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Newsletter Issue #205: 26 Oct 2008

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Antagonist A.D

Thanks to Sam for answering these questions:

What is the best gig/event you have ever performed at, and why?

Umm it's really hard to say, one of my favourites will always be in Adelaide at this place called The Underground with our friends The Red Shore. Didn't expect any type of reaction and kids went crazy, it was so much fun. & I'll always have fond memories of Upsett Records shows in 2006 as well.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Whammy Bar on K'rd or this new place we played this last weekend called The Fish House. It's in Palmy, it's actually some kids garage, thats been soundproofed and spray painted. SUCH a good atmosphere.

What can we expect to see from Antagonist A.D over the next year?

Well our new CD is out next week, and from there hopefully us playing a lot of shows, around New Zealand & hopefully other countries too.

What other NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Gin Wigmore is pretty cute, I'd like to see her, (that came out kinda of dodgy right? I just mean I'd like to meet her... possibly try to impress her, & take her to chocolate boutique in Parnell... maybe walk along the beach...)

If you could, what rumour would you start about yourselves?

That we are werewolves.. or at least that I am a werewolf.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Be passionate about everything you do & work hard.

Antagonist A.D is Sam (vocals), Kris (guitar), Ross (guitar), Josh (bass) and Israel (drums).

Antagonist A.D's new album 'We Are The Dead' is out now.

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1157 Records Antagonist A.D Profile




Thanks to Nick for answering these questions:

What is the best gig/event you have ever performed at, and why?

Opening for Billy Corgan was an overwhelming experience considering it was our 4th gig and 2 of us were still in 6th form at High School, but the last 3 years we have done some guest band spots at the Smokefree Rockquest and each year those are highlights for me.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

The Kings Arms always has a great vibe. I loved playing a Rockquest Guest Band show at the TSB Showplace in May of this year, awesome little theatre with heaps of heaps of people.

What can we expect to see from Eqwanox over the next year?

We want to release a hard copy of our album 'All Roads Lead From Here' which we have just released online. We are finishing off the year with a North Island tour and also playing gigs with Seether at Vector Arena in Auckland (Nov 8th) and with the Bleeders at Diggers Backbar in Hamilton (November 7th).

What other NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Recently we played a show with a band called 29 Blackbirds and Grace Falls. Both those bands played awesome sets it would be great to see people checking them out at all there shows. Both bands had great singers and great musicianship. I'm also really into At A Loose End at the moment and we are stoked to be playing with them in October and hopefully a heap in the future. They got a cool Punk Rock sound.

If you could, what rumour would you start about Eqwanox?

That we recorded our album at Dave Grohl's home studio and that we are going on tour with them to promote it ha, that would be something incredible!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don't hold back, get out there and do what you want to do, record some demo's, set up a myspace page, find other bands online and contact them about shows etc, burn off some copies of your demos and give them away at shows and send them out to people who may be interested in your band even the slightest bit. Just get busy so people know youre out there.

Eqwanox is James Hanright (lead vocals, guitar), Aaron Clark (bass, backing vocals), Nick Douch (drums, backing vocals) and Zakk Wetton (guitar, backing vocals).

Eqwanox's debut album 'All Roads Lead From Here' is out now.

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NZ Music News

RounDUp & Decknology Winners 2008

The Dux De Lux RounDUp is over and the 2008 competition proved to be as infused with brilliance and talent as any year previous. With over 60 bands entered this year RounDUp has assured its place as an imperative part of the Christchurch band scene, and, judging from the talent on display in the final, what an impressive scene it is.

The judges had their work cut out for them as the finalists battled it out for the title of RounDUp champion but at the end of the “Survivor” style elimination it was The Klap that was left standing. Congratulations to the Dux as major sponsor of RounDUp and winner of the NZ Bar of the Year for 2008 and a huge round of applause to the Klap and keep it going for Insomniac.

This talented young DJ took out the RDU Decknology competition the same night, Insomniac blasted the competition with his abilities and variety. Able to play pretty much anything, drum'n'bass, progressive, house, trance, hip hop, Insomniac clearly got his name from far too much time spinning discs into the wee small hours.

Full Article

Finalists announced for AJ Hackett Bungy JumpStart jazz competition

A line-up of talented young musicians from around New Zealand have been announced as finalists in the AJ Hackett Bungy JumpStart competition, part of the ASB JazzFest Queenstown.

Three bands, four solo vocalists and six solo instrumentalists have made the finals in the competition, which aims to give exposure to emerging musicians and help kick start their careers.

The AJ Hackett Bungy JumpStart Competition Finals will be held at the Rydges Hotel Queenstown this Sunday October 19, starting at 7pm.

The finalists were selected from an initial audition round via DVD and web upload submissions, and on Sunday will each give a live performance in front of a judging panel and audience.

ASB JazzFest Queenstown festival director Harvey Maguire said the competition had attracted a wide range of entries from around the country and as always the judges had been “surprised and delighted” by the young talent, aged between 14 and 20, keen to demonstrate their understanding of the key elements of jazz.

Full Article
ABS JazzFest Queenstown hits hight note this Labour Weekend
Future of New Zealand Jazz in good hands

Scholarship for budding songwriters launched by Visa Entertainment and MySpace.com

Visa Entertainment has launched a scholarship program for up and coming Kiwi musicians to help them break into the New Zealand music scene.

The “Muso Challenge” scholarships, part of Visa Entertainment’s partnership with MySpace.com Secret Shows, challenge budding artists to submit a song in MP3 format, the best of which will receive $5,000 to be put towards a music-related project.

Challenges will be set every two months and winners will be voted on by the MySpace.com community. The first “Muso Challenge” theme is to submit a break up song that includes the phrase “trashing my heart”.

Visa’s New Zealand Country Manager Iain Jamieson said: "Our partnership with MySpace.com Secret Shows is all about bringing money-can’t-buy experiences to the New Zealand public. At the same time, we want to foster the amazing talent we see online at MySpace.com. We understand how expensive it can be to break into the entertainment industry and so we hope these scholarships will help New Zealand’s emerging talent.

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2009 APRA Professional Development Awards

The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) is proud to announce an increased financial and cultural commitment to songwriters and composers.

In 2009, APRA New Zealand will award three Professional Development Awards (PDAs). These Awards will recognise the potential of emerging songwriters and composers in three categories: Pop Contemporary, Classical and Film/Television.

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New Zealand a nation of flip-floppers

As the general election looms and the phony rhetoric intensifies, New Zealanders from all walks of life have embraced the art of the flip flop.

A record-smashing number of entries have been received to vie for the Golden Flip Flops at Radio Active 89FM's Handle the Jandal 2009 music video awards. A grand total of 122 music videos made last week's deadline, far surpassing the previous record of 93 set in 2006.

Handle the Jandal is the annual competition for Do-It-Yourself New Zealand filmmakers to create music videos for local bands and artists. The Awards are about matching rising music stars with upncoming filmmakers. All videos must be completely self-funded and may only use New Zealand music.

Event director Hadden Morrison said today that the response from eager filmmakers and bands has been mindblowing, especially considering that Handle the Jandal is back after a one year hiatus.

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Music Manager Awards November 2008

This years NZ Music Manager Awards will be held on November 6th 2008 celebrating exceptional artist management over the past year and presenting awards to 'Manager of the Year', 'Upcoming Manager of the Year', 'Regional Manager of the Year' for regions Auckland, Wellington, Christhcurch and Dunedin and 'Industry Champion'.

The evening will be MC'd by Dave Gibson from Elemeno P, and awards on the night presented by Scribe, PNC, Goodnight Nurse, Elemeno P, Bulletproof and other artists managed by members of the MMF.

Full Article

Toi Maori launches Kaupapa Maori Music Week (28-31 October) in Wellington

The last week of October promises to be a celebration of contemporary Mâori music in the Capital.

Pûatatangi, the Music Committee of Toi Mâori Aotearoa* has organised a programme of music workshops and three great live shows, finishing with PAO PAO PAO on Friday 31 October 2008.

Pûatatangi Chariperson, Ngahiwi Apanui says the week's a great chance for people to enjoy the diverse talents of contemporary Mâori musicians.

Ngahiwi says, "Like all artists, Mâori musicians call on a huge range of influences but they draw a lot of their musical inspiration from their culture, language, musical history and contemporary issues that impact us as Mâori. It certainly gives kaupapa Mâori musicians a unique voice."

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RIANZ Welcomes Implementaion of Amendments to Copyright Legislation

The Recording Industry Association of New Zealand welcomes the announcement by Associate Minister of Commerce, Judith Tizard that recent amendments to copyright legislation will soon come into force.

These new copyright provisions provide in the most part a very important and necessary updating of our copyright law to ensure that it keeps up to speed with a rapidly changing and developing digital environment. These amendments provide some certainty for both copyright creators and users.

While the music industry develops new business models and works to offer consumers a host of legitimate digital services, the innovation cannot thrive in a world where 95 per cent of all music downloaded is downloaded illegally and generates no return for artists or producers. Only one in every 20 downloaded tracks is downloaded legitimately and more than 20 billion tracks are downloaded illegally every year.

Peer-to-Peer file sharing via internet services accounts for the bulk of the problem and constitutes up to 80 per cent of the traffic on Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks worldwide.

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New album from Decortica

To celebrate the release of the debut album 'A New Aesthetic', Decortica will be touring in November with dates in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

'A New Aesthetic' is available from 27 October 2008.

Full Article

Midnight Youth - 'The Letter' hitting TV and Radio this week

Some time in the distant past, a great artist wrote “everywhere you turn points to the fact that time is eternal”.

It could be said that the very name Midnight Youth represents something of this idea, evoking both permanence and transience of time. However, The Midnight Youth are not a philosophical concept at all.

Midnight Youth have truly hit the ground running. Initially coming together in 2006 after the roots of the band honed their skills in the Rockquest series of shows, the band rapidly utilized the experience gained from the New Zealand high school competition and channelled the essence of their tightly-wound live performance into the debut single ‘Supernatural’. Unusually for an unsigned band, the song attained national airplay on NZ’s rock and pop stations; and even more unusually, inspired a house remix from Tim Phinn locally, and a further electro remix by Melbourne-based producers Vandalism, released on Australian label Central Station.

Full Article

Debut album for The Tutts

As the eye of the storm passes overhead things are quiet. And at that moment just before you think there is no more to come, the hurricane begins again.

‘Get In the Club’ is the debut album from the Auckland dance-rock, five-piece the Tutts, released October 20. From the runaway success of the first single ‘K’ to the enchanting and tainted love story of ‘I20’, the Tutts songs conjure images of debauchery, dark hallways, and a band steeped in nocturnal mystery. The new single ‘All Over Town’ picks up where the band left off with the vampyric club anthem ‘Whiteout’, with a Smiths like melody, a tambourine and jangling and jagged guitars, ‘All Over Town’ sees the natural evolution of a band finding their sound more and more, but one that is keeping the style that has earnt them the recognition they have received so far.

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Download new EP from Knives At Noon

After taking our time to make sure everything is perfect the Knives At Noon EP is ready for the download. Special thanks to Dale Cotton, for doing a fantastic job.

There are 4 tracks and they can be yours. Take them play them to your friends and enjoy. We will be touring in Janurary!

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Download the new Knives AT Noon EP

Sora Shima win Mammoth 2008 Band Experiments Competition

Congratulations to Sora Shima who have won the 2008 Mammoth Band Experiments competition held at Flow bar in Hamilton!

Other bands playing on the night were Dick Dynamite and The Doppelgangers, The Dusk, Radiator and Knights of the Dub Table.

Sora Shima have won $5000 worth of kit including their own PA system, 3 days in a professional recording studio, 500 CDs pressed and printed and a guaranteed spot at the much-loved 'O' Week 2009 at Waikato University.

Full Article

New Album for Barry Saunders

As with his previous acclaimed "Red Morning" album, "Zodiac" has again been produced by David Long, with musicians including Long, Craig Terris on drums, Jules Desmond on bass, fellow Warratah Nik Brown on violin and backing vocals from Samuel Flynn Scott and Caroline Easther. The album was recorded at Trident Studios in Wellington.

"Originally it was to be four songs toward a ‘best of’ album, but the baby started to grow and we ended up with a new album." says Barry. "I loved the raw feel of the band and once again felt like the songs were moving somewhere. I have a version of The Phoenix Foundation’s Going Fishing. I love the lyrics and have turned it into pretty much a country ballad. I played piano for the first time on this album, also played quite a lot of electric guitar. The album has a good played feel to it and I’m looking forward to taking these songs out for a ride."

Full Article

Forbidden Joe Radio Interviews

Full Article

Site of the moment: NZ Metal

The home of all things metal, NZ Metal has enough forums, gigs and downloads to satisfy any metal lover. Check it out today!

NZ Metal Website



Muzic.net.nz News

New Artists

The following musicians were added to the muzic.net.nz website recently. Check them out:



The Great Hoax

Soul Kaptivez

Jason Cavus


Congratulations to the following winners:

- S. Kreegher (Foxton) and M. De Graaf (Auckland) will both be receiving their copy of the lastest Streetwise Scarlet album 'This Is Pop And Roll' in the mail shortly.
- K. Ng (Wellington) and F. Patrick (Masterton) who have both won a copy of the new EP from Tempo 38, 'Septic Proof',
- D. Nikolic (Auckland) who won a double pass to Thank Funk It's Friday; and
- R. Duncan (Hastings) who won a double pass to see Angel Hammer in Napier.

Don't miss out on your chance to win these prizes:

'Fly Home' is the third single released by These Four Walls and follows in the success of 'Walk Away' and 'Under The Shadows'.

Enter Here!

Tainted release their long-awaited second album, Carved And Created. With a brutal new take on the Tainted sound and exciting material unlike anything in their back catalogue, Carved And Created promises to be one of the biggest NZ metal releases in recent years.

Enter Here!

Holster is Reb's second album, introduces Reb with her acoustic guitar and her beautiful voice. Reb is also on tour now, from October through to the end of November.

Enter Here!

From full throttle rock'n'roll to psychedelia to pop melodies, The Datsuns have written a magical follow up to 2006's Smoke & Mirrors. Enter now to win a copy!

Enter Here!


Tainted - 'Carved and Created' album review:

Solid, constantly surprising speed metal, some amazing talents at work here. Never a dull moment, there’s always something tweaky and epic going on, more often than not eliciting an awestruck admiring grin and headbang. I found myself cranking up the air-axe a few times, and bashing out some staunch rhythms on the desk – epic.

Beautifully constructed sound from all 5 band-members, a fantastically engineered balance – so much cohesive sound its hard to pick out any single element, but easy all at the same time. These guys have got to be seen live, I’ve always felt a CD is but a pale reflection of a bands’ performance, if so they could definitely be the best band you’ve ever seen. Outstanding album artwork, resplendent in reds and blacks – just another awesome thing about this awesome album.

Read the full review here

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