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Newsletter Issue #232: 10 May 2009

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NZ Beats

NZ Beats is NZ's #1 Music Podcast

We broadcast good old Kiwi music to the world. New Zealand has a wonderful array of musicians oozing with talent, unfortunately not all of them get heard by anyone other than kiwis. NZ Beats wants to change that. We do a weekly podcast that showcases bands and their talents to the world. We have avid listeners from all over the world who tune in every week for their NZ Beats fix. We also support all bands and musicians we play on the show by providing links to where listeners can purchase their music. So what are you waiting for head over to www.nzbeats.com and listen to some great music!

NZ Beats is nothing without great Kiwi music. If you are a Kiwi musician and would like to get your music heard by an international audience then feel free to contact NZ Beats at [email protected]. You can e-mail your tracks in pretty much any format, but mp3 is easiest. It would also be great if you could send some info about yourself or band or just a link to your myspace page. Also if you have an album or tracks for sale online and would like NZ Beats to provide my listeners links then send me those too.

The NZ Beats podcast has had over 31000 downloads to date with visitors from all around the world:

New Zealand, USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Belgium, Jordon, Poland, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, China, Portugal, France, South Africa, Norway, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Ireland, Uruguay, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Croatia, Malaysia, Seychelles, Hungry, Peru, Saudi Arabia, India, Spain, Romania, Austria, Hong Kong, Yugoslavia, Guatemala, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Argentina, Greece, Thailand, Israel, Chile and the Philippines.

So what have you got to lose.

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Official Website
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What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

On this years Summer of Sin Tour we headlined the River-fest in Levin alongside great acts like The Volunteers and An Emerald City etc. There were so many issues leading up to going onstage at around 11pm. We had guitars stolen in Auckland before we left, the show the night before didn't happen as they had a power-cut, issues with the van etc but once we hit the stage and the crowd was up for it the whole show it was a brilliant night and one of the best for sure. That and opening Homegrown Festival 2008.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

At the moment it's The Yot Club in Raglan, it's always a full house there going off and Peter the owner is great.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

I really like Kora, out of all NZ acts they stand out to me of being of international standard for the show and the tunes. Having lived overseas for a long time I can see how they would go down well in Europe

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

On the Summer of Sin Tour we rushed from Auckland to Palmy to make it in time for sound-check, we bypassed a hot summer's day in Taupo w/out stopping for a swim as we were running late and thought we'll do it on the way back. Got to Bar Mode and the power had being cut off for the night so the show didn't go ahead. On our return through Taupo it was pouring with rain so we missed that as well.

How did you come up with the band name Payola?

Payola was the original name for the solo album I was releasing through Jayrem Records, I found a band and we wrote the first record 'Gone To Ground' and so needed a name so I just swapped the title from the record. Also has the "bribery" aspect about in the early days of rock n roll with Alan Freedman and Dick Clark which is cool.

How do you describe your music?

Well the website says, Payola combine the minor keys of classic soul music and the grit, swagger, and inventiveness of epic rock'n'roll, perfectly bridging the gap in sweat and volume between Aretha Franklin and Led Zeppelin. Their live performances epitomize the sexually charged revues of Ike and Tina Turner with the charisma and feel good nature of Sly and The Family Stone. Throw in MC5, MGMT, Nina Simone, AC/DC and Funkadelic and you have a party.

What can we expect to see from Payola over the next year?

We have a new album tracked at The Lab done called 'Black Swan', it's a vinyl release only, we have an australian tour booked in nov and another album really quick after that as we continue to just tour, tour, tour and release records. We are having too much fun at the moment to stop.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don't let band members, life, work or anything get in the way because the pay off is really when that record has been tracked, fully overdubbed and finally mixed and you can sit back and listen to the finished record through the big speakers and get off on it. That moment is what it's all about without a doubt.

Payola is Solomon Cole (vocals), Lee Catlin-Rickenbacker (guitar), Sophia Tupuola (vocals, keyboards), Nick Wood (percussion) and Adrian Bergman (drums).

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The Pleasures Of June

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Most memorable, The Dog Bollix, with Nebulone and Woodview March 06, great sound system, good crowd and we were bang on it.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

The Kings Arms and The Dogs Bollix.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

The Finn Bros, great harmony and soaring acoustic guitars.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Guitar club gig, Westhaven, two guys starting the same song in different keys, (with no apology in the Herald!)

How did you come up with the band name The Pleasures Of June?

Taken from a line in a Turin Brakes' 'Feeling Oblivion'.

How do you describe your music?

Harmonic Beatlesque, with a bit of Alt Country??

What can we expect to see from The Pleasures Of June over the next year?

More singing, playing and writing.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don't take it too serious…

The Pleasures of June are Ian Haylor (guitar, bass, piano, drums, vocals, egg shaker, harmonica blower) and Tim Smith (guitar, bass, vocals).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Profile
Official Website
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The Pleasures of June debut album 'Perfect Strangers' is out now, and you can read the muzic.net.nz review here.


NZ Music News

Smokefreerockquest 09 kicks off in NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month gets a grassroots boost with 20 of this year’s fifty Smokefreerockquest events scheduled during May, starting in Auckland with the North Shore heats on May 9.

The nationwide school music contest enters its third decade as the country’s premier youth music participation event. Director Pete Rainey says other events come and go but Smokefreerockquest continues with only minor changes to the formula.

“Kids playing music to their peers is a simple enough idea, but after 21 years we know that it never loses its appeal,” he said. “We stage the event in 22 regional towns, making it a real life ‘rock star’ experience, then there’s the prize package that kick-starts the winners’ future success in the music industry.”

Right now the call for entries is on, with around 700 registrations expected in the next few weeks. This is one area where Smokefreerockquest has made changes – for the first time registration is ‘paperless’ with bands and solo acts all entering via the Smokefreerockquest website.

Full Article

Music Industry Heads South For CHARTFEST

CHART announced today the presenters and international guests heading to Christchurch for CHARTFEST Christchurch's annual indoor multi-stage NZ Music Month Festival in the Town Hall on Friday 29 May.

Rarely does Christchurch see such a diverse and interesting gathering of music industry representatives. At CHARTFEST 2009 there are seminars on Releasing Your Own Music, Media & Promotion, Playing Live & Touring, the WE-SPEAK Youth Conference and the NZMC and MMF Seminar Breaking Into The Australian Market featuring international music industry personalities such as Sashya Jayawardena (Tour and Event Manager/Promoter Australia), Chris Wu (Popfrenzy Australia), Brent Harris (Cut Off Your Hands) and Teresa Patterson (CRS Music Management).

Christchurch musicians will be able to discuss pitching their music to the media with Vicki Anderson (Music Editor, The Press), Benet Hitchcock (RDU98.5FM), Kirsten Johnstone (Radio NZ) and Richard Bell (Shuriken). Find out the best way to approach venues and promotors, organise mini tours, arrange ticketing and discuss postering tips with Neil Cox (Southern Amp), Ross Herrick (Dux de Lux) and Harry Lyon (Hello Sailor) and hear DIY tips for organising your own music release with Tim Baird (Pinacolada Records), David McLaughlin (Music Lawyer), Stephen O'Hoy (DRM NZ) and Renee Jones (IMNZ).

Full Article

Country Music Award Finalists announced

Country music is in the spotlight as NZ Music Month gets underway with the announcement of the finalists for the RIANZ Best Country Music Album of 2009 and the APRA Best Country Song of the year.

Both awards are to be presented at the New Zealand Country Music Awards on May 29 in Gore.

Finalists for the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (RIANZ) Best Country Music Album Tui are Annette & Kim for "Something Between Us", Kylie Austin for "When It Rains" and Tami Neilson for "Red Dirt Angel".

Tami Neilson is also a finalist for the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) Best Country Song Award for "Cry Myself To Sleep", the first single from her debut album released in February 2009.

The other two finalists vying for the best song are Kayla Mahon, Taylor Cairns and Andrea Cruickshank for "Facing The World" and Jess Chambers for "Stringing Me Along".

Full Article

What Does Kiwi FM Do For Music Month?

A blogger recently asked,"What does Kiwi FM do for the month of May? Play New Zealand Music? That's not making a change - that's what they do for the other 11 months. Surely they're allowed time off for (supposed) good behaviour?"

As a station committed to playing 100% New Zealand music Kiwi certainly can't increase that percentage. Instead, the station has launched an ambitious programme of live-to-air performances; and they've vowed to have at least one act live in their studio for every day of May.

"31 Bands in a Box" is the result.

The small but perfectly formed Kiwi FM studio (the "box") is no stranger to live performances than often belie its size. In fact, it once hosted the Windy City Strugglers - although vocalist Rick Bryant did have to sing through an open door from the workroom. But Kiwi has never attempted such an intensive schedule before. In fact, few radio stations ever have.

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Cookie Time Make Band Adoption Official

Cookie Time today officially adopted roots/rock band dDub, kicking off a range of activities to promote dDub’s music during New Zealand Music Month.

Held at Radar Records in Christchurch, the lunchtime adoption was formalised with the signing of a specially tailored New Zealand adoption certificate, witnessed by Kiwi music legend Ray Columbus.

A renowned entertainer who received an OBE honour in 1974 for services to New Zealand, Ray Columbus said he was delighted with the initiative.

“Cookie Time is providing a wonderful service to dDub and they are setting a great example to other companies and the broader New Zealand music industry. They have really made this project special by supporting a band they are passionate about, whose approach to music fits so well with their brand” he says.

Full Article
Cookie Time dDub Adoption Ceremony and Photo Opportunity
Win a New Zealand Music Month Prize Pack with Cookie Time and dDub

Other News

NZ Music Month kicks off today
Kiwi musicians get chance to record album through RaboPlus
Historical Website (re) launched during NZ Music Month

New Releases

Grand Prix - 'The Speed Of Sound'

You guys have been working OUT!" would be a good summary of responses to the new Grand Prix album, 'The Speed of Sound'. It is definitely the most rocking album Grand Prix have made so far. They were excited going in to the studio - they had new songs, a new direction and they would be recording them live in a room together as a band for the first time. And they're happy with the results. It's rock that might have come from the 70's, an evolution from the dark surf sound of the previous albums.

Full Article

PNC - 'Bazooka Kid'

PNC returns on June 2nd 2009 with 'Bazooka Kid', the follow up to his 2007 NZ Music Award Winning debut, 'Rookie Card'.

'Bazooka Kid' contains all new material from PNC plus the hit singles 'Moonlight', 'Find Me' ft Chong Nee, 'Take Me Home' ft Mz J (which was a Real Groove Top 10 song pick of 2008 ), and the lead track 'Tonight' to be released on May 4th, guaranteed (with its eye-catching video) to get people talking!

Full Article

The Rabble - 'Start Again' (single)

Storming out of their hometown of Auckland, The Rabble are exploding out of New Zealand and into the hearts of punks worldwide. Harnessing the advantages of both experience and youth, this powerful and passionate band have been together for over seven years, but they are still only just out of their teenage years.

Now comes the release of "Start Again", the second single from their recently re-released second album "The Battle's Almost Over".

Full Article

New Coco Solid 12"

'Pizza Turtle Cadillacs' features Coco Solid, a New Zealand born MC & already a star in her own right who has just returned from a worldwide tour. This independent MC has been rocking the airwaves for some time whilst also performing alongside the likes of Sway, Spankrock and SA-RA.

Full Article

New Zealanders on Overseas Tours

Shapeshifter UK/Europe Tour
Charlie Ash UK/Europe Tour
Salmonella Dub in Australia
Tahuna Breaks in Australia
Tiki Taane in Australia


Get free music this month with Gravity

In celebration of NZ Music Month you can download free NZ music when you purchase either 5 Gravity coffees at selected cafes (a single) or a pack of Gravity coffee at your local supermarket (an EP).

You'll receive fresh and unreleased tunes from Recloose, Fly My Pretties, Charlie ASH, Honey Claws, Isaac Aesili and Minuit.

NZ Post National Schools Poetry Awards

Calling all Year 11, 12 and 13 students. Get your pens ready because the New Zealand Post National Schools Poetry Awards are open for 2009, where students who liberate their words could be writing their way to a radio hit with OpShop’s lead singer/guitarist Jason Kerrison! With big prizes for Best Poem and Best Lyric, it's an opportunity not to be missed! Entries close June 15

Full Article

Music Month Seminars

The New Zealand Music Managers Forum and the NZ Music Commission are proud to present the May Music Month Seminars 'How to Break Into the Australian Market'.

During the last week of May, a series of seminars will be held nationwide in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Full Article

Site of the Moment: Smokefree Rockquest

Smokefreerockquest is the biggest and most influential nation-wide youth event held in New Zealand, reaching audience numbers in excess of 100,000 every year.

The official Smokefree Rockquest website is the place to go for all your Rockquest news and views.

Smokefree Rockquest website
Smokefree Rockquest gig guide dates

Important 2009 Music Industry Dates


Muzic.net.nz News

New Artists

The following musicians were added to the muzic.net.nz website recently. Check them out:


Left At Dawn

The Benday Dots

Dread The Dawn

Amanda Goodwin

Bicipital Groove


Congratulations to the following winners:

- K. Soar (New Plymouth) and J. Power (Ashburton) received their copies of the Sola Rosa album 'Get It Together' last week.
- A. Mason (Nelson) and S. Kelland (Rotorua) have won a copy of the new album from An Emerald City each; and
- A. Singh (Waitakere) and B. Kozeluh (North Shore City) will be heading along to Recession Night on 15 May.

Past competition winners can be viewed here.

There's heaps of prizes up for grabs at the moment, so don't miss out on your chance to win the following prizes:
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Building on the low-lit interior sounds of their critically acclaimed 2006 debut 'Rest Room', Selon Recliner have completed their second album, 'The Orchid Door'.

Selon Recliner's music has been described as having dark, hypnotic beauty that breezes along on mellow atmospheric guitars, poignant keys and gentle beats.

Enter Here

The Veils - A bold and distinctive record, 'Sun Gangs' is described by songwriter and frontman Finn as "...a very modern mixture of prayers, love letters and personal record keeping..."

Features the current radio single 'The Letter'.

Enter Here

29 Blackbirds - Six songs that pulse with the highs and lows of the city, engineered and produced by Tui-award winning Dave Rhodes.

These songs will take you from dark anticipation of the night, to dancing in underground bars at 2am wishing the night would go on forever, to squinting in the sunrise on the rooftop when the time comes to give the city back to the dayshift.

Enter Here

Pitch Black recently posted one of their tracks, 'Harmonia', up for remixing on the web, and after the demand for the files crashed not only the download site, but also the server and the network carrying them, they received 35 fully finished versions!

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Memorable melodies, experimental washes, plinking pianos, screaming guitars, naughty bass lines, bells, whistles and 3 different drummers. All packed into 'On The Down And In', the debut album from Auckland band, Dictaphone Blues.

Enter Here

Ruby Fusion is a new project by Reuben McNabb (Equus) made of up Christchurch local musicans. 'First Broadcast' is their debut EP, catch them live in and around Christchurch.

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To mark the start of New Zealand Music Month, Cookie Time has officially adopted rock/roots band dDub!

To celebrate this initiative we have a NZ Music Month prize pack to give away courtesy of Cookie Time and the New Zealand Music Commission. The pack includes a NZ Music Month hoodie, poster, tote bag, badge, and a limited edition dDub Cookie Sandwich.

Enter Here

Tear It Down! has been a project with a life of its own. Fuelset dragged Tonie kicking and screaming into the studio, it was time to see if he was paying attention

The debut release from Auckland metal band Fuelset.

Enter Here


Check out our latest reviews:

- Selon Recliner - 'The Orchid Door' album review
- The Pleasures Of June - 'Perfect Strangers' album review
- The Veils - 'Sun Gangs' album review

Our most recent reviews can be viewed here.


May's Flying Start
by Andrew Miller (Radioscope)
The ninth NZ Music Month is off to a flying start.  May has been credited with an overall increase in the number of units sold by local acts in past years and 2009 looks to be no exception. There's a hat trick of Kiwi chart successes to begin the month.

Smashproof and Brother add another week to their non-stop #1 streak.  They are now into their eleventh consecutive week leading the Singles pack, an all-new longevity record for a local act.  Next week the track will equal all-time local #1 chart champ, Scribe's Stand Up / Not Many, which currently reigns with a 12-week tally. Scribe dropped out of the top spot four times during that run.

Meanwhile Auckland band Midnight Youth, comprised of Jeremy Redmore, Simon Oscroft, Nick Campbell, Matt Warman and Aidan Bartlett, have good reason to be popping the champagne.  Their debut The Brave Don't Run takes highest new entry honours, opening in the runners-up position at #2 first week.  In addition, their sophomore hit All On Our Own leaps eleven places to give them their first Top 10 single.  The Letter, their debut hit and former Airplay #1, re-enters the Singles list at #20.

More information about the Official New Zealand Top 40 can be found on the RIANZ website and also on our charts page.

Tour Features

Every feature we have ever had on the site can be viewed here.

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NZ Top 10 Singles

    Tommy Richman
    Post Malone feat. Morgan Wallen
    Kendrick Lamar
    Sabrina Carpenter
    Benson Boone
    Taylor Swift feat. Post Malone
    Teddy Swims
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