18 May 2021

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Troy The Snail - TROY TO THE WORLD

26 Apr 2005 // An interview by laneem
Take four musically talented guys with let’s say average good looks, a mom who says they’ll make it, a carving in a chemistry lecture theatre and what do you end up with? TROY THE SNAIL, an up-and-coming punk rock band straight out of the depths of South and Central Auckland.

So we’ve had the introduction but we still don’t know who or what this Troy the Snail is or even where such an unusual name came from.

Troy the Snail is your average four member band consisting of front man Shane (with the predictable boy band/front man good looks), a best friend who he’s been jamming with ever since the awkward years of high school on guitar (James), a guy they met up with at University on bass (Nick) and some dude they met through mutual friends on drums (Quentin).

We now know who’s in the band but uh, what’s up with the name?
The story goes a little like this … the guys (Shane and James) were in a Chemistry lecture theatre when they stumbled upon a carving of a snail with the name Troy carved underneath, they thought it was “hysterically funny” and eureeka! they had their band name. However, when asked about this story, the guys say, “it’s all a lie,” that they once in fact had a pet snail with the name Troy…

Well with that insightful bit of information the only place we can go from here is music … Troy the Snail sounds to be exact.

With all the ‘hype’ surrounding their band name you have to expect their must be something at least good about their music right? Well, I can personally guarantee that these boys are better than good they are absolutely superb!

Now personally I don’t go giving out compliments (especially when concerning a bands sounds) left, right and centre … oh no, I have evidence to back such an extravagant claim…

After only being together as a band for just over two years Troy the Snail already has a huge loyal following of fans who could give other fellow New Zealand musicians fan following a run for their money … if they have that huge a following, there must be something there right?!

During the two years that these boys have been together they have played many a gig. From a ‘HipRock’ (fusion of Hip Hop and Rock music) concert at Shane and James’s former high school to gigs in their local pubs as well as a couple of our well loved beach nations. They were even in the running to be the opening act at this year’s Big Day Out event through the ‘Jack Live’ competition – although they had a loss, they were in the top ten for the duration of the contest.

Whether it’s playing at their former high schools or losing major competitions, these boys now how to rock … to be exact, these boys know how to rock Blink 182 styles … critics have dubbed their sound to be a cross between Blink 182 meets white boy angst meets the New Zealand punk rock sound … so, if you dig the sounds of Goodnight Nurse or even 48May make some room on your walls because Troy the Snail will be the next big thing … in your world anyway…

Now you may not have heard them on Channel Z and they sure haven’t been on The Rock … but listen out New Zealand, ‘Troy the Snail’ is here to take over the world (music wise anyway)! At least Kiwi FM plays them…

For more information on this ‘Awesome Foursome’ visit their website www.troythesnail.com
News Flash: TTS are no longer the ‘awesome foursome’ on the grounds of losing their drummer – if you or anyone you know can play the drums please e-mail [email protected]

About Troy The Snail

Formed while at least one member was under the influence of a number of substances, Troy the Snail is a 4 piece pop-punk superstar group waiting to happen. With Shane on vocals/guitar, James on guitar, Nick on bass and the lovely new Paul on drums, how could they go wrong?? Moviestar good looks! Unbelievable talent! A great big piece of cardboard with "Troy the Snail" spraypainted on it! What more could you ask for in a band?

Based in Auckland, Troy the Snail was formed in 2003. With influences such as New Found Glory, Blink 182, Yellowcard, NOFX, The Matches and Something Corporate, these energetic boys have played with bands such as New Ending, The Rabble, Full Nelson, Quarter 2 and 48 May.

With a name sure to be remembered (and confuse people) this outstandingly talented pop-punk band with a dedicated fan base and great onstage energy is definitely going places (not necessarily good places - but they are going somewhere).

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Troy The Snail


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