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Bad Hagrid - Bad Hagrid Newsletter Interview

25 Jan 2021 // An interview by bethany_rachell

On a sunny summer evening in the capital, local band Bad Hagrid played a set in the Wellington Botanical Gardens as part of the Gardens Magic series. The series is always an exciting time in the city and it's shown in the crowd. Bad Hagrid's set was fun, lively and engaging. Muzic.net.nz caught up with them before the gig to chat about their summer, recent tour and future plans. Here's what happened...

Bad Hagrid at Wellington Gardens Magic, 2021.

Who is Bad Hagrid? Is he Good Hagrid’s alter ego?

Bad Hagrid is the atmospheric antithesis of good and bad. Who somehow, miraculously created the body of a rugged, bumbling buffoon with wild ideas, sleepless nights and a thirst for psychedelic noises.  

What festivals have you been to/played at over summer and what did you think?

We've played Sanctuary Sounds in the Hawkes Bay, our drummer, Rollyz went to Twisted Frequencies and are about to play Gardens Magic. But other than that, we've pottered around the motu creating new songs and noises. 

Are there any festivals still to come?

No, Bad Hagrid is currently on the composition buzz and exploring some new sounds for the winter.  

In your FB bio it states that you are New Zealand’s 68th best drag show. What is your goal in terms of this as a band? Is number 1 one day on the cards?

We hope to get slightly worse. We aren’t in it for the title. Bad Haggy just likes to dress up and be Bad Haggy.  

What do you think of Wellington?

It’s pretty mean. Haggy likes it so much were are currently writing a concept album about the landmarks and enigmatic characters of Wellington's music scene.  

Do you have any specific hopes or expectations for tonight's gig?

We hope for some nice sun, a cool breeze, and plenty of kani kani. Maybe a dog or two to pat would be nice.  

How was the tour! What was the most memorable gig?

The tour was amazing! Haggy met some beautiful people all around. We couldn't pick a favourite place, but a stand out could be our Show with Ripship and DARTZ at The Wine Cellar in Auckland... Including a run in with Auckland's finest parking warden, which almost ended in the loss of all our gear. It was big, fun, had interesting music with an ecstatic crowd. Two of Wellingtons best Bands stormed Tamaki Makaurau and met the amazing Ripship. Haggy enjoyed very much.  

Any movements planned for 2021?

2021 is the year our dearest Haggy takes his shirt off and gets serious. Chest hair for all to see. We are working with animators, designers and videographers to create hecking sick content for you's fullahs. We have also been blessed by our producer, engineer and wizard Sutherland Sounds. (PLUG: www.sutherlandsounds.com). He will be working with us through the year and is responsible for our debut album Bad Hagrid and The Planet and The Androgynites (badhagrid.bandcamp.com).  

Haggy loves you all. All answers are from Bad Hagrid himself. 


About Bad Hagrid

Who’s that gargantuan figure pounding on your front door in the dead of night? His face is obscured by a long, shaggy mane of unkempt hair. The musk of cheap piss radiates from his very being. One thing is for sure: he ain’t here to deliver you a letter.

Brought alive in 2018, Bad Hagrid tells stories of unique but relatable characters and is putting them forward to a National audience.

Bad Hagrids' debut album, Bad Hagrid and The Planet of The Androgynites, was released during lockdown on the 8th of May 2020 as the first audible step into the New Zealand Music Industry. Since the release Bad Hagrid has been pushing and shoving into the industry leaving a wake of beard oil, stray hair, and sporadic drops of poly-juice.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Bad Hagrid

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