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Newsletter Issue #123: 05 Nov 2006

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Final Newsletter - 2006

The New Zealand music season is nearing its conclusion. Just like a good, long running day-time soap opera, 2006 has been filled with the grand, the not-so grand, and things you hope do not happen next year. However, as a broad-spectrum, the year has been filled with pinnacle, rather than cynical, moments. Like a box filled with only your favourite chocolates, where does one begin? 

The year distinctively carried an air of reappearances from Kiwi Legends. ‘When Your Lights Are Out’ was the new album released from 70’s rockers, Hello Sailor. The news of the release was welcomed by fans around the country. But it was the accompanying tour with none other than Hamond Gamble and fellow 70’s rock sensations, Th’ dudes that really sent out the nostalgia from the boxes in the cupboard. The reminiscences did not stop here. On the twentieth anniversary of The Warratahs, the band released their sixth album entitled, ‘Keep On.’ Formed in the depths of Wellington, a tour was carried out by the Australasian heroes, igniting deep-rooted flames from the 80’s. Has this been 2006, or are we in the times of yore? Does this really matter? Probably not, the twentieth century was great!

But to quell any nostalgic overflow, contrary to rumours that had surfaced, Crowded House is not planning a return. One could only wish.

Nevertheless, the theme of reappearance did not quite end there. The year also marked the eagerly anticipated releases of new albums from some of our most outstanding artists.

One of New Zealand’s greatest prides, Che Fu, released ‘Hi Score’, proving the solidarity on his mark in the industry. The on-the-go Black Seeds, managed to release ‘Into The Dojo’, with much praise. How they achieve so much in the same twenty-four hour days that we all live with, and look fabulous while doing it, remains a great mystery. ‘Edin’ by Paul McLaney and ‘Montage’ by Yulia did not disappoint, plus Shapeshifter with their ‘Soulstice’ and Stylus’ ‘Gain Control’ quenched their loyal fans this year. A developed Blindspott released the appropriately titled, ‘End The Silence’ and have been spreading their live vigour through their dedicated tour. The country seemed to be at its knees at one stage, while the wait for the latest Deja Voodoo and The Mint Chicks albums seemed never ending. However, ‘Back In Brown’ and ‘Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!’ was everything that was expected and more. Honestly, what a year it has been.

Additionally, the roads of New Zealand will be privileged to carry the incredible wheels of the tour vans of Steriogram. And the icing on the cake will be the mayhem of our most loved shockers, Shihad and The Datsuns. The mention of these two bands names on their own is enough to make knees shake, so the fact that they will be performing live,together, through the concluding summer of 2006 is mind blowing. In all honesty, it is going to be the greatest definition of the year.

On a global perspective, New Zealand music has been flowing far and wide. Minuit, first of all, embarked on a tour through Europe, with performances in Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Speaking of the UK, conquering the realms of NME was our beloved electronic group, the North Shore Pony Club who made it into the chart show. As difficult it was to farewell the darlings of Connan And The Mockasins from our shores, the group have been reported to be making due progress in the UK. And on the topid of farewells, though painful to mention, the announcement of the indefinite hiatus of The D4 was a devastation, as well as a celebration of another established and refined New Zealand band.

Across the ditch, the Kiwis displayed their glory at the Urban Music Awards. With Aaradhna, Adeaze and the Deceptikonz all nominated, it was Savage who won the coveted awards for Best Album and Best Single for ‘Moonshine.’ The honour of the night was given to Brotha D with an Urban Hero Lifetime Achievement award.

The SXSW festival is always a highlight for New Zealand bands in particular. This years attendees included Avotor, The Bats, The Brunettes, Coco Solid, Die! Die! Die!, Flight Of The Conchords, Flip Grater and Ryan McPhun And The Ruby Suns, who had an experience was out of the run of the usual things. In a dramatic turn of events, the engine of their tour van burst into flames, leaving them with almost no possessions, and as one can expect, a little disheartened. As a display of true Kiwi encouragement, “Phundraisers” were held by fellow artists to raise some money in order to get the band working once again. On the topic of the New Zealand Music industry and its generosity, ‘Givin’ Up Food For Funk 06’ was an initiative which involved several of Auckland’s DJ’s, raising money for the Auckland City Mission.

The distinction with the New Zealand music industry is the fact that it is probably one of the most supportive and close-knit. With no real divisions between genres and class of music, one artist encourages the other like, as clichéd as it is, one huge extended family. Just before the tissues are pulled out, and the sentimentality of 2006 is pondered upon deeply, remember that there are still ‘sands in the hourglass’ of 2006 yet to run, and all of the successes that are around the corner, where 2007 are ready and waiting.

~ Janise

Special Announcement

You may be asking yourself why is this the final muzic.net.nz newsletter for 2006 when there is so much of the year left?

On 25 November the founders of muzic.net.nz, Adam and Lisa, will be getting married! So, for this very obvious reason, it has been decided to end the newsletter earlier than normal this year.

As this is the last issue for 2006, we have put together a very special edition featuring what we consider to be some of the top artists and bands of 2006. We hope you enjoy it!

The first newsletter for 2007 will go out on Sunday 14 January.

If you are interested in contributing towards any of our 2007 newsletters, send through an email. We are looking for artists and bands that would like to feature in the newsletter, record labels that would like a newsletter dedicated to them and people who are interested in writing a feature editorial.

There will also be no gig mail outs on 26 November and 10 December. Some parts of the site will still be updated and you will still be able to check out the gig guide to see what is happening. There will be a special NYE gig guide mail out going out on December 24.

~ The muzic.net.nz team

Donald Reid

1)    What was your greatest achievement during 2006?

Finally releasing the album! It took a lot longer than I thought it would! The next one will be a quick turn around... Have started on the next album... Other things... The tour in July was a a good time... Looking forward to the next one... Summer tour with The Feelers

2)    Do you have any new recordings or tours planned for 2007?

I’ve started on getting the songs together for the next album and hope to be in the studio in Jan 2007! I will be touring in UK, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany early/mid in 2007

3)    What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Currently there are quite a few organisations helping musicians work out how to get their music out, but there does not seem to be a centralised place to go to get an overview of what is available. I think we need a more centralised system... It’s hard to work out what everyone does and what’s available, especially if you’re starting out.

4)    What is your favourite place to be in NZ?

Favourite place is anywhere away from the city... Any city...

5)    Who do you admire the most in NZ music at the moment?

That’s hard... Dan Wrightson (Juice TV), Mike Chunn (Play it Strange)

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Don McGlashan

1)     What was your greatest achievement during 2006?

Releasing my first solo album and it faring quite nicely thank you everyone.

2)     Do you have any new recordings or tours planned for 2007?

Yes, a new album, some more local touring and I hope a bit of international touring as well.

3)     What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

For commercial radio stations to take a punt on playing new NZ songs and trusting their own ears, not overseas charts.

4)     What is your favourite place to be in NZ?

Orere Point, south of Auckland

5)     Who do you admire the most in NZ music at the moment?

Everyone and anyone who is striving to make a nice noise.

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Paul McLaney

1)     What was your greatest achievement during 2006?

Musically? Without doubt the writing and recording of 'Edin'; finally getting around to making an album the way my favourite albums were recorded and with songs I feel are the truest representation of my musical self. It's very easy to get swept up in the commercial industry of music, especially when you are trying to make a living at it. I've discovered the reality is that the truer you are to yourself, the truer you are to everyone around you.
2)     Do you have any new recordings or tours planned for 2007?

I have lots of plans that involve touring and recording...
3)     What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

I think the focus on radio as the primary means of achieving commercial success is not altogether a healthy one. Great songs don't necessarily fit the standard radio format. I hear more and more songs everyday that are indistinguishable - sort of mix'n'match soundalikes. I don't think it's advancing our own sense of cultural identity/uniqueness to encourage our upcoming songwriters to "fit the mould". It seems to me there are a great deal of extremely talented musicians who fall between the cracks of commercial and alternative/b-net stations. Filling up the cracks would be a good idea...
4)     What is your favourite place to be in NZ?

Hawea. Mountains and lakes give a good sense of perspective... But anywhere my lady is works just as well.
5)     Who do you admire the most in NZ music at the moment?

Very hard to single one out; SJD for his dedication to the craft of songwriting; Warren Maxwell for the fact that his music never speaks a lie; Shayne Carter for for his enduring spark; Jakob for reaching the essence of what it is they do that nobody else does; Sam Scott for quality control.

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Thanks to Jimi for answering the following questions:

1) What was your greatest achievement during 2006?

That would have to be releasing our debut album 'Expand/Contract'. The whole process and everything associated with it consumed a large part of the year.

2) Do you have any new recordings or tours planned for 2007?

We actually have another tour planned for Nov/Dec this year which we are finalising details for at the moment. It will be visiting most main centres in the North Island. Then we have another tour for 'Expand/Contract' for start of 2007 which will be a full NZ Tour. We have already started writing for album number 2 so we are looking at getting that out for end of 2007. Plus a few other little endeavours.

3) What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Spending more money in the music industry. And a bigger population. But both of those are pretty hard to achieve in the next few years unless some serious breeding goes on, so I guess I'd have to say encouraging music more at an early level at schools.

4) What is your favourite place to be in NZ?

Depends on my mood. If I'm in my city mood I really like Wellington and Auckland but other times I'm just as happy going for a road trip to the Whangamomana Pub for lunch and a few drinks. Anyone who hasn't been to Whanga really should check it out, it has a massive population of 37 and used to have a goat for President.

5) Who do you admire the most in NZ music at the moment?

Hmmm tough, can I admire a few people?...I'd have to say The Datsuns for one. I saw them live in Paris recently and they were very impressive. Top musicians, super tight set, good songs, with a rock n' roll attitude to match. Also I like drum n' bass so it would have to Concord Dawn as well, and musically Wellington band El Schlong do it for me too.

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The Bleeders

Thanks to Angelo for answering the following questions:

1)     What was your greatest achievement during 2006?

Getting the album out was cool. But then winning 2 awards at the Tuis was the icing on the cake!

2)     Do you have any new recordings or tours planned for 2007?

Yeah we are currently working on material for a second album already and we plan to record it in the first half of next year. Touring outside of NZ more often is a must for next year too.

3)     What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

More funding for bands to get overseas, maybe development between NZ and Australia label offices at getting NZ music more recognition in oz.

4)     What is your favourite place to be in NZ?

To live is Auckland. Sad to say it. But it is. To visit... I like Wanaka in winter!

5)     Who do you admire the most in NZ music at the moment?


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What we think...

15 NZ artists and bands that made a good impression to muzic.net.nz during 2006
(in no particular order)

  • 5star Fallout
  • Stylus
  • Cobra Khan
  • Antagonist
  • Paul McLaney
  • The Bleeders
  • The Rabble
  • Agent
  • Recliner
  • Aerial
  • Ishtar
  • Donald Reid
  • Deja Voodoo
  • Don McGlashan
  • Hollie Smith

15 NZ artists and bands that we would like to see more of in 2007
(in no particular order)

  • Agent
  • Stylus
  • Aethea
  • Ishtar
  • Crash Test For Favourite Things
  • Sinfura
  • Charlie Ash
  • Fly My Pretties
  • Hollie Smith
  • Streetwise Scarlet
  • Quarter 2
  • Ruptus Jack
  • The Rabble
  • The Bleeders
  • Cobra Khan

Because this is our last opportunity to communicate with you guys for 2006, we hope you enjoy the rest of the year and have a safe and happy time welcoming in 2007!
We look forward to bringing you the best of New Zealand music in 2007.

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