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Newsletter Issue #169: 03 Feb 2008

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DateMonthYear - A Report From The Frontlines!

DateMonthYear are Grant (guitar, vocals), Shaye (vocals), Jeremy (bass) and Trevor (drums, vocals).
DateMonthYear started in 2003 as an "anti-band" - a way of making music that meant avoiding so called "tried and tested" means for being "successful" in the music business.

That very word "successful" in itself invites definition, for it would seem that success in the modern age is entwined with celebrity. 

The measure of a bands success, then, could be measured by its profile. Interesting then, that in other professions a definition of success might have something more to do with financial reward or earning power.

Now in the music biz, this may or may not be true. The higher you profile, the more your potential earning power, but (and heres the crucial question) for who?there probably isn't one indie musician reading this that needs a lecture on the evils of a record deal in the modern age, but let me throw an idea at you.

The moment you take the music that you make out of your studio and into the ears of others, that is to say when making music involves an audience of more than yourself, then you have to come to terms with money.For example; you decide to put on a gig, cool. Straight away you are financing the careers of others. Even at a basic level there is venue hire, PA hire, Poster design. poster printing. And none of these people are out to rip you off either, in fact they often work very hard for your dollar.

If you are lucky, or hard working, or both, you may recoup costs from a door charge.Don't bet you mortgage on that, though. OK so it grim, what do you do?

Its not grim at all. Change the model. DateMonthYear's approach has been to set up income streams from other sources, most notably(but not exlcusivey) that of TV and Movie liecensing.This is a massive subject that is worthy of more detail than I am able to give it here, suffice it to say that it can be a very clean and fair way of "selling yourself to the man".Many companies have non-exlcusive contracts, which means they may flog your stuff off anywhere, but you retain control over it and are free to use it yourself or license it elsewhere. Bear in mind too, that all you need is the internet and the motivation, not a record company or a high profile manager.

"Success" for DateMonthYear is defined as music which pleases its orignators first and foremost and financial earnings from the marketplace.

This means that by avoiding the traditional methods, your music buys you the freedom to make more music. And the more you sell the more freedom you earn.

This editorial was written by Trevor, band member of DateMonthYear. For more information about the band check out their muzic.net.nz Profile!

DateMonthYear Interview (questions answered by Trevor and the rest of the band):

What is the best gig/event you have ever performed at, and why?

Maybe last years concert with the Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra at the Hamilton gardens. Playing you own music with a full orchestra to a crowd of 6000 at an open air festival...well, it speaks for itself, really.
What is your favourite NZ venue?

Diggers back bar and The Yellow Submarine both stand out (both in Hamilton).
What can we expect to see from DateMonthYear over the next year?

The first big thing is the long delayed release of our first full-length album in two year called Pot/Kettle/Black.The second thing is the redesign of the DMY live experience-the long awaited first Black Team gig.
What other NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Mark Tupuhi (aka St Lucy) and Luna Spark.Simply put, they do what they do very well indeed and need to be heard.
If you could, what rumour would you start about yourselves?

That the drummer is, in fact, nineteen and runs a highly successful IT company.
What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

If you like your sound then someone else will too.The real challenge in music marketing is in allowing your audience to find you.



Miscreant are a four-piece rock band hailing from Auckland who have been around since 2004. The band have spent much of 2007 writing and recording their debut 14 track album at Studio 203 with producer Andrew Buckton which will be released in 2008. The album was mastered in New York at Sterling Sound and sounds massive. The boys are planning to release a single and video in the coming months, stay tuned!

Miscreant is Chris (vocals), Dave (guitar), Damo (drums) and Laz (bass).

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Miscreant muzic.net.nz Forum







Ammp are an independent pop-rock band from Wellington. Ammp have created four exciting singles as they build towards their debut album.

Their first single 'All I Wanted' received NZ on Air grants for recording and video as did their second single 'Ironman'. Both songs enjoyed radio and TV play in New Zealand on stations like, The Rock, KiwiFm, C4 and Juice. 'Ironman' was the official song for the NZ leg of the International Ironman event in 2007.

'Go' is Ammp's newest single self funded by Ammp and mixed by award winning engineer and producer Chris Van de Geer (Stellar). The song looks to eclipse both previous singles as it has already been played on Kickradio, reached no 1 @ Broadjam, no 6 @ Zonefm, and has achieved many awards @ Garageband.com. An exciting new video for 'Go' has been described as a cross between Saturday Night Fever and Napoleon Dynamite and directed by talented Wellington director Alan Morrison.

Ammp's fourth single 'Always' also mixed by Chris Van De Geer is now completed and the band is gearing up to release it. 2008 looks like a big year ahead for Ammp with two new singles and many more to come.

Ammp's singles can be downloaded for free at mp3.com and their videos can be viewed on the official Ammp website. There is a video of the new song "Go" available on Youtube, well worth checking out!

Amp is Andrew Masseurs (vocals, keyboard), Mathew Powell (guitars), Andrew Richardson (drums) and Jason Murphy (bass).

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What's New!

It's been over a month since the last newsletter. Hopefully this issue finds your all safe and well after a fantastic Xmas/New Year period. Heaps to catch up on...

WOMAD 2008

From 14-16 March in 2008 over 400 artists from all over the world and an audience of 12,500 will converge in Brooklands Park & TSB Bowl in New Plymouth for three exhilarating days of rhythms, sights and sounds!  WOMAD  is your ticket to a fantastic trip around the world where you will experience more than 60 international and New Zealand performances, broaden your horizons with entertaining workshops, enjoy new tastes from foreign lands and dance to a different beat all weekend long. WOMAD  truly is a magical journey!

Tickets are selling fast from www.ticketek.co.nz. Book now to avoid the disappointment many experienced when WOMAD 2007 sold out!

New Artists

Koile Hell Comes To Frogtown Bathtub Sophist, The
Chanelle Davis Mercury Crowe 3Guesses
Snagon Charlette Hannah Acid Rain
Denmark Street Lyrical Outlaws Simple Day
Cyanide City Audio Empire Okura
Oresund Scenic Drive Last Ride Home
CapGunHero Sunburn Rapture Ruckus
Actualities, The Bonnie Scarlets, The Livids, The
So So Modern Friends Of The Enemy At A Loose End
Mystery Liquid Grace Jones, The Jukes, The
Flight Of The Conchords Joel Haines Taking The Fall
Incarnate Osmium Frankly Mauve
Doppler Knives At Noon Lookie Loos, The
Elston Gun MuzzleGlow Charm School Rejects
4Tunz Holster Lawrence Arabia
BrazilBeat Sound System Riverblind ECF
En Can M.A. Mercury Lane Damned Age


The Phoenix Foundation - Happy Ending
After such success from ‘Pegasus’ it was exciting to hear what direction The Phoenix Foundation had taken with their new album- 'Happy Ending'. I like the album and its casual holiday appeal, with up beat happy tunes like ‘Bright Grey’ and ‘Bleaching Sun’, but opening singles aside; the album showcases all of the song writing talent that is The Phoenix Foundation. Read More...

Atlas - Reasons For Voyaging
Interesting sitting down to review an album that certainly a great deal of people have already heard - and made their minds up on. Certainly the hit single Crawl is a very good representation for the sound this group presents here. Melodically strong, and capable of harmonic subtlety too, Atlas make effective use of the twin vocal attack of Sean Cunningham and Beth Campbell to spearhead a catchy tune. Read More...

Rhythm & Vines 2007
It rained again, and again it was just alright with me. Alright as in okay. Drawing in the vicinity of twenty thousand people this year made rhythm and vines once again a party for the people. Read More...


NZ Top 10 Singles

    Benson Boone
    Teddy Swims
    Noah Kahan
    Future And Metro Boomin feat. Kendrick Lamar
    Sabrina Carpenter
    Ariana Grande
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