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Newsletter Issue #134: 11 Mar 2007

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"What will happen is the universe will correspond to the nature of your song"
Dr Michael Beckwith

And again, maybe not, but the joy is in the attempt. A life in song, a life with song, these are not just lofty ideals but also an ongoing testament to our love of Music, our love of Communication, our love of Life itself.

Clear knowledge of the History of the Music you wish to perform is imperative.

The incorporation of influence is vital to any artist and in the band sense having a common ground of "required listening" can be a vital tool to getting the Band performance happening. Groups that have some degree of commercial success often cite seemingly opposite or contrary influences, yet they develop "their "sound.

A case could be made for the front pairing of Page and Plant being the "sound" of Led Zeppelin yet the bands Rhythm Section was clearly well grounded in Motown. Closer to home the Straightjacket Fits clearly had two song-writing voices, yet the ability (however short lived) to combine these into their recordings remains a major part of their outputs charms. 

So, we have our ideas, we have our Band mates ideas, and hopefully we then get to our sound, that is to say Us.

How we go about forming a wider community of likeminded communicators might be the subject of someone else's editorial. Thanks to Jacob from Orkid for his op/ed piece 2 weeks ago, it laid the platform for this.

Which also goes to show accreditation of our influences and history is important too.

Equuslive Collective


Greatest Achievement?

Audience participation. It's the vibe. Getting to tour the world playing Music on stages small and arenas large. Organizing a Collective that still makes original Music for reasons other than finance. A level of Musical interaction with a large body of individual talents, which can be easier, said than done. Being part of the whole Punk Explosion of the late 1970s.

Making NZ Music better?

Less Capitalism. A distinct clarification of Culture and Commerce. An attempt to address quite why we  have access to some high quality training institutes yet seem to actually lack the scene to employ them. This is as much an "Arts" whinge as a "Music" specific one. Reconfiguring the tenants of our beloved NZonAir. We are man enough to nominate Jody Lloyd for this role. Some central government funding for the AA scene, the kick on for High-School Bands, equipment and venues for that age-group to develop their voices at their speed.

5 Years is where?

We might have another 2 Equus Albums out, a second Equuslive Collective Album that tidies up all the odds and ends that have been part-recorded over the years.

Lisa's solo Album "Journey Home" will cut. Christchurch Gospel Festival to run with the Blues and Jazz week, culminating in the most massive shout out to ever emanate from this part of the Globe.

Best thing about making Music?

Communication. The finding of solutions to problems that may not be restricted to Musical ones. Again the vibe. Our Mothers like us doing it.

Advice to aspiring artists?

Listen honestly. Learn not only your chosen instrument but what it actually is that you wish to say on it/with it. Your own dialect, accent, vocabulary. Listen to the right records. You know which ones. If you don't try Miles Davis, Prince, Gramsci, Aretha Franklin, Straightjacket Fits and the Who. There is not point in saying "music was better when…" , the crap on the radio has always been the crap with the Advertising budget. It is your responsibility to dig a little deeper. Read about quantum physics, in particular string theory. Everything starts with a Bass note.

For more information, check out Equus on muzic.net.nz.

MoonLight Drive

Who are your favourite NZ bands and artists?

Hello Sailor, Crowded House, Dragon 

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Played in: Hysteria
Been To: St James, and Big Day Out

What is the best thing about being in Moonlight Drive?

The energy from creating stories through music, and that feeling of Ecstasy when you plug IN!!

What is the best live gig you have ever been to?

Th' Dudes & Hello Sailor, just recently. Saw Drowning Pool @ the Big Day Out years ago... it was pretty intense.
Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

We try not to think about it aye.... There is no fun in knowing this, or presuming this... the fun lies within the journey, and the uncertainty that comes with that.

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

Through posters/art/word of mouth.

What rumour would you like to start about yourselves?

"I heard that they have cheerleaders?"
What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?


For more information on MoonLight Drive check them out on muzic.net.nz.

My Beautiful World

My Beautiful World could be the name of a New Zealand band... but it's not! It's a brand new short film by NZ's own Shaun Garea. Read on...

NZ director and musician Shaun Garea has just finished work on his new short: 'My Beautiful World' which he wrote and directed. The film is Garea's third and the award winning filmmaker has high hopes for the new production.

The film centres on 'Bob' a film-noir like character who sits in a theatre and talks to the audience through narration as he watches others in the theatre and in the city streets. Described as a contemporary/noir/nightmare 'My Beautiful World' deals with Bob and his place in the world, why he is, why he isn't and what that means. As the picture progresses we slowly find out he is not quite your Average Joe and that he knows things, does things that he shouldn't be able to and that he has been around for a long, long time...

The film features a soundtrack with music from New Zealand bands Flabotonum and Cripple Mr Onion, as well as many other independant bands and musicians. To celebrate the successful premiere of the film at Rialto in Christchurch, a short tour with screenings in Auckland and Christchurch has been organised. Live bands will be supporting the screenings, so it's a night out for more movie and music lovers alike.

Chch @ Al's Bar 11th April 2007
Auckland @ Kings Arms 18th April 2007

$5 entry, door sales only.

For more details on the screenings and the film in general check out www.myspace.com/shaungarea

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