The Red Bull Lab and a huge line-up of bands and DJ’s.

Each of the stages has its own flavour. The largest of them, the Vodafone Dub and Roots stage boasts a truly epic line-up with Fat Freddy’s Drop making their first Homegrown appearance amongst a who’s who of headline acts, including Kora, Six60, The Black Seeds, 1814, Sola Rosa and Sunshine Sound System.

The Jim Beam Rock stage line-up see’s Kiwi rock gods Shihad headline alongside Blacklist, The Feelers, Opshop, Black River Drive, The Thomas Oliver Band, Shotgun Alley and The Checks.

Full Article


New Zealand’s fourth largest city is now without a student radio frequency

A new campaign has been started today to pressure the Government to allocate a new student radio frequency for Hamilton. The city has effectively been without a high powered student radio station for more than a decade. The former student radio frequency was yesterday was allocated to Waikato Community Broadcasting Charitable Trust, who run Community Radio Hamilton, removing the possibility of student radio’s return to this frequency.

Cities as small as New Plymouth and Palmerston North currently have Government allocated high powered student radio FM frequencies. Although Hamilton is the fourth largest city in New Zealand, with an urban catchment in excess of 200,000, it has an estimated 40,000 tertiary students who remain without access to student radio.

Full Article

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