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Newsletter Issue #179: 27 Apr 2008

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Cripple Mr Onion

Cripple Mr Onion have been promising to reward the long-standing loyalty of their friends and fans with a new album for quite a few years now, and this May they will back that promise up by finally unleashing the beast - the leviathan 'Antigravity', 11-tracks of their most refined and powerful output to date, by a solid measure. Cripple have spared themselves no pain getting this right, and producing an entirely self-funded album of this scale and without compromise has required them to travel a long hard road in a cheap pair of shoes - the end result however radiates assurance that those who know the band from their explosive live performances will find that nothing went missing during translation to the studio album format.

The band are gearing up to tour 'Antigravity' during the next few months, teaming up with Cause For Alliance (who are also promoting the commercial release of their EP 'Coalesce') on a North Island tour throughout May. The South Island leg of the tour is currently in the planning stages, so expect an announcement soon. Mainly though, the Cripple crew are looking forward to writing new material over the winter months, 'Antigravity' has held their dedicated focus for such a length of time that new riffs and song ideas have formed a vast stockpile that the band is itching to plunder - when the warmer seasons roll around again, be prepared...

Cripple Mr Onion is Andy Woodd (vocals, guitar), Rene Harvey (drums), Az Burns (guitar) and Shoki Kamishima (bass).

-- Cripple Mr Onion's new album 'Antigravity' will be available from 2 May 2008.

Website Links:

Muzic.net.nz Profile
Official Website
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Charm School Rejects

What is the best gig/event you have performed at, and why?

Probably our CD Release at Subnine or our 2008 kick off gig,we had a fairly big crowd at our CD release and everyone was so into it, it was awesome. We had great fun playing that gig

What is your favourite NZ venue?

The San Fransisco Bath House and at Subnine; we've had a few really good gigs at Subnine

What can we expect to see from the Charm School Rejects over the next year?

Um over the next year you can expect to see our new single 'Mr. Peanut Butter and His Jelly Fish Band' released, it may or may not make it onto radio. Also in the April school holidays we will be doing a tour over the North Island, starting in Wellington then going to Masterton, Wanganui, Hamilton and Auckland and hopefully a second EP

What other NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

I would definitely like to see more of Little Bushman, Odessa and Autozamm. Odessa are so good live it's insane and Autozamm are kick ass

If you could, what rumour would you start about yourselves?

That Barry is so far in the closet he's having adventures in Narnia!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don't let anyone put you off, the thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.

Also, nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

The Charm School Rejects are Stefan Mapp (agitator, vocals, guitar), Alex Phillis (bass), Ryan Taylor (guitar), Harry Ashby (keyboards), Sam Trist (drums), James Wisnesky (trumpet) and Paul Matthews (saxophone, vocals).

-- The new Charm School Rejects EP 'Impossible Probabilities' is out now.

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A different blend of rock/metal/jazz and that little bit of strange.

Formed in 2005 Dezmadore hail from Christchurch and have played up and down the country.

Their upcoming debut album 'Antinovel' is due for a July 08 release through Estrata Productions. With tracks of Rock, Metal, Jazz and of course that little bit of strange the band are looking forward to pushing the album around the country.

They have also had their music featured in independent film 'My Beautiful World' (shot by vocalist Shaun Garea) which had backing from lotsa folks including US indie label Ipecac Recordings!

Dezmadore have shot a music video for track 'All the Treats' which is now available as a DVD with extra features, you can grab it either online or at shows and you'll be happy to know that the money funds the bands love of alcohol and juicy steaks.

The album 'Antinovel' will be available mid-year nationwide but in the meantime pop into the MySpace or the .com and have a look/listen, what's the worst that could happen eh?

Dezmadore is Shaun Garea (vocals, keyboards), Mat Millar (bass), Josh Braden (guitar) and Brent Laban (drums, percussion)

Website Links:

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Official Website
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Shaun Garea - Filmmaker

Shaun Garea is a filmmaker/musician based in Chirstchurch.

His short film 'My Beautiful World' premiered at Rialto cinemas last year and has since toured the country along with playing several successful shows overseas. The film (an existentialist/horror) centres around Bob, a lost soul with a very dark past who has to come to grips with his place or non-place in the world. The film has received great reviews and much acclaim:

"Atmospheric and haunting.. delicious!" - Stephen Balderson (Director of 'Firecracker And Phone Sex').

"Clever, witty and well made!" - www.voltcase.co.uk

"A creative leap!" - Presto Magazine.

"Alot of talent on show.. transcending visuals" - Clint Morris - www.moviehole.net

The film showcased music from local NZ acts such as the excellent Cripple Mr Onion, Colm, Dezmadore and was also scored by Garea's own band Flabotonum. Along with NZ acts US indie label Ipecac Recordings (run by Greg Werckman and Mike Patton) put their backs behind the film with providing music from the damn fine group Ddlek and also by promoting the film from their website and mailing lists.

The film is now due for an independent DVD release through Shaun's Estrata Productions midyear.

The films score which was done by Garea's band Flabotonum is also due for a midyear release too.

Garea is also now in prep for his next film 'A Dream of Dark Colours' based on Franz Kafka's 'The Trial', the film already has support from US group Ddlek again also US label Koolarrow Records (run by Billy Gould of Faith No More) who will be providing music from a couple bands to the films soundtrack.

But of course local artists will again be a big part of the films musical landscape with Garea in talks with bands like The Enright HouseThe Greenmatics (now based in Oz), and more.

Thomas Lambert of Welly based label Sonorous Circle, and Josh Braden of Dezmadore will be scoring the new film along with Garea himself.

For any info on any of the projects please visit any or all of the following:

Shaun's MySpace Profile
Estrata Productions MySpace Profile
Flabotonum MySpace Profile
Dezmadore MySpace Profile
Dezmadore Official Website

Film Trailer

And if any folks out there are interested in getting in touch to support or offer music etc. please drop Shaun a line through his MySpace page or at [email protected]


What's Happening?

NZ Music Month is (almost) here!

New Zealand Music Month began in 2001 and since then each May, New Zealand music is showcased on radio, television, on the internet and in live performances.

New Zealand Music Month boosts the visibility and success of New Zealand music. It was developed to support the New Zealand music industry by creating a commercially successful platform for local performers.

To celebrate NZ Music Month in our own way, we've launched our own mini-website dedicated to May 2008! On it you'll find the latest news, a special NZ Music Month gig guide plus loads more. Check it out!


New Artists

The following new bands and musicians were added to the muzic.net.nz website recently. Check them out:


Morning Skies

Improv Noise Band


Bruce Conlon

Johannes Contag

Tiger Tones


Check out the following new reviews:

Recloose - 'Perfect Timing' album

An Emerald City - Self Titled EP


Our competitions page is now proudly displaying loads of competitions, and there's heaps more on the way! Head on over for your chance to win!

Goodnight Nurse - 'Keep Me On Your Side'

Crash Test For Favourite Things - 'We All Want To Be Just Like You' EP

dDub - 'Medicine Man'

High Dependency Unit - 'Metamathics'

Redline - 'Trapped Inside'

El Schlong - 'The Baddies Are Coming'

Also, congratulations goes out to D. Greenfield from Hastings for winning the Emerald City EP competition!

Hit songwriter to teach two NZ workshops

Jason Blume, hit songwriter, best-selling author and dynamic teacher will be visiting New Zealand for the first time in May of this year. While here Jason will teach two weekend songwriting workshops, in Auckland and Christchurch.

With songs on albums that have sold more than 50 million copies, Jason Blume is one of the world’s most successful songwriters and respected songwriting teachers. One of only a few writers to ever have singles on Billboard’s Pop, R&B, and Country charts – all at the same time, his songs are on Grammy-nominated albums by Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, and have been recorded by diverse artists such as the Gipsy Kings, Jesse McCartney, the Nashville Chamber Orchestra an more.

The workshops will be appropriate for songwriters at all levels and for those writing (or hoping to write) any style of commercial music. No prior musical knowledge is required to benefit.


Auckland @ MAINZ, 150 Victoria St West, Auckland - Sat 24 May 08 and Sun 25 May 08 - 10:00am - 5:00pm

Christchurch @ MAINZ, 191 High Street, Christchurch - Sat 31 May 08 and Sun 01 June 08 - 10:00am - 5:00pm

More Information

Rehearsal Space in Auckland

If you are looking for somewhere to go and practise in Auckland, we have some information here about available rehearsal spaces.

NZ On Air latest news and deadlines

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Application Deadline - 2 May
New Recordings Deadline - 9 May

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If you would like to advertise in our newsletter and/or gig mail out email Adam.


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