29 Mar 2023

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Monolith - MNZ Interview: The Distorted Transmission S03 / E13 - Monolith

09 Mar 2023 // An interview by Will Stairmand

Auckland band Monolith have a chat about the band, upcoming shows and recent recordings with Dave Rhodes...


About Monolith

The Auckland rock and metal scenes have been flourishing in recent years with various sub-genres and fusions forming. One such genre is heavy metal which is dominated by music created by musicians passionate for harsh vocals, chugging guitars, head-banging beats and thundering baselines. Although Heavy metal can be loud and aggressive, it can also be quite melodic and lyrically interesting. Some heavy metal bands are gaining momentum such as Monolith from Tamaki Makaurau. The name Monolith refers to a huge stone that has not moved for millions of years. Hence the name suggests a solid, heavy and unyielding entity.

The four-piece band, Monolith was formed in 2019, before the great COVID 19 lockdowns in Auckland. Monolith are gaining traction in the rock and metal scenes. They have their own signature sound that combines classic metal with hard rock, hardcore, punk, thrash metal and metalcore. Their music consists of fast, heavy guitars with plenty of solos, powerful grooving beats, pounding drum fills and intense melodic bass lines. Vocally they switch between melodic singing, brutal growls and shouts that ties into the heaviness of the songs. They are known for their powerful live shows which are sonically heavy with plenty of opportunity to head-bang and mosh. They consistently have lively and energetic shows that inspire the crowd to keep moshing and dancing and singing along to their well-known songs. They have recorded a single called Destiny Cult with legendary rock and metal engineer/producer Dave Rhodes of Dave Rhodes Productions respectively.

Monolith's members hail from current and defunct rock, hardcore and metal bands such as Invasion of Piracy, Every Man For Himself, Hard Times and Make Your Move. Much influence is drawn from metal of the 70's to the present day. As well as combining hard rock, hardcore, punk and metalcore. Monolith plan to release their debut album in the near future which will feature all new and original heavy metal songs that include heavy riffs, melodic singing and brutal screaming. Reviewers have noted that their fusion of various sub-genres within the heavy metal field is exceptional and innovative. Their latest releases will be available on all streaming platforms by April 2023. Monolith are steadily gaining respect and followers on social media platforms and are playing regular shows with eclectic line-ups from the rock, metal and hardcore scenes.

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