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Newsletter Issue #142: 20 May 2007

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1157 Records!

Well it’s been some time since I have written an editorial on the label so bare with me. Anyway here’s the low down about the label and a bunch of news along with interviews with Kitsch and Antagonist.

1157 is a Punk, Hardcore Rock N Roll label. In saying that it is not pigeon holed to one specific genre but that is its speciality. Home to such artists as Antagonist, Cobra Khan, Cold By Winter and Kitsch. Past artists have included Balance, The Bleeders, Missing Teeth and This Night Creeps. The aim of 1157 is to assist its artists in getting their music to the world not only by providing a platform for the artists to do this but also to assist in touring and management. Well anyway here’s a little on what’s going on around here right now:


Antagonist is crossing the ditch yet again for a run of shows in Victoria & Adelaide at the end of May before returning back to New Zealand to complete tours through June & July alongside 8 Foot Sativa & The Bleeders in support of their album 'These Cities, Our Graves'.

Tour Dates

  • 31st May 2007, Australia, Melbourne, Next (R18) W/ Antagonist, The Seduction (Aus), Pro Team (Aus)

  • 1st June 2007, Australia, Adelaide, Underground (R18) W/ Antagonist, Shot Point Blank (Aus) + more

  • 2nd June 2007, Australia, Melbourne (R18) W/ Antagonist, Shot Point Blank (Aus) + more

  • 3rd June 2007, Australia, Melbourne, St Ambrose Hall (AA) W/ Antagonist, Shot Point Blank (Aus) + more

  • 15th June 2007, Auckland, Te Pai Netball Hall (AA) W/ Antagonist + guests

  • 22nd June 2007, Dunedin, Refuel (R18) W/ Antagonist, 8 Foot Sativa

  • 23rd June 2007, Christchurch, Zeebees (AA) W/ Antagonist, 8 Foot Sativa (early show)

  • 23rd June 2007, Christchurch, Jestset Lounge (R18) W/ Antagonist, 8 Foot Sativa

  • 6th July 2007, Wellington, SFBH (R18) W/ Antagonist, The Bleeders

  • 7th July 2007, Palmerston North, Bar Mode (R18) W/ Antagonist, The Bleeders

  • 13th July 2007, Auckland, Kings Arms (R18) W/ Antagonist, The Bleeders


Kitsch head out also at the end of May heading to the nation’s capital and back again in support of Australia’s Stolen Youth. Look out for the upcoming new single ‘Stay Right Here’ at radio and music television in July taken from their 3rd studio album 'The Burning Ground'.

Tour Dates

  • 25th May 2007, Wellington, Valve Bar (R18) W/ Kitsch, Stolen Youth (Aus), Onebadweekend

  • 26th May 2007, Auckland, Schooner Tavern (R18) W/ Kitsch, Stolen Youth (Aus), Suicide Dogs, Not OK

Cobra Khan

Cobra Khan have been quiet as such holed up in the practice room working on new material since the release of ‘Sleepless Lions’ in September but don’t be alarmed when they head out on a North Island tour in June along side Epitaph recording artists The Draft (USA). Additional Cobra Khan tour dates are being booked as we speak including dates in the South Island. Look out for the new single ‘Sleepless Lions’ on your radio and television airwaves over July.

Tour Dates

  • 21st June 2007, Wellington, San Francisco Bathhouse (R18) W/ The Draft (USA), Cobra Khan, Ryan Thomas, Skaface Claw

  • 22nd June 2007, Auckland, Kings Arms (R18) W/ The Draft (USA), Cobra Khan, Ryan Thomas, Real Real Sick

  • 23rd June 2007, Hamilton, No Way Out Records (AA) W/ The Draft (USA), Cobra Khan, Ryan Thomas, Suicide Dogs

Dean Cameron
1157 Records

Official 1157 Website
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What is your greatest achievement?

Greatest achievement in my eyes would be putting out the album, and having that released through 1157, along with touring and selling the album all over NZ and Australia. When we started this band I was just psyched to play out of town once and awhile, playing in my hometown was crazy enough!! Now we have gone to Australia twice, heading back there in a couple of weeks, played hundreds of shows around NZ, and met the best people ever through this band... So yeah ha-ha all of that.

What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Less Indie rock more everything?? We seem to focus on whatever genre is in 'fashion' right now. You know we go all about hip hop, now it's all about indie rock. It'd be good if all bands (incl. the heavier side) got the help that these shitty rip off bands get. All these grants to take your music overseas, when the band hasn't done anything over here, maybe written ONE good song, (but all their other songs sound like shit) and have no steez on stage. I'm just sick of these bands that came and go, that gets a bunch of
grants make a video and then they are gone. When a heavier band won't get a second glance.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Man I don't even know where I'll be in a year. We will probably be all dead anyway, America would of started some war and nuked most of us. Or some disease will wipe us out because we don't know how to look after ourselves or the world anymore.

What is the best thing about making music?

The best thing that I’ve felt due to making music was our last trip to Australia playing somewhere on the gold coast where all the kids were singing along and going crazy. And this was the first time we had ever been there. The best thing about it is connecting with people, all these people saying that my lyrics have changed their mindset in one way, opened them up to veganism etc has totally made any struggle and hardship worth it for me. but seriously thinking about this question a little longer what isn't the best thing about making music? If you're doing what you love, playing the music you love, with your friends then that’s the best thing ever, for real.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don't follow trends & don't try to make it big. Just play the music because you like it and it's what you love then you will have the best time ever. Don't try to be something you're not! And go vegan.

Antagonist is Sam (vocals), Kris (guitar), Ross (guitar), Josh (bass) and Israel (drums)
Their album 'These Cities, Our Graves' is out now.


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What is your greatest achievement?

As a band-It’s a toss off between, A: Recording 3+ albums, and, B: Staying together for 12 years. Staying together happened naturally, so I have to say recording the albums. Especially the last album, 'THE BURNING GROUND'. With a different approach, and a lot more time spent, we created something we consider special for ourselves. Oh and of course forging a relationship with, and signing to 1157 Records, the best Independent label ever.

Best personal achievement-homemade guacamole!

What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Good question. The standard of music itself is great. Radio stations and music television are quite supportive (especially in comparison to the rest of the world) but the more support the better, there is always room to squeeze in more home-grown songs. And if there was a more accessible way to get support funding to get offshore, especially for some of the hard working independent bands, bring it.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Another album is in the making right now (the early stages at least), so there is definitely that. Hopefully we all still like each other in 5 years, play music together, and play better music together. If my guitar chops have not improved in 5 years, someone kill me! Personally, I will still be broke and in debt, I can almost guarantee that, I am hopeless with money.

I might have a pet even.

What is the best thing about making music?

Playing live to a crowd of people singing your songs back at you! The quiet times with just my guitar and I. The joy of creating new and exciting tunes with your peers! Drinking beer and scotch at the same time while riding in the back of the tour van in your underpants. Sorry folks, but there is not just one "best thing" about making music!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

1: Don't get consumed by delusions of grandeur.

2: Its no secret that great gear (usually expensive) sounds great, but is not essential to make great music (People out there wondering why their $200 axe sounds like its been submerged in water may understand that comment).

3: If your happy with your songs, record them, don’t hesitate (Home recording is so hot right now).

4: Keep it fun.


Kitsch is Sam Icke (vocals, guitar), Ben Crawford (guitar, vocals), Todd Beeby (bass, vocals) and Dan O'Neill (drums).


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