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Newsletter Issue #328: 27 Mar 2011

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Frenzied Blur

This might sound strange; after a crazy couple of weeks that have passed in a frenzied blur, it feels somewhat relaxing to be able to sit down and put together an editorial... strange because after a very busy and full-on fortnight at work, the last thing I should feel like doing on a Saturday afternoon is sitting down in front of a computer to work some more, but right now it's the only thing I want to be doing.

I know there's a lot of people out there who would never be able to understand why or how I could even consider doing more work as soon as I get home after a tiring day at work... sometimes I don't even know why or how I do it... I figure it comes down to my love and passion for music.

There's also something about the site that relaxes me.. that, no matter how stressful my day at work has been, whenever I work on the site anything that has been annoying me becomes irrelevant... or maybe that's just the music I'm listening to.

Speaking of music, I've been lucky enough to hear a few amazing albums which are due for release very soon... Avalanche City's new album 'Our New Life Above The Ground' has caught my attention in particular... it's not what I would usually listen to but the songs are addictive with catchy up-beat tunes that could brighten anyones day. There's also something good about an album when you think you've never listened to a band before but recognise nearly half of the tracks on their album.

The latest offerings from State of Mind - 'Nil By Ear' - and Shapeshifter - 'System Remix' also deserve a mention. Both albums are truly inspirational, showing the world that New Zealanders can produce high quality music just as well as any of the international greats. If you like electronica music, these two albums should be included on your must have list.

A few changes have taken place on the site recently... most of which have been behind the scenes changes which only serve to make things easier. A lot of this work has been completed with our reviews, making it easier for more reviews to be added to the site.

One change you will notice is we now have links on reviews and discographies (on artist pages) so you can purchase an album from Mighty Ape. If you are having trouble trying to locate a particular album, check out our suggestions on this page.

There's one other thing in NZ music that has captured my attention lately... this being the amazing amount of NZ musicians who have got behind Christchurch and performed in an outstanding number of fundraising gigs to show their support for our Cantabrians. It's people like these that make me feel proud to call myself a New Zealander.

Of course, special mention should also go to The Foo Fighters for performing a gig in Auckland, which was planned at the last minute, turning it into an almost three hour set of something like 30 songs and donating the proceeds this gig to Christchurch... one word sums it up.. incredible.

- Lisa and the muzic.net.nz team


Vince Harder

Vince Harder needs no introduction. He is after all, the voice behind one of the biggest songs to come out of New Zealand in the last five years.

His collaborative hit with P Money, Everything, soared to number one in the Kiwi charts in 2008 and received extensive airplay in Australia. The following year the single made its mark in Britain when it was named Record of the Week on the notable BBC Radio 1.

Now, having honed his individual sound in the studio, Harder is back with his self-produced, debut solo album The Space Between Us. Muzic.net.nz spoke to Vince, and this is what he had to say: 

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

More gigging in NZ and Australia and more music to be released with the hopes of some action overseas in UK, Europe and USA. 

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

If you have a passion for music, do your best, write lots and learn from others who are in this industry.

Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands, and why?

At the moment I'm enjoying what katchafire are releasing, mainly because they've been working at their songs and style for long time and in my opinion are getting better and better.

How do you come up with your lyrics?

Mainly from thoughts and feelings I have about whatever the song is about, I write about experiences I've had or other people I know of.

Who would you most like to support live?    

Either Usher or Bruno Mars at the moment. 

How do you believe you fit into the NZ music industry?

I'm a Kiwi for a start, and I sing and make my mark here first as an artist.  I hope that is enough to fit in.

What will your next release be?

My next release is my debut album which is coming out 28th of March 'The Space Between Us' is the name of the album.

What can you never leave home without?

My laptop 

How do you describe your music?

Contemporary R&B

What is your favourite NZ venue?

St James Theatre, never played there but have seen bands play there and its pretty awesome. 

What is the best part of being a musician?

For me its seeing different parts of the world and performing in front of new faces everywhere I go 

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

I wouldn't mind seeing a band called Revelation. Their an old school R&B-Soul Gospel band, members were from Wellington and Auckland, I used to love seeing them live at Parachute Festival 

What is in your CD collection at home?

I don't have a CD collection anymore, I have an Ipod and my laptop running all sorts, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, Dru Hill, Beyonce and the list goes on

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Would have to be performing with my fly down.

What is your favourite place in NZ to be?

I enjoy Gisborne and Tauranga. 

What inspired you to become a musician?

My Family are musical, my brother was an awesome guitarist, and my sister used to play the piano.  Had alot of it around me with other members of the family so it became a part of who I am

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

One of best gigs I've performed at would have to be Parachute 2010 with the Levites who are my backing band. We ripped it up! 

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

Facebook, twitter, blogger.com, Myspace and Bebo 

What rumour would you like to start about yourself?

Haha, don't think I have the heart to start rumours about myself or anyone else, but if one did start for me, I'd hope it was for being the opening act for Bruno Mars in April at the Vector arena lol.  Cheers

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The Twitch

Famous for their badass three piece sex drugs and rock n roll stylings and notorious for getting kicked out of hotels throughout the country, The Twitch released their second album 'Time For Change' last year. Vocalist and Bassist Fleur Jack spoke to muzic.net.nz:

The Twitch are heading off to Melbourne for our third visit this May.

We are always blown away by touring overseas, there's nothing like getting on a plane together and taking your music to new people.

For tour dates, pictures, music, videos and a whole lot more, the best place to keep up with The Twitch is on Facebook.

What can you never leave home without?

Guitar picks and ear plugs. If I'm doing a roadie then I'd never forget to take eye make up remover and toothbrush because The Twitch are always doing all nighters and after 7am I generally look and feel like filth.

Who would you most like to support live?

Motley Crue!!!

How do you come up with your lyrics?

All three of us write songs for The Twitch so I can only answer this from my own experience of lyric writing. For me, it's all about life experience, I write what I know. My songs are about love, lust, work, politics, and they're all rather 'sex drugs and rock n roll' in nature too.

What is the best part of being a musician?

I love touring! I don't get butterflies from performing but I always get them when I jump on a plane or in the tour van. I love playing to people that haven't seen us play before and watching them fall in love with what we do. I love being able to jump around and sing about hings that make me want to party.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Once a lady couldn't control herself and ripped off Jesus's pants while he was playing on stage. Luckily this was before he stopped wearing underwear.

What rumour would you like to start about The Twitch?

Each member of The Twitch has taken part in numerous side projects ranging from country to hard rock. There will be more projects in the near future.

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

We manly focus on our facebook page. We have found it to be the quickest and easiest medium to control.

The Twitch are Fleur Jack (vocals, bass), Jesus Raine (guitar, vocals) and Josh Crowther (drums, vocals).

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NZ Music News

Minuit Fundraise for Christchurch & Haiti Quake Victims

is fundraising for the victims of both the Christchurch and Haiti Quakes with the release of a new single and special fundraising show.

The single, ‘Except You’ (mix by Alexis K), is part of the Minuit Monday Mix series where the band is releasing free tunes each Monday through summer. This week however, the track is instead available for a $1 download with all proceeds going to the Red Cross Christchurch Quake Relief.

Fans can purchase the track exclusively from http://minuit.bandcamp.com/track/except-you-alexis-k-mix.

But that’s not all the Minuit gang are up to. Lead singer Ruth Carr and Paul Dodge (machines) are off to Haiti to help rebuild a school – and they need your help to get them there.

Radio Active presents Minuit playing the San Francisco Bath House in Wellington on Friday 1 April, with all funds raised going towards the trip.

Full Article

Warner Music New Zealand Are Thrilled To Announce An Album Deal With
Avalanche City

Warner Music NZ and Let The People Speak (LTPS Music) Management are thrilled to announce an album deal and release date for exciting chart new comers Avalanche City.

Avalanche City are the band behind the whimsical and endearing tune “Love, Love, Love” (as featured on the TV2 promo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEGBnKp6iUM), and with an album date confirmed for OUR NEW LIFE ABOVE GROUND, things are looking good for the Auckland based band.

Matt Coleman from LTPS says, “This project has been one of the most organic projects we have worked in years.  Combining social media, radio and a TV2 promotion has definitely put us in a very unique position”.

OUR NEW LIFE ABOVE GROUND is a stunning collection of tracks by musical maestro Dave Baxter – the man responsible for playing each and every instrument on the debut album for AvalancheCity.   Featuring beautifully crafted songs which comfortably straddle the folk / pop realm, AvalancheCity display a weath of musical gold on their debut album.

Full Article

Does Your Band Have The Goods?

Kiwi bands are being offered a once in a life time big break, to open for United States pop punk megastars, Good Charlotte, at this year’s ITM400 Hamilton V8 Supercar Championship Series street race.

A nationwide search kicks off today to find an unsigned band that has the goods to take to the stage in front of an expected 20,000 strong crowd, as part of the ITM400’s new “Race by day, Rock all night” format.

Joel Madden, lead vocalist from Good Charlotte, says they are stoked an up-and-coming local band will open for their one-off New Zealand concert in April.

“We’ve heard some wicked music come out of New Zealand over the past few years and know we are going to find a rockin’ Kiwi band to support us.

“We know what it’s like to be an unsigned band - winning a competition like the ‘ZM Big Break’ can give you overnight exposure that is priceless in the music industry,” he said.

Unsigned bands can send their demo to ZM radio station to be in with a chance. The top three finalists will be judged by the New Zealand public with Good Charlotte choosing the band they decide deserves a big break - opening for them at their concert Sunday 17 April at Seddon Park in Hamilton.

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Antagonist A.D ' Old Bones Make New Blooms' 7inch Vinyl & Digital Release

Antagonist A.D
is back with a 5 track digital and 7inch vinyl only release.

In between a hectic international touring schedule Antagonist A.D deliver a taste of what the future holds for this hardworking, uncompromising modern hardcore band.

As the title eludes, 'Old Bones Make New Blooms' is somewhat the death & rebirth of Antagonist A.D. 

Steering into a new direction both musically & lyrically the band's primary was to strip back all intentions and deliversomething that is raw aggression but still ascertain the groove & connection that only five band mates can achieve.

Lyrically contrasting, touching on historical & social subject, vocalist Sam Crocker describes it as 'easily the best lyrics I have written’. Adding another layer of depth and intrigue into their music & another step away from acts typical of their genre - 'Old Bones Make New Blooms' is an energetic & engaging listen.

Antagonist A.D  'Old Bones Make New Blooms' available from online digital retailers 21st March 2011.

Full Article

Black River Drive Release New Video

Black River Drive have released a video for their single '15 Minutes'. The video was directed by Antony Plant and the DOP was Garth Badger. Check out the video here.

Shapeshifter - System Remix Out Now!

Back in December, Shapeshifter announced plans to free the stems of The System Is A Vampire’s killer cut ‘Longest Day’ for remixers and versionists worldwide, leveling the playing field so that any producer ­– irrespective of recognition or reputation – had the chance to sit alongside heavyweight production talent like Netsky, B-Complex, State Of Mind, and Camo & Crooked on Shapeshifter’s box-fresh long player, System Remix.
The result? A stack of top shelf rerubs of ‘Longest Day’ for the band to work their way through – and one reworking that stood head and shoulders above the rest. Shapeshifter’s Nick Robinson explains.

“When we started this remix competition, I had no idea there would be so many quality remixes of ‘Longest Day’ come in – we had over 100, and a lot were good enough to make this comp. But as soon as I heard Dhalsim’s remix, I knew it was the one – sure to smash the dancefloor!”  

A classically trained musician, audio engineer, DJ and producer with roots in hip hop and soul, self-proclaimed genre killer Swaren ‘Dhalsim’ Veygal has done just that to ‘Longest Day’, taking the track into unchartered terrain by matching PDigsss’ soulful vocals with driving synth lines and punchy bass for a bass bin-challenging affair.

Full Article

State Of Mind Announce the Release of New Album Nil By Ear

Drum & Bass duo State Of Mind are set to release their highly anticipated third studio album, Nil by Ear on 11 April and are celebrating with an album release with a show at Zen, Auckland, on April 15.

And what a party it’s going to be. Combining catchy 3am ravers with seamless production and smooth vocals, Nil By Ear is set to become an anthem of an album for a heavy hype night out.

Through the driving party vibes and club friendly tunes, this is also an album of progression, with group member Stu Maxwell citing it as, “the peak so far of our technical skills.”

"It's carefully produced from start to finish," says Stu. "A lot of thought has gone into the flow of the album. This is one that can be listened to from beginning to end, as opposed to a collection of singles."

And while they’ve upped-the-anti technicality-wise, the lads have been careful to maintain their commitment to dance floor stompers and wee-hour wonders with the proof found in their tracks – now tried and true - smashing it up worldwide over the last six months.

Full Article

Global outrage as Wellington radio station forced left

Reports of shock, bewilderment and marauding kittens met the announcement today that iconic Wellington station RadioActive.FM has been forced to change its frequency.

The changeover for the new frequency 88.6FM happens at 8am Saturday April 2. At that time the old frequency 89FM will no longer operate.

This is because the government’s new frequency changes dictate that they shoudn’t interfere with each other by being too close on the spectrum.

According to the definitive history of Radio Active, The Definitive History of Radio Active, Radio Active was the first radio station in New Zealand to broadcast on the FM band.

Full Article

Simon Spire Set To Release New Album Four-Letter Words On April 4th

New York based kiwi Simon Spire is set to release his sophomore album Four-Letter Words on April 4th. The album includes recent radio hit ‘Liberate Your Love’ and the new single ‘A Four Letter Word’.

Simon calls himself a New Yorklander.  Having lived in New York since 2008, NZ born Simon Spire has found familiarity amongst the bustle of Brooklyn and its spirited streets.  It is also the city that inspired the writing of his second full-length album, which he recorded, in a nearby Manhattan studio.

Since the release of his 2008 debut album ‘All Or Nothing’, an evolution and maturity has taken place in Spire’s songwriting, Four-Letter-Wordslead single ‘Liberate Your Love’ hints at the slightly edgier direction Spire has taken on album two, without losing the alluring melody hooks and ambitious lyrics he is known for. The album effortlessly navigates between differing intensities, from the uplifting stomp of ‘Knocking On An Open Door’, to the gloriously vulnerable ‘No Solid Ground’, to the conflicting struggle and triumph of the dream-pop track ‘A Four Letter Word’.

Simon Spire’s beautifully written songs, along with the wizardry of producers Rich Mercurio and Lee Nadel and gleaming mixing of engineer Brian Malouf (All American Rejects, Michael Jackson, David Gray) collide majestically to make a stunning pop album with a twist.  Mercurio and Nadel have worked in a wide range of genres during their extensive time in the New York music scene, with artists such as Regina Spektor, Enrique Iglesias and Jewel, and Spire immediately felt a shared musical vision when first discussing ideas for the album with them. 

Full Article

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