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Newsletter Issue #266: 06 Dec 2009

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Muzic.net.nz: Final Newsletter 2009

Departure Lounge

Thanks to Oakley for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Otautahi Allstars at the Park Cafe, Marahau. Every Summer I organise some shows around Golden Bay, it's just the best place to have a working holiday.

Making music on that tiny stage is always magic as the locals are enthusiastic and the band communication is easy on such a small stage.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Whitecliffs, Canterbury where I grew up with festivals every summer. The stage is build on the front of an old church that had some fire damage so my parents said 'We'll have that'. It overlooks a paddock and when packed it looks spectacular (most recently in the I-Nation festivals i have been organising in the last few years - Tiki Live, Shapeshifter, Little Bushman, Departure Lounge, Ladi 6, OG Live).

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Electric Wire Hustle are making some international quality soul at the moment. Mara TK vocals are NZ's best kept secret.

I also can't for Mark Vanilau's solo album next year, it sounds amazing, truly epic and beautiful at the same time. 

Funny, these guys both feature on the new Departure Lounge album, I'm such a fan.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Performing at my mates birthday party back in the day, and having a bit too much to drink, fell backwards and ended up beside the drummer but still managed to keep playing. I think we finished the song that way as I couldn't get back up and play at the same time. Getting down there is easy. . .

How did you come up with the name Departure Lounge?

My label co-owner Hayley came up with it and some of the song titles as it's not a strength of mine.

How do you describe your music?

Touches of soul, jazz and fusion all spring to mind, we kind of rock out a little on the new album as well as playing some real delicate music. Its really diverse and keeps me interested.

What can we expect to see from Departure Lounge over the next year?

Live shows and promotion of the new album 'In Session'. 

Jan 2 Mussel Inn, Onekaka, SI.
Jan 3 Park Cafe, Marahau, SI.
Jan 9 Parihaka Peace Festival, New Plymouth, NI.
March 6 Mighty Mighty, Wellington as part of the Fringe festival, NI.

Hopefully we'll get some remixes of the new album. Poncho San Pedro has remixed 'Angryman' so that will be released to radio very soon.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

When on tour always have bananas and pack extra socks. a fresh pair can make you feel like a man again.

Departure Lounge is Oakley Grenall (guitar), Nick Gaffaney (drums), Johnny Lawrence (double bass), Cameron Pearce (trumpet), Chris Burke (saxophone), Sum Suraweera (percussion) and DJ Nativestyle (Mara TK) (scratch).

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Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page
Amplifer Page

Tour Dates

Departure Lounge's debut album 'In Session' is out now.


Knives At Noon

Thanks to Tim for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

This would have to be a few weeks back, we had the opportunity to play with The Veils and An Emerald City!

It was just a great night. Loads of people at Sammys in Dunedin which is a really beautiful building, The Veils were fantastic. An Emerald City were great too.

We went back to a mates place afterwards and partied with all the bands which was just fun to hang out with everyone.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Al's Bar in Christchurch. We are massive Al fans!

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

I would like to see Recloose again, I have not seen him in a while.

I saw Dudley Benson on his Churches tour, which was absolutely amazing. be nice to see him again. The whole Church setting really was quite extraoridinary. He had a 8 person chior and a string quartet. It was pretty mean seeing Head Like A Hole for the first time in a LONG time.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Not really embarrassing... more hilarious:

"I hate your sunglasses, you guys are all wankers"
Homeless guy, Auckland 3/10/09

"Can you hear the lovely young man on the banjo"
Elderly passenger, Interislander Ferry 27/10/2009

"These kids have been watching too much C4"
anonymous punter, HLAH gig, Dunedin 4/9/09

"I hate Knives At Noon"
Anonymous punter, The Tutts gig, Dunedin 07/08/2009

All of these are quite refreshing.

How did you come up with the name Knives At Noon?

I'm not too sure? It wasn't me, I like it though.

How do you describe your music?

Doom pop

What can we expect to see from Knives At Noon during 2010?

More music! We have just released the first track off our forthcoming CD 'Glitter Guts' It's called 'ThunderVeins' and you can download it from our Facebook page or on our profile at Muzic.net.nz. The CD will be ready for you to get as of March. We will be baking this up with a tour. I'm pretty stoked with this new CD and we have spoken to a few people about the opportunity of a video. So expect to see 1 or 2 in the next wee while. But for the latter part of the year, tunes tunes tunes.... It's what it's all about new music!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don't take their rider..... check with bar owners to make sure your actions are not going to piss them off. Treat the sound man well.

Knives At Noon are Oli Wilson (synthesizers), Tim Couch (drums), Tim McCartney (vocals) and Paul Gauvin (guitar).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page
Amplifier Page
Facebook Page

You can download the tracks 'Daisy Chain', 'Heat Up', 'Purple Star', 'The Drought' (Live Recording), 'This Scene' and 'Thunderveins' from the Knives At Noon Muzic.net.nz Page.


Streetlight Requiem

Thanks to Tim for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

It would have to be Skanarchy Fest, we got the chance to play with 8 of the best Ska and Punk bands around to a huge croud going absolutly nuts. We played on the floor in the pool room at The Adelaide in Newtown surrounded by gig poster with a liquid light and a strobe on a foot switch, my mic must have got knocked over about 5 times during a half hour set.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Would have to have been The Adelaide and Valve before they both closed down. We got to know the owners really well and were always made to feel welcome with smiles and free drinks.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

I would like to go back to the 90's/early 2000's and see great bands like Brubeck, Sommerset, Channel 13, Blake and Kitsch again and again, preferably at Thistle Hall or Indigo but as for now, I'm reall enjoying the bands we gig with often such as Black Lick, We The Comedown and Masterhuna

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

I would say for me personally at our first gig at Happy I broke my A string the first time I hit it on the very first song and had to borrow a bass from the opening band whose first gig it was, they were a lot softer than us and looked horrified at the thrashing I gave his bass which would be a routine night for mine.

How did you come up with the name Streetlight Requiem?

We wanted to call ourselves Dead Kennedys but apparently that's already taken.

How do you describe your music?

It's apparently the sorta stuff our fans listened to 5-10 years ago, Pennywise meets Rancid so I'm told but I would say fast, loud and brutally honest. We tell the truth, life in New Zealand isn't all about road trips to the beach and BBQ's with friends, we sing about real life, drug abuse, suicide, domestic violence and zombies (I live across the road from a graveyard so zombies are part of my daily life).

What can we expect to see from Streetlight Requiem over the next year?

We are doing a bit of a tour of the North Island and there is talk of venturing South and also the release of our EP and a truckload of gigs.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Start a band and throw yourself in the deep end. We were together 3 weeks when we played our first gig. Stress brings out the best in muso's.

Streetlight Requiem are Tim Posta (bass, vocals), Peter Harrow (guitar, vocals) and Glen Oakes (drums).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page


Ethanol 58

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

We are starting to have a number of memorable gigs but our most recent stand out would have to be our EP release at the Kings Arms. To see all our fans turn out to support us was a huge honour, and to hear and see them singing our songs over the roar of the PA is truely humbling!

What is your favourite NZ venue?

There are a lot of great venues in NZ we are yet to play! But can't go past the old favourites in Auckland, The Dogs Bollix and the Kings Arms. Great sound gear and helpful technicians sure make our night a lot easier, and when those places are full, the atmosphere is awesome!

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

We are playing with so many good bands right now it would be wrong to try and mention them all, but you know who you are! Really enjoying Luger Boa at the moment, and of course the mighty Shihad.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Early on we had some trouble with gear and it was always embarrassing having to try and borrow what we didn't have, or what wasn't working, but we thank everyone who helped us out there and thankfully have it under control. One of the boys also has an embarrassing John Campbell fetish and this can be found on an early Alt TV interview in all its glory.  We also have the classic "five boys in a wagon, one with stinky feet" story, going over the Rimutakas at 1am.

How did you come up with the band name Ethanol 58?

The name, Ethanol 58 was derived from an alcohol poisoning experience by someone close to us. His ethanol reading was 58. At 60 you are supposed to be not with us any more, so he's a lucky guy.

How do you describe your music?

We are using the term "Melodic Hard Rock". We take elements from all our vast backgrounds and influences and fuse together the Ethanol sound, metallic riffs, classic rock solos, trained vocals, driving bass, pop drumming and programming, and back this up with captivating live performances.

What can we expect to see from Ethanol 58 during 2010?

2010 is set to be an exciting year for us. We are in the planning stages of a nationwide tour to follow up the release of our debut, self titled EP. Also looking around at studios and producers to give either another EP a crack or even a full album, finances permitting.  Which also means right now we are in pre production mode, writing more tracks and stream lining others that we like. So it's onwards and upwards for us boys.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don't give up, it's hard work, but everyone has to put in the hard yards. 

Play the empty gigs, who knows who is watching? And it's better for your playing than rehearsing over and over. Get out there, go to gigs and network. The sad reality is in our industry sometimes it can be who you know. Most of all, keep doing what you love!

Ethanol 58 is Chris Woods (vocals), Regal Norris (drums, programming), Aidan Trass (guitar), Ben Healey (guitar) and Kort Bensemann (bass).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website
MySpace Page
Amplifier Page

Ethanol 58's debut self-titled EP is out now, and you can read the review here.


NZ Music News

Last Week Of The Regional Finals for the Battle of the Bands

After 2 months of eliminations with 110 bands competing live in the Battle of the Bands National Championship events.

This SATURDAY 5TH DECEMBER will see the 3 main centres conclude proceedings with REGIONAL FINALS taking place all on the same night, in Auckland – Kings Arms, Wellington - Bodega and Christchurch – Al's Bar.

Each regional final will feature the best of local competitors all battling for the last 2 places at the National Final. SIX National Finalists are already confirmed from the initial regionals.

They are:

Northland band SOLJAH and Central Auckland’s SNAGON, South Auckland’s LOCAL VOCAL CREW and CITY OF MISSILES, Raglan’s ZIONHILL and Tauranga’s ENERCIA.

Full Article
Battle of the Bands Official Website

The Bigger, Better... Jim Beam Band Search

The Jim Beam Homegrown festival returns to Wellington on February 20th 2010, with an incredible line-up and an amazing opportunity for an up and coming band to open the festival.

Not only will the winning band play at Homegrown with the likes of Shihad, The Feelers, The Datsuns, Midnight Youth and Liam Finn they will also walk away with a $17,500 prize pack including:

· $5,000 cash
· A $5,000 video grant from NZ On Air
· A $2,000 advertising campaign from MySpace
· $2,500 music equipment from Music Works
· A supply of sponsors product from Jim Beam
· Airplay of one of the band’s songs on The Rock, Kiwi FM and C4
· Flights, accommodation and all round rock star treatment at Jim Beam Homegrown
· The opening set on the Jim Beam Homegrown Rock or Indie Stage

The Jim Beam Band Search provides a great launch pad into the music industry and is open to any Kiwi band as long as they can play 45 minutes of original songs.

Full Article
Homegrown Website
Event Listing
Homegrown Feature

Basement Jaxx and Lupe Fiasco to headline Splore 2010

Splore is bringing you the party to be at this summer with Basement Jaxx (DJ Set) and Lupe Fiasco headlining the 2010 festival in February.

There’s no doubt that Basement Jaxx (Felix Burton and Simon Ratcliff) are one of the most seminal dance acts in the world, famed for their innovative funky dancefloor anthems, unconventional selection of MC’s and vocalists and their unmatched ability to get the crowd rocking. Not seen in New Zealand since their killer performance at Big Day Out in 2004, this is a one-off chance for enthusiasts to get their groove on with two of the most critically acclaimed producers on the beach at Splore. Riding on the back of their freshly released fifth album Scars, Basement Jaxx will be highlighting their new tunes, taking things right back to Rooty, and dishing out all the classics in between with a huge DJ set mixed by both Burton and Ratcliff. Thank your lucky stars and make sure your head’s at Splore festival in February to catch this exclusive act.

Lupe Fiasco has been going from strength to strength and is right up there with the likes of Nas as one of the best MC’s of the 21st century. Lupe Fiasco hit the scene as a vocal guest on Kanye West’s 2006 single ‘Touch The Sky’ and he’s been a prominent force since, releasing his debut album Food & Liquor with hit single ‘Kick, Push’ later that year. His live shows have been continually reviewed as among some of the best and most entertaining in the hip-hop world and he counts musical tycoon Jay-Z, who described Lupe Fiasco as a ”breath of fresh air”, among his dedicated fans.

Full Article
Splore Website
Event Listing

Lauryn Hill to join Raggamuffin

The Raggamuffin Music Festival is pleased to announce LAURYN HILL will join the 2010 bill.

Lauryn Hill, an American recording artist, musician, producer and actress established her reputation in the hip-hop world as the lone female member of the Fugees. She sang at Harlem's Apollo Theater at age thirteen and soon after met Prakazrel ‘Pras’ Michel and his cousin, Wyclef Jean and the three formed the Fugees.

In 1996 the group released their second album which Ms Hill co-wrote and co-produced. The Score sold over 18 million copies, making the Fugees the biggest-selling rap group of all time and winning them two Grammy Awards (Best Rap Album and Best R&B Performance by a duo or group).

A few years later after meeting her long-term partner, Rohan Marley son of Bob Marley, Ms Hill launched her solo career and released the commercially successful and critically acclaimed album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The recording earned her five Grammy Awards and praise from industry heavyweights such as Public Enemy's Chuck D who admiringly described her as "sunlight" and a "Bob Marley (of the) 21st Century”.

Full Article
Raggamuffin Website
Event Listing

New Zealand Music History Poster / Art Site Surpasses 500 items

Wellington based website www.tallyho.co.nz launched in May this year has now done the half ton... a bit more actually.

118 new items were recently added including a 28 page interview with Chris Knox originally published in US Magazine FORCED EXPOSURE Issue#18 in 1993 (now deceased)

To date there are 519 items.

And still a huge box of materials to be scanned…

As well as a continuous flow of new items ‘donated’ each month from fans, NZ and worldwide.

Full Article
Tallyho Website

Christmas EP and Single Announced for The Phoenix Foundation

The Phoenix Foundation will have a new album in early 2010, but first they’re releasing a Christmas EP called MERRY KRISKMASS! It will be available both physically and digitally from December 7, and as a limited edition 12’’ (release date coming soon).

Following in the footsteps of other radio-friendly, smash hit artists like Cliff Richard & The Darkness, MERRY KRISKMASS will include The Phoenix Foundation’s first ever Christmas single ‘’EVERYBODY’S MONEY’’. Although technically nothing to do with Christmas, it will be on the Christmas EP, will be released around Christmas, and is a very nice song.

The Krisk is a small stuffed white man who rides a reindeer. This incongruous character has inspired a nice little EP, which shows a different side to the band, and the same sides all over again.

MERRY KRISKMASS was recorded at the Car Club & Surgery Studio with Lee Prebble & Brett Stanton during the recording of their soon (but not very soon) to be released fourth studio album, of which the title is almost decided but still unknown.

Full Article
The Phoenix Foundation on Muzic.net.nz

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Brand New Video for Cobra Khan

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NZ Metal

NZ Metal is the home for all things Metal in NZ music, and it now has a brand new forum-based website. Check it out!

NZ Metal Website



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Win one of two single passes to the Big Day Out in Auckland on Jan 15 2009!

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