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Newsletter Issue #273: 31 Jan 2010

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Welcome To 2010!

Tama Waipara

Thanks to Tama for answering these questions:

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

This year is an exciting one full of new challenges. After touring with Maisey Rika in February I begin rehearsals for the musical 'RENT' for which I am playing the part of Tom Collins. Immediately following is SmackBang Theatre's production of Albert Belz' new play 'Raising the Titanics' alongside Fran Kora and Wesley Dowdell where I get to play a member of a showband form the 1960's. I'm also hoping to tour with my full band later in the year.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Learn early on to be consistent and reliable and follow through on the commitments you have made. NZ is a small place and so are its networks so a bad reputation can grow easily based on mistakes or careless thinking. I've made a few mistakes and am never above eating humble pie when I've messed up.

Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands, and why?

I've been a fan of Dave Dobbyn from an early age and learnt to play guitar while strumming away at any number of his songs. The fact that he is so prolific only makes it better.

Who would you most like to support live? 

Probably Dave Dobbyn, though it would be pretty nifty to open for someone like Fleetwood Mac.

How do you describe your music?

I write songs that cover a few different genre and have been involved in many different kinds of music. It is a mixture of pop, soul and folk and my influences range from The Beatles to Kate Bush and Nina Simone. 

What is the best part of being a musician?

Being able to connect with other people all over the world.  

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

I walked off stage and swore at a whole room full of rowdy drunk Australians in an Art Gallery in New York. I felt terrible afterwards and have gotten over myself since then but a friend of mine reminded me that after it happened while stomping home through the snow I said "If Nina Simone can f...ing do it, so can I!!".

What is your favourite place in NZ to be?

Waiotahi Beach in the summer. I grew up in Opotiki and it has many fond memories. Pretty much anywhere along the East Cape works for me.

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Maisey Rika

Thanks to Maisey for answering these questions:

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

My advice would be to just keep on keeping on no matter what life throws at you, there will always be that light at the end of the tunnel, if you truly believe in yourself. Also surround yourself with people that are in support and encourage the talent/skill/gifts out of you, take a little time out of the day to do something you truly love to do. I understand there are bills to pay which means that work always comes first - just don't forget to connect with what you are good at something that truly satisfies the soul otherwise you are just existing. We need to be living.

Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands, and why? 

I have alot of respect for bands such as the Herbs. I love the messages in their songs such as 'Dragons and Demons' and 'Sensitive to a Smile' they are so real and relevant, even now they uplift and make those with demons or those that feel less than beautiful feel like there is a place for them where they can feel accepted and loved - all this from a song - thats the power of song! Im a huge fan of the Eagles and I think that the Herbs are NZ's equivalent to the Eagles.

How do you come up with your lyrics?

So many things inspire me I could see, hear, feel, touch something and connect it with an experience ideal or thought. Once I have a tune and the theme, theres a spark that goes off in my head and Im obsessed until Ive anchored or molded it into a song, it just comes and sometimes that is at 2am or whilst doing something as simple as grocery shopping - pretty random actually. It's exciting, it's fun, it's fulfilling and it's therapeutic.

Who would you most like to support live?

Just to be in the same room as the Eagles, Coldplay, Sade, India Arie, Lauryn Hill, Jason Miraz, Justin Nozuka, James Morrison would be magic. I hold NZ bands like Herbs, Kora, 1814, Katchafire, Stan Walker, Brooke Fraser and Hinewehi Mohi with the same regard and respect as these International/American bands.

How do you describe your music? 

Soul, Acoustic, Rootz, Bilingual, Easy Listening music. Is there such a style or genre as 'what ever feels good'? - that's our style.

What is the best part of being a musician? 

The best part for me is getting to meet and greet people that are on the same wavelength as us, we have had the honour and privilege to meet NZ's finest performers in our journeys and that to me is the greatest gift of all, as when you are in your own home town there are not that many doing what your doing as a musician and even less doing this line of mahi day in day out so when you are with like minded people sparks flow, its like you are not an outsider or dreamer its real and its powerful alone we are strong but together we can move mountains.

What is in your CD collection at home?

My CD collection consists of a variety, we have a mix of homegrown and International CD's, we have Native American CD's - I just love the drum/percussion we have easy listening (Sade/Coldplay) we have poetic justice (Ladi 6/Lauryn Hill/India Arie) we have R&/B (Beyonce/Alicia Keys) we have NZ flava (Stan Walker/Brooke Fraser/Hollie Smith/Kora) and then we have music thats more underground from people that have not been signed that we just love and respect also. My brother gets into Metal and Dance music so we have these collections as well.

What is your favourite place in NZ to be? 

My favourite place to be in this world is Omaio (East Coast/B.O.P) kicking back down there with my whaanau with nothing but the bush ocean and sky brings me a sense of peace that is both healing and energising. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and being pretty much raised down there  with all the cuzzys and extended whaanau having learned and gained so much from such a small place I am so proud to call Omaio Home. Omaio is my Paradise.

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Tama Waipara and Maisey Rika are on tour during February. You can win a double pass to any of their tour dates with muzic.net.nz! Check them out at one of the dates below:


The Twitch

What can we expect to see from The Twitch band over the next year?

A lot of kickass shows and more videos.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Practice and keep on writing.

What will your next release be?

A full album called 'Time For Change'. Due out 5th Feb!

How do you come up with your lyrics?

We write songs about what's going on in our lives. They are all real stories about real people.

Who would you most like to support live?

The Pixies.

How do you describe your music?

Dirty Rock'n'Roll.

What is the best part of being a musician?

Getting a immediate reaction from fans, having a lot of fun and travelling.

What is in your CD collection at home?

A mixture of Motley Crue, The Stooges, The Beatles, The Pixies, Neil Young, Tom Waits. The list goes on. Also Jesus owns every Led Zep LP on vinyl.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

What goes on tour, stays on tour.

What inspired you to become a start The Twitch?

Josh and Jesus started a band called The Tourettes with Eli from Turning Tricks. Eli who played bass and was the singer at the time, left to pursue other music projects. So we replaced him with Fleur Jack on vocals and Jess Rose on bass. Adding two hot females changed the whole dynamic of the band. This added new possibility's that expanded the horizon giving The Tourettes a new lease on life.

How did you come up with the name The Twitch?

We were still called The Tourettes when we found out there was a MC Tourettes. We went on a Sunday drive and came up with The Clap, The Dairy and The Twitch. We decided to change our name to The Twitch because when you go down on a lady she twitches, but only if you do it right!

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

On either myspace.com/thetwitchnz or facebook.com/thetwitchnz

The Twitch are
Fleur (vocals, bass), Jesus (guitar, vocals) and Josh (drums, vocals).

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How do you describe your music?

Our music ranges from progressive ambient textures to Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and experimental electronica. We create our music in the studio and then re-work, and remix it live, using live instrumentation, sequencing and live dubbing.

What inspired you to become and start Aum?

We both have a passion for electronic music, especially with Drum & Bass, and found that Hamilton was lacking in diverse styles of independent music. We also found that there was a lull in Hamilton's club scene/culture and wanted to get things moving again. With the help of The Collective (Consisting of local DJ's/producers), Hamilton is now on the way to having a respected club scene and a booming sub/club-culture.

What will your next release be?

We just released our debut album titled 'Aletheia' in December 09, and are currently finalising artwork for our next EP release titled 'Happiness' which we aim to release around Feb-March. The EP features a refreshing change of pace from our album material, with more focus on ambient qualities. As usual this will be available as hard copies and digital MP3 downloads via selected stores and online at www.amplifier.co.nz.

Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands, and why?

We highly rate the electronic music scene this country has to offer, especially in terms of Drum & Bass and Dubstep producers/DJ's, who set a world recognised standard in quality and vibe. Artists of note at the moment are Optimus Gryme, Truth, The Upbeats and Cern, all of who are touring at the moment and releasing tunes around the world.

Who would you most like to support live?

We have been fortunate enough to play a support slot in Hamilton for Optimus Gryme's album release tour, as well as playing alongside Truth and Sick Cycle at 'Grounded' Wellington, which hosted 22 National and International DJs/Producers. 

We would really like to play with Paddy Free, who for a number of years has pushed the boundaries of live electronic music performance with Dub legends Pitch Black.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Exploding Beers.

What can you never leave home without?


What can we expect to see from Aum over the next year?

We will be doing an 'Aletheia' tour of the North Island around February which we have just started rehearsing for which will include live and DJ sets. We also have a new EP release coming out as mentioned earlier.

Aum are Jeremy Graham and Darryl Turner.

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Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page
Amplifier Page

Aum recently released their debut album 'Aletheia'.
Read the Amplifier review here!
Download the album from Amplifier here!

For bookings & more info contact[email protected]


NZ Music News

Fringe on Fire: festival launches 20th programme

There were flames, exploding cakes, jaw-dropping performances and plenty of cocktails when the New Zealand Fringe Festival launched its 20th birthday programme last night.

The launch of the Fringe 2010 programme was the feature of the evening, showcasing 80 shows that span the genres of comedy, theatre, music, dance and visual arts with a new category to house those that refuse to be boxed: WTF? (What the Fringe?)

The event was attended by MPs, councillors, government officials, doyens of the arts and culture scene and the participants of Fringe 2010. Wellington deputy mayor Ray Ahipene-Mercer joined New Zealand dance legend Deirdre Tarrant (who has had a Fringe show every single year since it started) in blowing out the giant candles on a giant cake that then exploded with stunning burlesque dancer Vaune Mason inside.

Full Article

30,000 attend Raggamuffin 2010 and over $14K goes to charity!!!!

Rotorua rocked last Saturday with an audience of 30,000 people enjoying the music of some of the world's greatest reggae, hip hop, dub and soul bands.

Ms Lauryn Hills performance has been described as 'divine', Julian Marley's New Zealand debut 'inspired' and delivered with a 'charismatic stage presence ', while Shaggy 'shook the stadium' with his closing performance. Stalwarts of reggae Steel Pulse and Sly & Robbie showed why they are musical
legends and Sean Kingston proved to be a 'hot' hit for the younger audience. NZ bands Katchafire, Sola Rosa with Iva Lamkum, House of Shem and Sweet & Irie did NZ proud.

Full Article

The countdown is on to the 2010 S3 Pacific Music Awards!

Pacific music celebrates its sixth year of presenting its best loved talent to the nation with an updated award catalogue for 2010.

The annual S3 Pacific Music Awards take to the stage in May with the annual event adding a new category and certificate, and a redesigned website.

Entries are now open for the awards which have added a gong for radio airplay and recognition for the promotion of Pacific language.

Entries close on February 22 and the finalists are due to be announced on April 21 with an event at the Manukau City Council Civic Centre. The awards are to be presented on May 29 at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre in Manukau.

The S3 Pacific Music Awards were first held in 2005 to acknowledge the success of Pacific artists in New Zealand, celebrate and promote excellence in Pacific music and encourage young Pacific musicians to aspire to higher levels of achievement.

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Kiwi Bands Set Record For US Aural Assault

Over 10,000 global artists from 49 countries applied for the coveted 1800 performance slots at the world's largest and most prestigious music industry showcase event --South by Southwest Music & Media Festival in Austin Texas March 17-21-- but it's the Kiwi contingent that scored the most hits with 15 out of 35 submitting artists invited to play. It's the highest ratio of success to submissions of any country, just over 40%, and all of the NZ artists have accepted their invitations to play.

Over the past eight years, the number of New Zealand artists performing at SxSW has rocketed from only one in 2002 and the successful outcomes of record deals, publishing contracts, agency signings and management agreements as well as global media exposure has been huge. This is due in no small part to the consistent government support and canny strategies of the New Zealand Music Commission which has an annual concert of homegrown talent, a consistent stand presence in the SxSW Trade Fair and a swag of promotion from samplers and media to NZ 42Below cocktails at the concert party.

The bands invited and accepted are

Bachelorette, Bang Bang Eche, David Dallas, Die! Die! Die!, Gin Wigmore, Kidz In Space, Kingston, Lawrence Arabia, Miho Wada, Mr Sicc, Steriogram, Surf City, The Brunettes, The Ruby Suns and Young Sid.

Full Article

The Jim Beam Band Search… Let the Public Decide!

With over 280 entries, a massive $17,500 prize, guaranteed airplay for the winning band on C4 and The Rock plus the opportunity to open the Homegrown festival, the Jim Beam Band Search is attracting massive attention.

The winning band will be catapulted into the NZ music scene with an opportunity to play on the Jim Beam Homegrown rock stage with the likes of Shihad, The Feelers, The Datsuns, Midnight Youth and Liam Finn and also walk away with; $5,000 cash, a $5,000 video grant from NZ On Air, $2,000 MySpace advertising campaign, $2,500 music equipment from Music Works and airplay of one of the band’s songs on The Rock, Kiwi FM and C4.

The Band Search provides a great launch pad into the music industry. The 280 entries have been whittled down to 30 finalists and the public have until January 31st to vote for their favourite band.

Full Article

Minuit Contribute Artwork for Art Loves Haiti

Minuit have contributed artwork from their recent album ‘Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death Dot Com’ to Art Loves Haiti – a collective auction of artwork that donates directly to the children and families affected by the earthquake Haiti on 12 January, 2010. Proceeds from this auction will go to Save the Children Haiti Emergency Appeal.

Art Loves Haiti was conceived on January 14, 2010, when artist Sarah Larnach and musician Pip Brown auctioned a rare piece of Ladyhawke artwork to contribute to the aid effort in Haiti. The auction received an overwhelming response from compassionate individuals wanting to help. Larnach’s sister, Emily Sanson-Rejouis, lost her husband and two young daughters in the earthquake. Art Loves Haiti aims to relieve the suffering, and help rebuild the lives of other children and their families affected by the tragedy.

Full Article


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