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Newsletter Issue #113: 27 Aug 2006

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Band Mates?

You're in a band, but have you got any mates? I ask, because "creative tension" is all fine and dandy but I'm betting a large part of the intial attraction of joining/forming a group was the F word. (thats fun, kids).

So how do you go about looking after those who contribute to your musical ideas/dreams?

I will suggest that those ideasa/dreams are more attainable and are more fun by organizing a Musical group were all  members contribute to the creative and social life of the band. Learning to share for big people maybe?

Co-Ordinator;  someone who schedules clearly and orderley. Practise times, gig/recording schedules, photo shoots, whatever... This person is the go to man/woman.

Sorting an Aim: smarter than it sounds. Getting everyones input into what they want from this experience. Better this done earlier than later too, it should be obvioues that in any group different people will have different "commitment" levels. If a band can provide something to all members, you are off to a good start.

Get you own act together before casting aspersations on others; Glasshouses are for growing tomatoes. You own your own gear, have the means to transport it, keep it maintained and band practise is band practise, NOT YOU PRACTISE. this is pretty much basic manners and shows respect to everyone else.

Get everyone writing;  easier said than done but if only one person is providing the material stop calling it a Band. and if your the one doing all the writing are you prepared to share the credits or pay your way? If not maybe you should tell the Drummer before they pay a percentage of the recording costs...theres also nothing like spur of the moment band practise jams, its amazing where workable ideas can come from, make part of every practise time a "wig-out" zone.

And record practise too, heh.

Difficulties/problems between Band members ruin groups, vary rarely is it actual Musical inability/differences. Don't ruin your and others fun time by failing to apply some basic housekeeping to your artistic endevours.

Thanks to Reuben from Equus for this editorial. If you know how to write and would like to write something to feature here, please drop us an email to [email protected] and we'll arrange it!


The Equuslive Collective is a grouping of Christchurch based musicians writing, recording and performing their compositions. Abandon, Desk, Design Floor, Equus, Hardfill and Intermission are all bands who have recorded under the auspices of the collective.

Current performing members are;  Lisa Tui Bainbridge, Diego Hariswara, Jeremy Burgess, Tony Millar, Reuben McNabb, Michael Russell, Blair McCaughan and Ben McNabb.

See www.equuslive.co.nz for more information.

Who are your favourite NZ bands and artists?

Gramsci, Trillion,Straightjacket Fits/Dimmer, Dave Dobbyn,Supergroove.

up and comers I'll go Ishtar, Odessa, Tragedy of the Commons, Knife Party, Pig Out and a quite sensational young group from Christchurch called Mustard.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

much lamented Gluepot and Gladestone. Dux de Lux in Christchurch for its continued support of original music scene.

What is the best live gig you have ever been to?

I really enjoyed the Straightjacket Fits supporting the Jesus and Mary Chain. Memory is a bit hazy but I think it was 1987... defientley at the Theatre Royal.  Michael has toured the globe playing, I think seeing Prince at a club gig would be his high point, with having Red Hot Chilli Peppers as their support band a close second.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Phew... still writing, recording and playing. Hopefully still attracting and retaining A Grade musical talent in the collaborative process.

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

I wasn't aware we had any. We have the obiligatory forum on our website, by far most corrospondence is through "private" email. We are not particulary interactive, this is as much to do with the generation we are from and technological issues as laziness. I hope...

What rumour would you like to start about yourselves?

that we actually take ourselves seriously.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

stay positive. figure out not only why you play, but what it is that you want too say.

The ability to say sorry and thank you.


One of New Zealand's most prominent and productive underground act, Antagonist have just released their debut album, 'These Cities, These Graves', on 1157 Records.

For more information on the band, along with links to their website and MySpace page, check out their profile on muzic.net.nz! 

The following is an interview with vocalist Sam, carried out recently by Andrew Treeby.

Your debut album 'These Cities, Our Graves' is coming out in less than two weeks, released nation wide through 1157.

"Hardcore with a message" is one way I've heard the album described.

What are some of messages expressed in the album?

Sam: "Hardcore with a message" doesn't really describe our album as such, all "hardcore" should have a message, its part of the package, but anyway, that's not the question. Uh, messages expressed - veganism, anti-consumerism, respect (for yourself and those around you) to name a few.

How important to you are the themes addressed in the lyrics?

Sam: Very, being the vocalist and lyricist of a band, means that some people (be it tens or thousands, it doesn't matter) are going to hear and read what I’m talking about. So I think it's very important what I say and how I say it, I don't like the idea of wasting your lyrics on nothing; to me lyrics are just as important as the music itself, what's the point of music if it lacks substance or passion?

Who did the CD art?

Sam: Hard Drinking Steve of Brick vs. Face fame drew the zombies Luke McPake of This Night Creeps fame did the layout

You’ve just come back from doing shows in Australia.
How do shows overseas compare to New Zealand?

Sam: It's pretty much exactly the same, except people tend to be a little older over there and you can have more r18 shows. People doing the shows take it a little bit more seriously as well, which is awesome and the bands over there tend to be more serious as well. The bands over there are so good, most bands over here don't even compare, NZ bands (ourselves included) really need to step up there stage presence to keep up with our Australian counterparts. There bands are killing it at the moment.

Any plans to play any other parts of the world?

Sam: No plans yet, but it'd be nice. I'd really like to go to Japan, Canada and Europe, and if I could do it with this band then that'd be amazing.

What are some of your favourite New Zealand bands?

Sam: At the moment The Warpath is definitely my favourite current NZ band, but I'd say Kill Me Quickly would be my all time favourite NZ hardcore band.

Where is your favourite city/town/venue to play in New Zealand?

Sam: I'd say Upsett Records in Hamilton is good, because it's our hometown, and it's a small room. Its heaps of fun. A close (ish) second would be playing down in Gisborne; the shows down there are always heaps of fun.

What's next after the album? Goals?

Sam: Gonna tour the album for awhile and start working on some new material, eventually write a new set and after a few months work on a new recording, head back to Australia, then hopefully look further abroad.

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