13 Jul 2024

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Arrays - Interview with JP Carroll / Arrays

07 Oct 2019 // An interview by Steve Shyu

Arrays is the current side-project of JP Carroll, the lead singer and songwriter of renowned hard-rockers Armed in Advance. The three-piece act enjoyed loads of airplay on The Rock with their hit singles Same Old Story and Stay, as well as supporting Villainy and I Am Giant live on the stage. For two years, JP has quietly been embarking on another musical journey a little more personal, releasing music under his pseudonym Arrays.

Muzic.net.nz's Steve S. hit up JP himself for a chat about his ambitions, the benefits of being in a one-man band, and what Kiwi groups rocks his socks.

First round’s on me – What’ll you be having?

I'll have a half raspberry, half coke - I'm driving.

In a dozen words or less, describe what Arrays sounds like.

Like one guy playing all the instruments in a rock band. Twelve.

What are some direct – and some not-so-obvious – Influences on the sonic aspect of Arrays?

Direct influences would have to be Incubus and Deftones; indirect influences are bands like Periphery and Northlane. I love heavy melodic rock that borders on metal.

What are the biggest pros and cons between writing music as a solo artist and writing in a band?

The pros to a solo project: Cheap travel - Not a lot of band arguments - Easy to organise everybody.
The cons to a solo project: Can't play live - They say, "By yourself you can go fast, but with others you can go far." I'm still not sure what that means, but it sounds pretty smart.

Run us through the lyrical background to your single The Enemy – what inspired it?

The Enemy is about recognising that emotions and thoughts represent just an aspect of ourselves, and that there is an inherent power in observing these mind states, rather than being carried away by them.

As a musician, what do you think is the most important quality in creating music that captivates listeners?

First of all, I have no idea. But it might be making the music sound as good as you can and executing the ideas in your head to the highest standard you can.

What have been some important turning points in your musical career so far?

In my creative journey I think it's realising that being creative is a process and not an outcome, and that enjoying every step in the process is more important than the end product.

With an album and a handful of singles released to date under the Arrays banner, which track to date is your personal favourite and/or the proudest of?

I'm most proud of Centre of the Earth, which was the first single I released under Arrays. It was eye-opening to me that I could produce something in my home studio that could be compelling enough for people to want to listen to.

Which three bands would you most like to share a stage with and perform?

Pearl Jam, Deftones and Mouse Rat.

What Kiwi artists/bands have you been jamming lots of lately?

Coridian and Outside In.

Do you have any plans on making Arrays a live, full-band experience?

I'd love to, but there is a lot of work that goes into getting a live band happening. I think it's a supply and demand issue, so if there's a demand, I will supply it.

Care to share any words on the current status of Armed in Advance or any other musical projects in the works?

Current state of Armed In Advance: Dead... Current state of my new band, Swerve City: Soon...

Be sure to keep an eye on Muzic.net.nz for future releases from JP Carroll and Arrays!


About Arrays

Introducing Arrays, the solo music project of JP Carroll, a musician and producer from Auckland, New Zealand.

For JP, music is an ache to soothe, and an itch to scratch. JP’s drive to create a breadth and depth of oeuvre has led him to become a student of recording and production techniques, as well as general industry knowledge, to allow his work to reach as many willing ears as possible.

Arrays is an award winning, (Radio Wigwam - UK best international male artist 2022), hard hitting alternative rock & metal project. JP’s production skills have earned him spots on the Radioscope Top 40 NZ Rock Chart, Hot Single (NZ Official Music) Chart placements, as well as being anointed as ‘one to watch’ by the NZ Official Music Charts. JP’s former band (Armed In Advance) had the honor of supporting Drowning Pool, P.O.D and Skillet on New Zealand soil. JP also currently fronts Auckland hard rock band Swerve City.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Arrays


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