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Newsletter Issue #107: 16 Jul 2006

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LOOP Media Ltd. has been in business since 2001 and is a multi-level medium for new ways of thinking in music and motion graphics. With 30+ releases in CD, DVD and vinyl formats, LOOP is proudly NZ owned and operated.

To celebrate in the success of this innovated record label, we've put together a special edition of the muzic.net.nz Newsletter, featuring the latest on a selection of current LOOP artists. We hope you enjoy their music as much as we do!

For all your LOOP news, reviews and gossip, log onto http://www.loop.co.nz.


People say the front-man of Wellington outfit The Phoenix Foundation is a notoriously easygoing chap. But when it comes to anything remotely to do with music, Samuel Flynn Scott gets pretty darn animated.  His latest enthusiasm in fact, is the mini-moog mono synthesiser. "The moog is a MUST have for any musician", he says animatedly. "It's pretty much the greatest synthesiser of ALL TIME."

Hearing him rave about a synthesiser is a little weird to say the least. I mean, this is the same person after all, who grew up listening to the indie-rock sounds of Sonic Youth, The Pixies and Velvet Underground, right? "I was writing a whole lot of material that seemed a bit folksy for The Phoenix Foundation," Scott explains. "Also, I was listening to a lot of improvised and angular music and somehow wanted to combine those elements into one project."

So, take a few early rock influences, some contemporary country, pop, folk and love songs, an talented young chap and what do you get? Scott's eagerly anticipated debut solo album, The Hunt Brings Us Life (avail on LOOP Recordings Aot[ear]oa). NZ's largest weekend rag the Sunday Star Times said the album is a "superb solo effort" and suggests he is "the best young songwriter in New Zealand today". Youth culture mag JET dubbed it "the most original collection of tunes I've heard in a long time".

With this in mind we thought we'd check and see if his ego was in check before he set off on his NZ tour in August to promote the album.


Who are your favourite NZ bands and artists?
I love The Clean, they're pretty much as good as NZ music has ever been and they continue to inspire. My fave NZ album of the year so far is Lawrence Arabia, the guy behind it, James, is an amazing song writer and his songs should be all over the radio but commercial radio in New Zealand is a wasteland of mediocrity so that's not likely to happen. They are such catchy, lovely and interesting pieces of music though. Buy it, I dare thee!
What is the best live gig you have ever been to?
The Flaming Lips at the BDO was pretty outrageous. Beastie Boys in 1993 when I was a teenage munter was pretty life changing. The Breeders at Indigo might be the most moving show I have ever seen. When Kim Deal sang Gigantic I almost peed my pants in delight.  
What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?
Run away from bullies, eat more middle-eastern food, wear less Chuck Taylors (but always have one pair), fly kites, rob banks.

DUNEDIN Thurs 17 Aug @ Arc Café,
CHRISTCHURCH Fri 18 Aug  @ Dux de Lux
WELLINGTON Sat 19 Aug @ Bar Bodega
AUCKLAND Fri 25 Aug @ Dogs Bollix
LEIGH Sat 26 Aug @ Leigh Sawmill Café

For more info check out: http://www.myspace.com/sfsmusic


Over five albums and countless gigs Wellington trio Twinset have quite a rep for melding the art of improvisation, ethos of Jazz and atmosphere of a live band to create a sound entirely their own.

Twinset have just returned from their New Zealand tour to promote Their latest album, out on LOOP Recordings Aot[ear]oa, Flavour Country. A special highlight of the album is the Black Seeds' Barnaby Weir, who blends his white chocolate vocals with the creamy tones of Lisa Tomlins on Twinset's interpretation of the Billy Joel classic, 'Just the Way You Are'.

Drummer Paul K Hoskin says a particular highlight of the tour was playing the track in Queenstown. "Everyone was so receptive, cheering and yelling, dancing and whistling", he laughs. "When we started to play 'Just the way you are' they just went crazy. Lisa did the damage!"

As on previous albums, a few friends and colleagues have sat in on Flavour Country. There's the Phoenix Foundation's Will Ricketts, whose percussion can be heard throughout the album, Toby Laing, from Fat Freddy's Drop, brings his baritone horn, all meshing with Hoskins' drums to make this the rhythmically richest Twinset album yet.

Hoskin says collaborating with other musicians was a fruitful experience. "It helped us realize the music that we were trying to create and made it easier to make the music sounds how it wanted it to sound", he says. "We are really happy with it - it's the best engineering, sound and the best tunes!

Critics have praised Twinset for their soulful, surprising unmistakeable quality. Flavour Country was recently awarded four stars from Wellington's daily, The Dominion Post and couldn't be anyone but New Zealand's own soul-Jazz mix-masters, Twinset. They have taken a near-forgotten sub-genre, given it a fresh breath of Wellington air, and made it their own.


Who are your favourite NZ bands and artists?
Tape Man, Ladi 6, House of Shem, Age Pryor, Ryan Prebble & Recloose.

The best live gig you have ever been to?
Ronny Jordan Wellington. Not cause of Ronny, but he had a mean rhythm section.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?
Never turn down a gig. Always listen to what the other guys in the band are doing. Live music is teamwork. Practice.

What rumour would you like to start about yourselves?
We never start playing until we've each had half a bottle of scotch!

For more information, check out http://www.myspace.com/twinsetband


Yes, they're back! Audiences across the country will soon have the chance to see the Grand Tour of Fly My Pretties featuring The Black Seeds' front man Barnaby Weir, and his all-star lineup of fifteen kiwi musicians in July.

Last year 'The Return of Fly My Pretties' album introduced many to the smooth keys of Module, the soul-cry of Adi Dick (Seven Suns), the rolling rhythm of Jarney Murphy (The Black Seeds) and the smokey tones of Hollie Smith (pictured). (Hollie made a number of fans, including some love stricken ones! "[Hollie Smith] has simply the most achingly soulful voice I've ever heard in this country", said one music journalist. "I think I'm in love." )

The band also includes familiar faces from their first album 'Live At Bats' with Mike Fabulous (The Black Seeds), Age Pryor and Tessa Rain. On this tour Fly My Pretties will see some new players with the addition of The Phoenix Foundation's delightful Luke Buda (The Phoenix Foundation) and Ryan Prebble.

The Return of Fly My Pretties DVD/CD box-set quickly became a popular album achieving gold-status and reaching 16th on the Top 40 album charts.

The two-hour live show will feature music from their two gold selling albums and some exciting new additions.

The live-show has become one of the most talked about performances of 2005 in New Zealand, so don't miss this year's opportunity to see this dynamic mix of talented musicians playing the grandest venues in New Zealand.

Fly My Pretties are getting excited that it is only two weeks until they hit the road on their Grand Tour.  Tickets are selling fast, so be a smartie pants and get your tickets from Ticketek ASAP.


DUNEDIN Thurs 20 July @ Regent Theatre
CHRISTCHURCH Fri 21 July @ Isaac Theatre Royal
AUCKLAND Sat 22 July @ The Great Hall
WELLINGTON Sun 23 July @ The Opera House

Check out the latest FMP news, reviews and gossip @ http://www.myspace.com/fmpretties

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