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Newsletter Issue #163: 18 Nov 2007

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This Week...

We've just passed the halfway mark for November, which means that Christmas is only... 36 days away! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

This week we interviewed two bands and we've got the results of those interviews in this issue. In fact, the interviews we've had back this week are probably some of the best and most detailed answers yet!

In Other News...

Another round of NZ On Air funding has been announced. These funding rounds are kind of like an awards ceremony, so congratulations to all of the "winners" (recipients).

Those people looking at applying for Phase Four Funding for their next album will have to hold off for a while: "We have had an unprecedented rush on Phase Four Album funding so far this financial year (commencing 01 July 2007) and we have run out of budget." Those wanting to apply will have to wait until the April/June rounds at this stage. Phase Four funding is where NZ On Air provides funding for albums by bands that have got a track record of delivering radio hits. This doesn't effect any other funding. More Information.

Speaking of awards, the winners of the bNet awards got announced this week. I always like these, as the voting is carried out by the public and because it's bNet you get a good mix of mainstream, indie and alternative. Nice.

Southern Amp was a huge hit down south last weekend, despite the bad weather. We've also been supplied a whole bunch of pics, so check them out.

muzic.net.nz is currently trialing some new initiatives to help up-and-coming bands promote their material online. For more details, email [email protected].

Adam Jones


Labretta Suede and The Motel Six

Labretta Suede and The Motel 6 are a bunch of crazied Rock 'n' Rollers with a wreckless set and a show of music and outfits you could just LICK (just check out the pics!). muzic.net.nz interviewed the band, and here are their responses:

What is your greatest achievement?

Our greatest achievement regarding the band would most definitely be our album release show.

The night was an event to be remembered and many are still talking about it. It was held at the Ambassador in Pt Chev, it is a huge venue out the back in the old theatre. It was filled to capacity with a very loud and eclectic crowd. It would have easily been 600 people thick.

We also play at a lot of car shows, so I pulled in support from the hotrod boys and girls. I reserved parking out the front of the Ambassador so they could park their automobiles, as wonderful welcoming display when you entered the venue.

I also roped in Wilheminna Gordon to choreograph dancers, who not only performed a wonderful opening dance routine for us and they also danced on stage with us to a few songs, namely Boogaloo and more.

I had also fallen in love with these sky - high silver champagne glasses. I made the boys reluctantly help lift them. This then posed the challenge of how to actually get these cumbersome artefacts into the actual venue. Once in, they were a great platform for the girls to dance on and look gorgeous. With two huge champagne glasses on either side of the stage, with dancing girls on them. It was quite a show!

But it didn't stop there. Teuila Blakely (Sione's Wedding) put together a singing group especially for our show - 'The Dream Girls', as our wonderful backing vocal group.  Don McGlashan with his 'Horns of Dilemma' also came to the party, to accompany us with the grand finale number. With 'The Dream Girls' on backing vocals and 'The Horns of Dilemma' accompanying Labretta Suede and The Motel 6 on our cover of 'Be My Baby' by the' Ronettes', we tore the roof off.

What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Kill all the fakers!
Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Hmm-tricky question - I guess with a few more albums under our belt and more overseas touring. Oh, and to be signed to Vengeance. Or shall I have just answered that question with loaded and famous? Tehe.

What is the best thing about making music?

It's really cathartic and you are able to express yourself in ways that you might never be allowed in your day-to-day life. Although I give it a good shot!

Music really is so much fun, and it's made better by others enjoyment. The drunker and louder you are, the more the crowd loves it.
What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Do it for the money, it's awesome!

More Information

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Ois II Men

Ois II Men is a punk band hailing from Christchurch. "Ois II Men began in the drunken haze of Punkfest 2006 when FC, Jenks, Bentos and the members of ex-Christchurch band Not With You decided they should start a band where being so drunk they could barely stand would be an advantage, and so the band was born." Check out their answers to our questions...

What is your greatest achievement?

I don't know if we really have any "great achievements" as a band.  We're just going about and doing our thing the only way we know how.  I am always pretty stoked when I hear someone humming one of our tunes after the first listen though, means we've done something right at least.

What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Getting rid of all the watered down, American copy cat rubbish would be a good start.  There is too much airtime and money given to bands that aren't doing anything that hasn't been done overseas 3-5 years earlier.  It seems that in NZ we only like music that is already famous in other countries, and when a band comes out and does something original we don't pick up on it until the rest of the world does, which is sad.  It would also be nice to see some support for smaller local bands, because that's where everyone starts.  No-ones born with a gold record, ya know?

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

I can't see Ois II Men being around that long, but we'd all like to think we'll be playing in bands still.  Really I have no idea where we will be in 5 years, that way too far away.

What is the best thing about making music?

Being able to have some beers, play some tunes and have a fucking good time, and hopefully everyone watching you has a fucking good time as well.  I've met a whole bunch of good cunts through music that I wouldn't have otherwise, and I'm sure I can say the same for most people playing in bands.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Just get out there and fucking do it, there aint nothing stopping you except yourself.  If Ois II Men can play shows, anyone fucking can.

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Just One More To Go...

There's just one more issue of the muzic.net.nz Newsletter for 2007. The last issue will come out on December 2 and we'll be taking a break until early 2008. Our gig guide newsletters will still come out every two weeks as usual.


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