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Newsletter Issue #346: 14 Aug 2011

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What can you never leave home without?
Lou: my phone & lip balm
Pagey: Legs. I’ve tried other ways, but dragging myself up the driveway is exhausting, especially with my Drumkit on my back.

How do you describe Ishtar's music?
Simone: Modern Hard Rock with roots in classic rock.
Pagey: I hear pop songs dressed in rocks clothing.
Jamie: Fun, technical, loud, hook-laden rock n roll.

Who would you most like to support live?
Simone: Dream Theater, Muse
Pagey: 'Therapy?’
Lou: Nightwish
Jamie: Anberlin, Funeral for a Friend, Story of the Year

What can we expect to see from Ishtar over the next year?
Lou: A whole lot of Ishtar having fun!
Simone: an EP and a couple of singles.
Jamie: Definitely, some material with the new lineup.

What is the best part of being a musician?
Pagey: Playing to the absolute limit of your own technical ability and smashing a whole lot of stuff in the process.
Lou: Working with likeminded ppl to create a piece of art that other people enjoy
Simone: Painting pictures in sounds and words.
Jamie: Being able to have the time of my life for 45 minutes per night, and then hang out, all sweaty, with great people and enjoy a couple of beers

What rumour would you like to start about Ishtar? :)
Lou: I think Ishtar has enuff rumours! & most are true :P - the bass player wears suspenders & loves it!
Jamie: Ishtar is an anagram that will convert the nation's children into gaunt, white-haired, unblinking monsters like the Children Of The Corn when its revealed in full on our debut album.
Pagey: The singer made the rest of the band sign an agreement that stipulates “No eye contact with her at any performance”
The name ishtar, was actually meant to be 'A STAR' But one band member has a terrible speech impediment and it has been misheard ever since.
The band rehearse in a sauna, often only wearing towels.
Each Ishtar song has been engineered to subconsciously hypnotize audience members into buying certain brands of liquor at the bar.

Ishtar is Lou Theobald (vocals), Simone Whitlow (guitar, mandolin, backing vocals), Jamie Denton (bass, backing vocals) and Greg Page (drums).

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Hand Me Downs

10 Questions with Lucy Cioffi, lyricist and vocalist from Raglan band Hand Me Downs

What is your favourite place in NZ to be?
I have lived in Raglan for two years and every day feels like a holiday. It is a very special place and Mount Karioi has given me heaps of inspiration which has encouraged me to write many of my songs here.

How do you come up with your lyrics?
Depends, sometimes I play around on the guitar and a song develops from a riff and the music dictates the lyrics. Other times, the seeds of a song are planted from conversations and experiences I have had. 

How did you come up with the name the Hand Me Downs?
My parents were very busy and decided to have six children! I am the second youngest which meant that I spent most of my childhood in hand me downs.  All of us in the band are relentless op shoppers and favour retro and vintage attire so the name seemed to suit our image. 

Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands, and why?
Sola Rosa have always put on a decent live show and I admire them because they always get people dancing which isn’t an easy thing to do. Pip Brown is an inspiration for me because she is very talented, unpretentious and has a cool sound. Ben King is an amazing musician and producer and very understated. He has an excellent ear and can relate to other people’s music.

Who would you most like to support live?
I enjoy supporting bands that have fun on/off stage. Arcade Fire springs to mind as does Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

How do you describe the Hand Me Downs music?
We are a group of friends fuelled by musical chemistry on and off stage. From an audience perspective, our music is lyrically driven with hooks and quirks that will leave your ears feeling warm. The rhythm section is dynamic and diverse with Dougal swapping between acoustic and electric guitar. Simon and Beth tighten everything up with the drum and bass collective, often adding sugary synths to give a modern edge.

What can we expect to see from the Hand Me Downs over the next year?
We aim to tour as much of the north island as possible with a view to promoting our debut single Void. At the moment we are busy recording some new material independently and hopefully if this all goes to plan we can release a second single.  In the summer we plan to get on the festival circuit and soak up some good vibrations.

What will the Hand Me Downs next release be?
Without giving too much away, expect a catchy chorus with heaps of emotion and an uplifting melody.

What is the best part of being a musician?
Writing songs and having people want to listen to them.

What rumour would you like to start about the Hand Me Downs?
We share each other’s smalls!

The Hand Me Downs are Lucy Cioffi (vocals, guitar), Dougal Greer (guitar), Simon Buxton (drums, synth) and Beth Ivy Buxton (bass).

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NZ Music News

APRA Silver Scroll Awards 2011 Finalists Announced

After two weeks of intense voting from the 8,000+ APRA members, APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association) is proud to announce the finalists for New Zealand's Silver Scroll Award, the most celebrated songwriting award for 2011:

Nothing To Lose, written by Jon Toogood and Karoline Tamati, performed by The Adults

Blanket, written by Annabel Alpers, performed by Bachelorette (Native Tongue Music Publishing)

Love Love Love, written by Dave Baxter, performed by Avalanche City

Little Heart, written and performed by Delaney Davidson

Ffunny Ffrends, written by Ruban Nielson, performed by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Mushroom Music)

"It's a stellar selection of songs, a seriously good list that

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Smokefreerockquest 2011 ­finalists announced

The next kiwi music sensation could well emerge from the six national finalists in this year’s Smokefreerockquest.

Over 800 bands and soloists have played off since May, with two bands from each of 27 regions going into the final selection pool. Judges from the music industry named the top six, selected from DVDs submitted since the regional finals.

Judge Tania Dean from New Zealand on Air said it was incredibly hard to pick the top six finalists this year: “But I'm happy with the outcome – it’s going to be a wicked night at the national finals. I saw loads of strong musicians in the top 20 and I'll be excited to see them develop in the coming years.”

Matt Warman from Midnight Youth said Smokefreerockquest was always the best buzz at high school: “It was one of the best experiences I had as a young musician and it’s a great privilege for me to be on this side of the fence judging some amazing artists who are the future of New Zealand music."

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November Zulu Return To The Studio And Record Two New Singles

November Zulu have recently returned to Roundhead studios in Auckland and recorded two new singles (“Beautiful Pose” and “Let Me Breathe”) which will be made available on a new 10 track album release. The package includes their best rock tracks “Run With the Enemy”, “Long Way Home” and “Bobby”. “Beautiful Pose” is now at New Zealand radio.

In addition to the new recordings, the band is now being distributed through Warner Music via LTPS music enabling their music to be available through multiple retail outlets.

Since their 2009 release of Second to None– we’ve heard their songs on Rock radio, used on Performance Car TV and on the recent Sky Sport coverage of the All Blacks Tri-Nations.

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Fly My Pretties - 2011 Cast Announcement

A rotating collective of musicians, Fly My Pretties showcases New Zealand’s musical diversity by mixing well-known and loved performers with exciting new talent. The cast for 2011 is the most diverse yet with musicians hailing from all corners of the country.

The 16-strong 2011 Fly My Pretties Cast:

Aaron Tokona
Age Pryor
Amiria Grenell
Anna Coddington
Barnaby Weir
Eva Prowse
Flip Grater
Fran Kora
Iraia Whakamoe
James Coyle
Jarney Murphy
Justin “Firefly” Clarke
L.A. Mitchell
Mike Fabulous
Nigel Patterson
Ryan Prebble

Fly My Pretties are back with a re-imagined show, new cast and a wealth of new songs. The collective's fresh concept will see them collaborate with renowned visual artist, Hayley King (Flox).

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Kiwi Bluesman Taking On The World

Darren Watsonhas been selected by The Auckland Blues Club as its representative at The Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

The singer-guitarist and his band will be performing with over 200 other up-and-coming blues acts from around the world over five days in the southern US blues capital in February 2012.

In the twenty-five years that The Blues Foundation has held the International Blues Challenge a number of the event's participants have gone on to significant careers.

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Sonic Altar 'No Sacrifice' Album Release Tour 2011

To celebrate the release of Sonic Altar's debut album 'No Sacrifice', produced by UK producer Mike Exeter of Judas Priest and Black Sabbath fame, the band are embarking on the first leg of their album release tour in August. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster and on the door of the venues.

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