19 May 2024

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Newsletter Issue #132: 25 Feb 2007

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I Don't Know

"Soon we will discover that the earth is on the mend and the paths that could destroy her come quickly to an end, no matter what it matters we're all heading for the one, the desire of the planets is to feel there central suns, now you know where love is hiding deep inside your heart no more need for lame excuses consciousness can start opening to witness to the light that shines within illuminating darkness with all and everything, illuminati garden party seeking to destroy, any chance of unity and any sense of joy, but human being human is what love is all about opening up your heart centre will let your spirit out"

These are some lyrics to a song I helped create with 'Orkid called "I don't know" to me this is a good example of lyrics with a message.

Even though lyrics aren't more or less important than any other component in a song they are still one of the most powerful means of expressing revealing and uplifting the human spirit which in today's world is sorely needed.

The message here I feel from this song is one of hope humour and the fact that we don't have all the answers all the time plus we have a lot of growing up to do spiritually speaking.

A very real thing is happening world wide right now where "those in the know" who are living from there hearts are witnessing miracles and events which are with out a doubt the result of a "interactive tangible relationship between humans and a intelligent Love or God or Goddess or All that is or higher power or what ever you call it"

The Issue with this is...

Its difficult to write about such things with out that cringing cynical hateful feeling of "religion" creeping in which is the result of a few thousands years of brain washing by the elite idiots in power who for many scary reasons want to control our planet micro chip the population and stick us all in prison camps : or de populate the planet by 80% (check the U.N charter for the "over population crisis") either way it sucks for the people like you and me who choose and want to live in peace and harmony.

3% of the world's music is represented by the mainstream media of the world
Three quarters of the worlds media is owned by Rupert Murdoch.
This is severally retarded

There is hope in things like the internet yet even that is becoming more and more controlled by the same forces that instigated inquisitions world wars and THE war on terrorism. (Murdoch owns Myspace)

Where am I going with this?
I don't know

Its just now more than ever its so very important to be honest in all that you do and with every one you meet, to love yourself and others as much as you can and to realise we are heading thru the trails and tribulations that come from living in an spiritually ignorant society.

Its also the best chance you will ever have to write some decent freaking music.

All the best see you on the flip side

Each issue we try to feature an editorial written by someone outside of the muzic.net.nz team, who is either in a band, is in the industry or is just plain fanatical about music. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, drop a line to [email protected].


What is your greatest achievement?

the songs with out which orkid would be nothing of any worth

What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

build water way systems around the country and get a mono rail going thru both islands run it on bio diseal make it super cheap for muscians and artists to travel and tour the country

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

we really dont know....:)

What is the best thing about making music?

everything about it its just pure love when you get it right

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

play from the heart, love what you do, share it with others

Orkid are a three piece rock band from Christchurch. Check out their profile for more information.

Brutally Frank

What is your greatest achievement?

Recording our debut album, the Finer Details and the awesome feedback we've received on it so far. We're releasing it officially with a launch party at Schooner Tavern on the 9th March, so rock into Real Groovy and get your mitts on a copy.

What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

I don't know what we could be doing better as such but one thing that strikes me as being extremely strange is the almost indifference in this country to the alternative rock scene. Tool sell more albums in NZ per head of capita than anywhere else in the world. Everybody I know listens to Faith No More. Queens of the Stone Age are huge here. System of a Down are another one. And yet theres these fantastic alt rock bands playing up and down the country (think Chuganaut, Agent, Slipping Tongue, International Flannel, Ruptus Jack) who are being largely ignored by record companies, radio and other "we support kiwi music" institutions. We're really good at supporting kiwi pop and more recently hip hop but we're paying little heed to other genres of music apart from that which is "imported". Its madness because there is just as good music being played at a pub near you! Get out and find it.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Singing in brutally frank, on our fourth album, wishing I was five years younger.

What is the best thing about making music?

The rush from being on stage when it all comes together. I don't know where that hour or so goes sometimes ya know? Its like, I got up and did my thing and it was like a blur. Friends will say "I liked it when you did that" and I'll have no idea! Having people I've never met come up to me and express respect or admiration for my band also blows my mind and keeps me doing it.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don't put used matches back in the box. Avoid wearing orange. Most of all though, play whatever the hell you want to play, practice your ass off, and be as professional as you possibly can.

Brutally Frank are an Auckland based rock band. For more info, check them out on muzic.net.nz.


Anaham are a group of very talented musicians and song writers who produce a high Octane rock sound that is hard edged while remaining musically and lyrically strong.

No strangers to the music scene the band of life long friends have played together for 14 years since they were nine years old .With a new stronger attitude and commitment Anaham has gained a lot of momentum in the last  18 months as the new rock group Anaham , packed playing amazing packed gigs.

With a 5 star review from rip it up' magazine, a great review in real groove mag for their first album, a slot at last years big day out and more recently support gigs for NZ rock megas such as Blindspott and Elemeno P. The band is fast gaining a very solid reputation with the the fans.

"Anaham are all about high quality rock music and hot live shows, we love it" said lead guitarist Judd Robertson.

Anaham returned to York Street Studio to record 'Adrift' late in 2006, where XSTV filmed a second Anaham show. The recording was then sent to the USA to be mastered by Sterling, New York. Armed with a bigger and stronger musical sound they were looking for , Anaham are now on the road and in the middle of a Nationwide tour to promote their new recording 'Adrift'.

Anaham - Adrift Tour

Friday 23rd March Stumpers Bar, Hokitika.
Saturday 24th March the Denniston Dog, Westport.
Thursday 1st March Bar Bodega, Wellington.
Wednesday 14th March The dogs Bollix, Auckland.
Sunday 18th March Hysteria Auckland ( tbc)
Wednesday 21st March The Kings Arms, Auckland.
Friday 23rd March Brownsy Bar, Auckland.

More information on Anaham can be found on their muzic.net.nz Profile

What's New

New Artists

The following new artists were added this week:

Tempist Fujit

Simmo Morte Vida
Satan's Little Sister Powerchild

Innovative Marketing

Having been a fan of "viral video" websites such as YouTube for some time, I've noticed that the most popular videos on these services are now aimed at nothing more than people doing self-promotion... or idiots trying to kill themselves.

There is no better method of publicity than creating a video for next to nothing and exposing it to a global audience through one of the most popular websites on the Internet today. Do a search on YouTube for Blendtec for a classic example.

Now we're kiwis and firm believers in all things DIY. The potential here is great, you've just got to grab the bull by the horns and get your creatism flowing. Think of that idea, tailor it for a global, mass market and go for it. It can be a simple idea (such as blending things in a blender) but as long as you make it interesting and "viral" you've suddenly got an instant fan-base. Need someone with a camera or who can edit video? No worries, just hook up with a mate's mate's mate who is in film school.

Is there anyone out there doing this already? Drop me a line and I'll plug you in the next issue...

[email protected]

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