2 Oct 2023

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Newsletter Issue #330: 10 Apr 2011

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Opening Ears

Sometimes (and I'm sure I'm not alone in this) people annoy me...

I get it in my job - people who are instantly angry when I answer their call and don't realise I've had nothing to do with their file; at the supermarket - people who park their trolley in the middle of the aisle and are completely oblivous to others who want to get past; when driving - people who don't indicate properly at roundabouts; and when NZ music comes up in conversation - people who insist all NZ music is crap and no good music is produced here.

The last one annoys me the most... that there are people in this country who, without ever taking the time to listen to any NZ music, assume that there is nothing in NZ music that would appeal to them.

There is such a wide range of genres and musical styles in NZ music and I believe there is something out there for everyone;

Metal - Take the Willing, Cage Demise, Tainted and more

Rock - Prolepsis, OpShop, Shihad and more

Reggae - Katchafire, Six60, Kora and more

Blues/Jazz - Ruby Fusion, Rodger Fox Big Band, The Darcy Perry Band and more

Country/Folk - Kylie Harris, Barry Saunders, Eva Prowse and more 

Electronica - Shapeshifter, Minuit, MC Tali and more

Hip-Hop/RnB - J Williams, 1814, David Dallas and more

Pop Rock - Midnight Youth, Ivy Lies, Dragon and more

Pop - Annabel Fay, Bic Runga, Brooke Fraser and more

Punk - The Rabble, Horror Story5th Threat and more

Maori - Whirimako Black, Toni Huata, Tama Waipara and more

If those people took the time to open their ears and listen to NZ music, they would soon realise that we produce a lot of high quality music... they may even realise that those tracks they keep hearing on the radio that they really like are from a NZ musician or band.

Speaking of high quality music, this week's issue brings us a feature from State of Mind. If you like Electronica music, their new album (due for release tomorrow) is well worth the listen.

- Lisa and the muzic.net.nz team.

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State of Mind

State of Mind have acheived a lot since they formed in 2004; three albums (with the third due for release tomorrow), loads of gigs and the creation of their own record label, SOM Music. Patrick Hawkins and Stu Maxwell are State of Mind, and they answered these questions for muzic.net.nz:

What can we expect to see from State of Mind over the next year?

We've just finished our third album 'Nil By Ear', so for the next few months we will be touring the record pretty heavily. We will be heading to Europe for 4 weeks in April to coincide with the release over there and then when we return we will be doing a full tour of NZ. As far as production goes, we will be working on a few 12 inch releases for a couple of overseas labels. We'll be doing a 12 for DJ Friction's Shogun Recordings, Gridlok's Project 51 as well as a host of remixes for other labels.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

The most important thing when making music is to always stick to what you believe works. A lot of artists tend to follow what ever the 'flavour of the month' may be in any sound. We've always thought the most important thing to do is make the music you want to make, whether it's in fashion or not. If you follow trends, you'll never be an innovator or find your own sound. 

What will State of Mind's next release be?

Our next release will be 'Nil By Ear' (out April 11 released on our label SOM Music). It's our third album and features vocal collabs with locals P.Digsss, PNC, Thomas Oliver, MC Woody, Sacha Vee and American vocalist 3PM. We also have some production collabs on the album with dutch producers Nymfo and DNME, as well as American producer Subsonik. We'll be releasing a vinyl EP of remixes in a few months which will feature remixes by overseas artists such as Chris.Su.

What can you never leave home without?

Clothes. =P

What is your favourite NZ venue?

At the moment our favourite venue would be Sandwiches in Wellington. We've played so many crazy parties there over the last few years. Parties we would never forget if we could only remember them... =P

What is the best part of being a musician?

The rewards of writing and recording new material. There is always such a sense of achievement whenever we write something new. Also the idea of constantly evolving. It's always fun to look back at some of your oldest tracks and hear how much you've changed.

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

We've played loads of amazing shows, but I guess the big festivals always stand out as favourites. The Big Day Out will always be memorable to us, as it was a gig as youngsters, attending the festival, we always dreamed of playing one day. Getting the chance to play to a packed out Boiler Room was awesome. 

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

We try to keep in touch with people via our State of Mind Facebook page.

What rumour would you like to start about State of Mind?

We are currently resident DJ's for Charlie Sheen's parties and rumoured to be producing his debut album '7 Gram Rocks'.

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NZ Music News

NZ Music Managers Awards 2011

The NZ Music Managers Forum are accepting nominations for the Annual 2011 NZ Music Managers Awards  until Friday April 28th 2010.  Now in its 7th year, the awards have been expanded to include a new ‘International’ award which will be presented to the Music Manager who has had outstanding international success with their band.

The awards ceremony will be held during May Music Month, on Tuesday May 17th at the Backbeat Bar in Auckland.

The NZ Music Managers Forum would like to thank the following sponsors –  NZ Music Commission, PPNZ, grabaseat, Groove Guide, Eventfinder, York Street Studios, BFM, Satellite Media, Phantom Billstickers and Scissorface.

Full Article

Radio Active takes the power back, raises $35k for Christchurch

Wellington's Radio Active.FM switches slightly to the left tomorrow, Saturday April 2, with a new frequency clearer, bigger, louder faster.

The switchover will happen at 8am and sees Radio Active move from its long-time frequency of 89FM to 88.6FM. It will still broadcast worldwide on www.radioactive.fm 

Radio Active also announced the amount raised from the charity Cuba for Chch.

The Cuba for Chch began as an initiative by local bar workers and Wellington musicians. The interest in helping out was so great that the event grew to over 20 bands and DJs and a swag of comedians across eight venues centered around Wellington's Cuba St. 

The money raised totalled $34,570

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PNC Returns with New Album 'Man On Wire'

Auckland hip-hop heavyweight, PNC, returns with his third studio Man On Wire, and continues to prove why he’s at the forefront of his game.

Set for release on April 18, Man On Wire is an album that exercises the art of balance and is inspired by the 2008 film of the same name, which documents Philippe Petit’s 1974 high wire walk between the Twin Towers.

“The word I wanted to convey in the title was balance,” explains PNC. “That’s what I like most about the album, it has a good balance.”

Finding the perfect weighting between depth and frivolity, rap and pop, madness and effortless cool, PNC brings his signature fluid flow, catchy style and charismatic writing for a varied, and of course, ‘balanced’ album.

From the menacing ‘Murderer’ to the merry ‘That Kind of Guy’ and the melancholy ‘Smile’, the Palmerston North rapper runs us through the gamut of his emotions from tracks of brutal honesty to thumping tales of partying and excess.

Full Article

Last Train To Brockville - Shayne P Carter Tracks Back

A rare show by Shayne Carter and band, digging deep into his incredible back catalogue, playing songs from Straitjacket Fits and Double Happys, unleashing “Randolph’s Going Home” and maybe even Bored Games’ “Joe 90”….

What could be better?  OK.  You’re there.

The Last Train To Brockville.  Carter and a blistering power trio featuring drummer Gary Sullivan and bassist Vaughan Williams, revisiting the canon of one of New Zealand's greatest songwriters.

A time capsule of amazing music unlocked at Wellington’s Bar Bodega on Friday 6 May and then a week later at the King’s Arms in Auckland on Saturday 14 May.

Sometimes you just have to pause and take stock.  One of those moments came when Shayne’s good friend Chris Knox suffered a stroke in 2009.  A benefit gig was organised and in recognition and celebration of his friend’s career, rather than play songs from a decade making music under the Dimmer moniker, Shayne and his band took it back.

“She Speeds”, “Dialling a Prayer”, “Needles And Plastic”, his musical brother Wayne Elsey’s “Some Fantasy” and more were rolled out in a passionate performance that sent shivers down the spine of 800 people in the bar.

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Red Bull Academy 2011 To Relocate

With Japan's capital still readjusting after the country's troubles, on 11 April the Red Bull Music Academy will announce a new location for 2011 instead of Tokyo, while applications for this year's Academy have been extended to 26 April.

Red Bull Music Academy made the following statement about the plans to change the destination for this year:

"We have been in close contact with our Japanese team and friends since the terrible earthquake and tsunami struck on 11 March and the severe problems at the Fukushima nuclear plant began. After thorough evaluation, we decided to relocate this year's edition of the Academy, which was set to take place in Japan this autumn.

A new location for the Red Bull Music Academy 2011 will be announced as of Monday 11 April. As a consequence, we have decided to extend the application period: applications will now be accepted until 26 April (date of postmark).

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Devils Elbow Release Video 'These Days'

Alt. country rock n’ roll band Devils Elbow release their first music video ‘These Days’. The track is taken from the bands debut album Sand On Chrome which was released August 2010.

The video features footage of New Zealand shot on 8mm film by Cyril Parker which dates throughout the 1950’s and is mostly of the HawkesBay area.

The video is currently being played on C4 Homegrown & Juice

The video can be viewed at the bands YouTube channel below:


Plans are underway to release ‘These Days’ as a single, which will include various ‘B-side’ type bonus tracks. The band is currently working on new material for their next album.

Full Article

Beastwars Celebrate Release of Debut Album with Nationwide Tour Throughout May

After laying proud claim to being the heaviest band on the lineup at this year’s Camp A Low Hum, and sharing the bill with Melvins and High on Fire on their recent New Zealand visit, Beastwars are releasing the demon from it's cage in the form of their untitled debut album and a potent five stop nationwide tour.

Singer Matt Hyde says things are all falling into place. “We consulted Ken Ring, 'the Moon Man', about the safest day in May to unleash such a heavy album on the country and apparently the 9th of May is our safest bet with the moon in a waxing cresent."

Having solidified their reputation as an un-relentless force of nature in hometown Wellington, Beastwars have drawn on the expertise of producer Dale Cotton (HDU, Dimmer, Die!Die!Die!) with the mastering talents of John Golden (Melvins, Sonic Youth, Faith No More, High on Fire) to deliver an album born of fire and brimstone - to be performed on this tour track for track in it's entirety.

The album will be released on CD, digitally and on gatefold vinyl by Destroy Records through Universal and will available from all good retailers on May 9th.

Full Article

November Zulu - 'Black Yellow White' - Out May 16 2011

Known for their live rock shows and fine musicianship, the Tongan/Asian/White-boy mash up that is November Zulu are ready to unleash their album BLACK YELLOW WHITE on May 16, 2011.

In 2010 November Zulu released ‘Run With The Enemy’, the first single from their upcoming album which was recorded with award-winning engineer Andrew Buckton (D4 / Midnight Youth / Steriogram / Crowded House).  ‘Run With The Enemy’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6SrPJ_znlM&feature=related found clear engagement with listeners, storming the airplay charts and becoming a permanent fixture on the Rock Charts after many months.

Their latest single ‘Bobby’ has just hit NZ radio - a hard hitting rock which has already been scooped up to feature on the upcoming NZ Film ‘The Devil’s Rock’.

Full Article

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