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Newsletter Issue #224: 15 Mar 2009

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Sola Rosa

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Rhythm & Vines. We've played there twice now. Both gigs were killer. The band was on fire, sound was great and the crowd were up for it.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

We like festivals best but if I had to pick a venue - Leigh Sawmill.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Never seen The Phoenix Foundation in action, so thats on my list - as is Electric Wire Hustle.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Southern Amp festival a few years back. I'd been up late for a couple of nights. Partied a bit too hard perhaps. When it came our time to play I fucked  everything up - structures of tracks, verses, choruses. Basically I run things on the computer through Ableton Live and if I'm out - everybody is out. Loads of our peers came to see us and we were below average. That was a turning point for me - got my shit together after that.

How did you come up with the name Sola Rosa?

It was a play on some Spanish words. Bastard Spanish you could say.

How do you describe your music?

A mix of many influences including funk, latin, soul, jazz, hip hop, roots, reggae etc etc.

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

The band has really honed its sound over the past few years, so expect some killer live shows and more touring. We also plan to take the band further than Australia later in 09. We have had some interest from labels in Europe so we'll be looking deeper into those options. we may release more vinyl following the latest 7 inch release of 'Turn Around' Feat. Iva Lamkum. We also have 2-3 more videos in the pipeline.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Ignore your critics. Get to know the industry you work in. Music ain't just about making music its about all aspects of the business itself. 

Sola Rosa is Andrew Spraggon.

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Sola Rosa's much anticipated new album 'Get It Together' was released on 2 March through Rhythmethod.


Diesel Phoenix

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

I'm going to say the Wednesday night show we had at the Kings Arms towards the end of last year. All the weekends surrounding were completely booked so we decided to prove the 'week day shows suck' mentality wrong. And we did : ) We had over 300 fans there, played with some great bands and raised a huge amount of money for CanTeen.

It's not the venue or the day that makes a show succesful, it is all in the amount of time and effort the bands put into their marketing of the show.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

We have a show coming up with Goodnight Nurse and Streetwise Scarlet on April 11th at the Transmission Room, so I'm going to say the Transmission Room ahead of time, though in past tense, either Studio or the Kings Arms. They are so good to us there, it's like a home away from home.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Fur Patrol, Zed, Blindspott, Shihad. All the classics :) Fur Patrol, love their song 'Lydia'. Zed because I never got to see 'Renegade Fighter' live :( Blindspott were the first rock band I really got into when I was young, I remembver waiting 4 hours downloading 'S.U.I.T' unable to contain my excitement the entire time. Shihad are NZ music gods. They deserve everything they have. NZ rock and roll hall of fame nomination anyone?

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

I have had a few, Singing the wrong words in front of a crowd of 600 and having them sing the correct words back to me. I had to thank them afterwards.

How did you come up with the name Diesel Phoenix?

Diesel Phoenix came about shortly after Carlos Voight joined the band on keys, He had one condition on joining and that was we change our name. So after much drink and many worrysome hours, tears and man coudles, Diesel Phoenix was brought to the table with various other names that didn't make the cut. Diesel Phoenix was born.

How do you describe your music?

This is a conversation I seem to be having alot lately. It's really cliche for me to say that we have a very different sound from anything I have ever heard before. However i may have something for you now. This is the closest I have heard in a long time. Musically it could be likened to something similar to Evanescence with vocals similar but better than Placebo.

You'll have to have a listen and make up your own mind, you can download our album free from www.dieselphoenix.com

What can we expect to see from Diesel Phoenix over the next year?

This is a very exciting year for us. We have two national tours planned for March and October 2009, an Australian Tour in August 09, we have just released a music video for the single 'Missconception' which is getting air play on C4 and JUICE TV, our hugely anticipated 2nd album is due to be released at the end of 09, with 3 singles to be released throughout the year, not to forget interviews in NZ Musician, Rip It Up, Girlfriend, Tearaway and many more.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians? 

Not matter what beliefs you have or religion you follow, we all have one guarenteed life. Make the most of living right now in the present. You can do and be anything you want to be, never be afraid to ask for help or dream larger than you what you think you can do.

Love life and love yourself.

Diesel Phoenix is Sam Polwart (vocals), Richard Hurliman (guitar), Logan Wedgwood (drums), Al Grainger (bass), Peter Rowlands (guitar) and Carlos Voight (keyboards).

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Keep an eye out for Diesel Phoenix's hugely anticipated second album, out later this year.


The Septembers

This March sees the release of the stunning debut album from The Septembers – 'Edge Of The World'.

In late 2008 The Septembers and Rico Petrillo (UK producer) packed up their gear, (including a vintage mixing desk from BFM studios) and headed out to Piha for a week of play-it-live recording sessions. Here they captured inspired performances from a band in full flight, infused with the elements and the magic of some memorable midnight takes, (illuminated only by the full moon).

Petrillo, who has worked with the likes of The Verve, Blur, Kasabian and The Strokes at studios such as Masion Rouge and Metropolis, has taken the sound of The Septembers to a level that will see the band making waves in the NZ music scene over the next year. The band is currently on a national tour over March/April and following this they’re preparing shooting for the first video and single, scheduled for a May release. Many more shows and overseas travel await the band in 2009, so catch them now!

The Septembers are Anthony Stretch (Vocals/Guitars), Sean Harvey (Guitars/Vocals), Zaria Yusoff (Bass/Vocals) and Andrew Price (Drums).

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The one and only debut album from The Septembers 'Edge Of The World' will be out during March!


Miscreant Recordings - Recording Studio

Miscreant Recordings is owned and operated by 27-year-old audio engineer David Edtmaier in Albany Auckland. David is also an experienced musician and songwriter with a great set of ears and the willingness and passion to go the extra mile to get the best out of your music, catering to any style. The studio is based on the outer skirts of Auckland’s North Shore in a relaxing country style home packed with the latest state of the art recording equipment and audio plugins, powered by the industry standard DAW Pro Tools.

Bands love the relaxed recording environment, making themselves at home.

The studio has full kitchen facilities including an espresso coffee machine and even a spa on the deck overlooking a killer view if you need a break!

David prides himself in producing quality recordings at the lowest possible rate, which is why his clients keep coming back for more. He's been in bands for about 14 years, some of which have had nationwide airplay, and knows all the highs and lows of being in a band, and works individually with each band not only as a recording engineer and producer, but as a mentor to young bands. He's happy to help with his knowledge of the music industry and contacts to help get your tracks into the right hands.

David has access to a vast array of quality instruments and amplification so no need to worry if you have shabby gear, we can make you sound great!

Want a video to go with your single? We have the go to guy who will work to your budget and create something spectacular. Ben is a qualified stunt man and talented director with a dedicated crew.

All prices are flat rate and include unlimited studio time.  We do recording, mixing and mastering and have clients not only in Auckland but throughout NZ who use us to mix and master their music.

For more information and obligation free quotes on anything please email Dave at [email protected]


NZ Music News

Conchords ignite Fringe Hall of Fame; awards named

The New Zealand Fringe Festival capped off the one of the biggest festivals in its 19-year history by naming Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement as the inaugural members of the New Zealand Fringe Festival Hall of Fame.

The naming of the duo was the highlight of the annual Fringe Awards, which named the best, brightest and most bizarre of Fringe 09 across 15 categories at Wellington's Paramount Theatre on March 1.

The winner of top award, Best of Fringe, was Two Day Plays, a month long competition that challenged 18 teams to create the best 10 minute play they can in a weekend.

Other significant winners included Improv: The Secondary School Musical for Best Comedy, Footnote Dance's Perforum for Best Dance, Frogs Under the Waterfront for Best Outdoor, and Fleur Wickes' This is Where I Live for Best Visual Arts. The Intricate Art of Actually Caring won Best Theatre, while Australian multi-instrumentalist Adam Page won two awards, for Best Music and Best 'One Man Band' / Solo Show.

Full Article

The 2009 APRA Professional Development Award recipients

The APRA Professional Development Awards (PDAs) are now a permanent fixture on the APRA cultural calendar. As a result, APRA now offers eleven PDAs in Australia and New Zealand to promising emerging music writers in the early stages of their careers.

APRA New Zealand present three awards, recognising excellence in three compositional genres: Classical, Pop Contemporary and Film & TV. The recipients will each receive $12,000 cash to advance their careers through study or travel, plus: a Gibson guitar courtesy of Gibson Guitar Corp.

APRA NZ congratulates the 2009 Professional Development Award winners: Jessica Hansell, Grayson Gilmour & Samuel Holloway.

Full Article

IMNZ: Ukuleles orchestrate top placing

SXSW gets underway in Austin, Texas on March 18; heading over from the IMNZ crew are David Dallas, The Enright House, Jackie Bristow, the Brunettes and White Swan Black Swan - who are also playing shows in San Fransisco and Nashville. For this year's Air New Zealand Pink Flight on March 6 to the Sydney Mardi Gras, TV presenter Stephen Oates hosted whilst Ladi6 and Buckwheat performed on the popular flight. Starting with a reception for passengers at the departure lounge in Auckland Airport, the 3rd annual Pink Flight was transformed from fabulous to glamorous for 2009.

IMNZ artists P-Money and Nesian Mystik are up against Ladyhawke, Goodnight Nurse and Cut Off Your Hands in line to win the Best Kiwi Artist award at the 2009 MTV Australia Awards which will take place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday March 27; New Zealand viewers have the opportunity to vote for their favourite act. And in case you still haven't figured that P-Money is a surefire national celeb and musical brainiac, MTV NZ are premiering a Kiwi take on their US reality show 'I Want to Work For Diddy'. The local knock off is called 'Work for Money' and will show the trials of choosing an intern for the hip hop DJ, producer and co-owner of Dirty Management (the music operation formerly known as Dirty Records). P-Money is looking for an apprentice to assist him in his numerous ventures, but it¹s not as straight ahead as sending through a CV or doing an interview. Contestants will battle it out in a number of challenges, getting eliminated one by one in that time-honoured, long drawn out and often painful reality TV tradition; the show premiered on March 1st.

Full Article

ChartDisc Vol 1 2009 – Christchurch Music Indie Compilation

CHART is proud to announce CHARTDISC Volume 1 2009, a sampler CD featuring some of Christchurch's favourite bands that over the past twelve months have generated a real buzz within Christchurch and beyond.

Compilations featuring Christchurch bands are a rare thing, but with the support of several local music institutions such as The Dux, Real Groovy, RDU98.5FM, Creative Communities and many others, CHART www.christchurchmusic.org.nz has produced a promo sampler packaged in an eco-friendly CD wallet with indie classics from Christchurch’s best bands.

Launched in time for New Zealand Music Month 2009, CHART’s manager Jeff Fulton hopes the compilation will help spread the garden city’s music far and wide. ”It’s always been on CHART’s radar to produce a compilation and it’s an exciting collection of tracks. Featuring Bang Bang Eche, Tiger Tones, The L.E.D.s, The Enright House, The Insurgents, Clap Clap Riot, Minisnap, Kimo, Jimmy Zoom & The Beytown Grifters - CHART wants to help you find your new favourite band”.

Full Article

Talented therapist joins music centre

She speaks Spanish, dances the tango and loves travelling the world with her camera. But for Rebecca Travaglia, her first love is music and she uses it to help people.

Now 27-year old Rebecca has joined Auckland-based Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre (RMTC) as one of the organisation’s four music therapists.

Rebecca qualified from the New Zealand School of Music as a Registered Music Therapist and has worked with children and young adults in the mental health sector and in special education.

Her new role involves providing music therapy to individual clients at the Centre and to groups at Oranga and Waikowhai satellite classes of Carlson School.

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NZ On Air March Decisions

Read about the latest NZ On Air news and funding decisions here.


New Album from Miscreant

Recorded with acclaimed producer Andrew Buckton (The D4, Steriogram, Sommerset) at the infamous Studio 203 in Auckland and mastered by Ryan Smith (Motley Crue, Live, Talking Heads) at Sterling Studios in New York. Miscreant's highly anticipated debut album 'Complicated Characters' takes you on a journey over 14 tracks of eclectic modern rock.

Following on from the success of their singles "Hey Mister" and more recently "Fight for me" which entered the NZ top 40 airplay charts, Miscreant's self funded album is sure to propel them to the forefront of the kiwi rock scene.

'Dirty Rock and Roll' - New Video for Ammp

Ammps latest single 'Dirty Rock and Roll' has found its way onto the March Kiwi Hit Disc.

Directed by Alan Morrison the video is about three young gentlemen who are confronted by three kamakasi Female Fembots. The warriors must learn Kung Fu in order to defeat ultimate evil. This is Ammp's fifth single and video and ammp decided it was time for a laugh.


Deja Voodoo Download

Deja Voodoo and BFM are letting you lucky people download a NEW song from their upcoming album ‘The Shape Of Grunge to Come’ for FREE!

Just go to www.backofthey.co.nz to be able to download ‘Grungewolf’ ………for FREE!

‘The Shape Of Grunge To Come’ can be considered as Deja Voodoo's alternative debut; a re-ignition of the hard rock/punk attitude and everyman accessibility that their peers from Seattle back in the day sweated out. A return to the band's proud and ancient roots. Sure, the lyrics are still “a bit shit”, but they are an honest expression of the everyday life that Deja Voodoo and their audience experience.

Full Article

NZ Music Managers Forum March Seminars

In the month of March the NZMMF have set up seminars in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Wellington Tuesday 17th March – Back to Basics Seminar with Lorraine Barry (Manager Dave Dobbyn, Electric Confectionaires and Lucid 3), Entertainment Lawyer David McLaughlin, Teresa Patterson (Manager Scribe and Elemeno P), Rebecca Caughey (Manager Ladi 6 and Shapeshifter)

Christchurch Thursday 26th March – Back to Basics Seminar with Entertainment Lawyer David McLaughlin , Teresa Patterson (Manager Scribe and Elemeno P) and more speakers to be announced.

Auckland Monday 30th March - Radio Speed Networking Sessions with Manu Taylor (Brand Director BFM), Riccardo Ball (Programme Director The Rock), Tania Dean (NZ on Air).

Full Article

Liberate Your Words with Jason Kerrison from OpShop

Calling all Year 11,12 and 13 students. Get your pens ready because the New Zealand Post National Schools Poetry Awards are open for 2009, where students who liberate their words could be writing their way to a radio hit with OpShop’s lead singer/guitarist Jason Kerrison!

Celebrating young writing talent in New Zealand, this year the Awards strongly encourage all students to get involved, regardless of their writing confidence as great poems can come from anyone. Both judges say they will be looking for a poem that “lifts” off the page through it’s freshness and interesting use of language

All poems submitted to the competition will be judged under two categories, Best Poem and Best Lyric. There will be six finalists in each category from which the two winners will be selected.

Full Article

Site Of The Moment: Dunedinmusic.com

Dunedinmusic.com was setup in June 2003 with a view to providing comprehensive resources for the Dunedin music community and to promote and report on local music of all genres.

Dunedinmusic.com website


Muzic.net.nz news

New Artists

The following musicians were added to the muzic.net.nz website recently. Check them out:

Simon Spire

Mel Parsons

Maisey Rika

Amped Vision

The Plops


Congratulations to the following winners:

- K. Clarke (Auckland) and W. Brougham (New Plymouth) who have won their copy of the debut album from Every Man For Himself - 'Te Pae Mahutonga - The Southern Cross',
- T. Brown (Christchurch) and C. Stockum (Auckland) who have both won a copy of the debut EP from Needles & Bees - 'A Quilt Of Conversation';
- And congrats also to our latest winners - A. Tabak (Auckland), D. Leyden (Palmerston), G. Meredith (Te Aroha) and P. McFarland (Rotorua) for 'Winning Hearts and Minds' from Subtract.

Don't miss out on your chance to win the following prizes:
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Clap Clap Riot are a ferocious mix of dueling guitars, solid thumping drums and wild vocals who can be compared to bands like The Small Faces and Cut Off Your Hands. TV Knows Better is their debut EP release.

Enter Here

Miscreant is a four piece rock band that formed in 2004 in Auckland. 'Complicated Characters' is their debut album and contains the singles 'Fight For Me' and 'Hey Mister'.

Enter Here

People in your Neighbourhood is an exiting new music collaboration which highlights the increasing creative diversity and multi-ethnicity of New Zealand. The album brings together 17 local musicians and the internationally renowned UK based Urban Soul Orchestra in an eclectic mix of soulful beats and rhythms.

Enter Here

'The Seahorse Emporium' is the second album from kiwi folk duo Anita & Brooke aka Ragamuffin Children. Featuring the single 'Better Than Some' which is currently ranking on the KiwiFM Top 10 charts.

Enter Here

Subtract Review

Shiny yet dirty, like unpolished chrome – a clean sound but with a blunt, dirty, bloody edge. Impressive show by all members, an excellently produced piece of work, balancing all instruments nicely. All tracks around 4 mins long, just long enough I reckon.

There is a serious amount of talent here, for me this is the perfect metal sound, rapid, full, just intelligible gravelly vox, no-one leaving anything to spare. Imaginative CD liner, nice to see something new.

Read the full review here

Ragamuffin Children - 'The Seahorse Emporium' album review

Photos for The Hollow Grinders and The Shrugs

Thanks to Amanda Ratcliffe for supplying these:

The Hollow Grinders

The Shrugs

Tour Features

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