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Newsletter Issue #28: 12 Dec 2004

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Many Cheers & Happy New Years

Okay muzic fans, you've had your fix for the year. This is the last inbox-stuffer you'll be getting from us for 2004. From all of us behind the pages at muzic.net.nz, many cheers and happy new years!

It's been a kick ass year for NZ music - quite possibly the best ever. Records were broken, sales and air time kept growing, charts leaked local titles, and the love of our own sound is at it highest peak ever. Meanwhile, the numbers of bands, DJs and other assorted outfits working the local scenes and building up to bigger things will ensure that the years down the track have at least as many local hit makers as this one. I've said it before, but let's not forget that it's not only the huge numbers of artists out there doing what they do for a whole lot of love and a little bit of money (if any) that make the scene what it is. It's the fans - you buyers of CDs, tuners of radios and attenders of gigs - that keep the steel wheels turning. You deserve something special, so make sure you buy yourself something nice for Christmas.
How's about a ticket or two? The summer calendar looks like it's been covered in something sticky and dipped in wicked gigs and festivals. The Big Day Out will get all the headlines, but check our website for the full line-up of places to treat your ears. If you're not up for Light Speed New Yeah! (feat. Dick Johnson, Paul Dean, and plenty of others) or down for the Kaikoura Roots Festival (Salmonella Dub, Cornerstone Roots, Trinity Roots, and 30+ more), make sure you find yourself at one of the nights of Chasing The Sun (Dave Dobbyn, Brooke Fraser, Luicid 3) or somewhere else in between. Don't forget that winter's going to hang around way too long once it gets here, so the next few weeks deserve your full music-loving attention.

Cheers again for your support. This newsletter will be back mid-January, but don't forget that the website never sleeps. Or takes stat holidays. Kind of like how the music never dies.

Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas, happy new year, and a rocking, dancing, music-drenched summer.


For their help with muzic.net.nz through 2004 we'd like to say thanks to our team of muzic.net.nz helpers: Jono, Nathan, Carl, Andrew, Janise, Emma, Max, Bonnie & James. Without you guys the site wouldn't be what it is today and we'd be living off caffeine IV's.

We'd also like to say a special thank you to the following people: Sian & Charlotte @ FMR, Kate @ BMG, Lauren @ Capitol, Nikki @ Warners, Dean @ 1157 Records, Craig @ Demon Nation, Mikhal @ B.net, Rob @ Failsafe Records, Mark @ Muse Records, the guys @ Punkas.com (Matt, Shack etc), Paul @ MedianStrip, James @ NoiZyland, All the people at Play It Strange, Simon @ Twisted, Hayleigh & Scott @ Rip It Up & Everyone @ Satellite Media.

And finally, thanks to all the bands that let us interview them and who featured on this newsletter! They are: Agent, Cold By Winter, Evermore, Misfits of Science, Night of Flies, Paselode, Degrees.K, Stardrunk, Stylus, Epitome, Tempo 38, Ruptus Jack, Arbidday, The Bleeders, Bored Gordon, Boxcar Guitars, Chuganaut, Deja Voodoo, Emerald Green, Data:Bass/Mental Illness Kru, Epitome, Exiter, Fang, Foamy Ed, Fourth Member, Katchafire, The Managers, Meat-Bix, The Nana Squad, The Rabble, Ramekin, Rhian Sheehan, Six Day War, Spinner, Tempo 38 & Tourist. You're all top people!

If there is anyone else that we've left off - thanks to you too!!!

Have a great Christmas and New Year break everyone. There is heaps happening so get out there and enjoy it! We'll be keeping things up and running over the break, and everyone will be back in full force bringing you more great New Zealand Music in 2005.

-- Lisa & Adam

Data:bass Network

After a relatively quiet one in the ’04 with "only" two compilations and four solo releases, Auckland’s Data:bass Network collective of over 40 DJ’s, producers, performers and visual artists are making ’05 the year it all happens with the first "proper CD" Data:bass and Mental Illness compilations dropping in January and April respectively.

Underground electronic heads will be on standby as many of the Data:bass and Mental Illness roster step up with their first solo offerings on CD-R, while anticipation grows for the first full release from Drum’n Bass sensations State of Mind. "Network" will continue to be the operative word as we forge links with like minded artists and organisations from across the electronic spectrum to gather momentum for a sustained offensive on the international electronic music scene.

www.databass.tk will continue to provide the world with an insight into the vast and intensive activity bubbling under the surface of the electronic underground in Auckland and throughout the country, with literally hours of free music to download from an array of artists and genres, updated regularly, hopefully expanding into a fully fledged online community.

Look for Data:bass and Mental Illness performers to be rocking outdoors at the phat international drum’n bass camp in Nelson over New Year’s and regular gigs @ Foci bar.

> Check out Data:bass Network on muzic.net.nz


After winning the 2004 Cokesmokefree Rockquest, Incursa have recieved $10,000 worth of Rockshop vouchers and the chance to get 3 songs professionally recorded thanks to York st. studios, one up to radio release standard and mixed by Malcolm Welsford. Not to mention they have been able to have a kick ass video made by a kick ass director Adam Jones, for their single "Find out", which will be played on C4 select and juice TV. With summer on our doorstep, Incursa have planned a schedule full of action packed performances for over the holiday break. With the release on an E.p on their minds for the next coming year, there will be no stopping Incursa on their ambitious road to do good things.

> Check out Incursa on muzic.net.nz

What's New

New Years Concerts

Check out our complete guide to what's happening this year!


Congratulations for the following people who have won competitions:

Evermore - 'Dreams' - S. Clancy, Tauranga - S. Garrett, Napier - J. McPherson, Hamilton - L. Lau, Christchurch - A. Rowe, Howick
P-Money - 'Magic City' - L. Le Roux, Waiake

We've still got plenty of competitions running over into 2005, so make sure you keep entering on our competition page!

New Releases

The following has come out in the past few weeks, just in time for Christmas:

Adeaze - 'Always And For Real' (Special Collector's Edition)
Katchafire - 'Slow Burning'
Salmonella Dub - 'Outtakes & Remixes'
Salmonella Dub - 'Mercy'
Various - 'Get A Haircut' (Compilation)
Fast Crew - 'Set The Record Straight'
Kabasa - 'Manuia Le Kerisimasi'
Michael Murphy - 'No Place To Land'
The HK Crew - 'Meri Kirihimete'
Mr Sterile Assembly - 'Hulagu'

New Artists This Week

Check out these new artists on the muzic.net.nz Artist Pages:

Rico Suave The Suspects
The Chicago Jazzmen Structural Rust
DIY Charma
The Septembers

NZ Top 10 Singles

    Tommy Richman
    Kendrick Lamar
    Billie Eilish
    Post Malone feat. Morgan Wallen
    Billie Eilish
    Sabrina Carpenter
    Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish
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