17 Oct 2019

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Melodownz - Interview with Melodownz

14 Sep 2019 // An interview by Steve Shyu

Raised in West Auckland, Melodownz is making strides in the rap industry both in NZ and globally. He began creating spoken word and later discovered the art of freestyle and hip-hop, which led to the success of his 2017 EP Avontales, touring Europe and now working on his next album.

Steve S from Muzic.net.nz got to briefly catch up with the superstar of Avondale to talk about his mentorship programme with Puma and streetwear retailer Red Rat, his personal inspirations, and how you can get your hands on his own brand of chilli sauce!

First round’s on me – What’ll you be having?

Either a pinot noir, or a whiskey and dry.

In just ten words, introduce yourself!

My name’s Bron-Sun, I go by the stage name Melodownz.

What are some key ingredients in making a Melodownz song?

Drums that pop, a smooth synth or sample, a hearty bassline, melody and the verses gotta be fire.

In what ways has life in West Auckland impacted your song writing?

My debut Avontales was pretty much based on growing up in West Auckland. My whole persona is West Auckland, I guess. The way I dress, the way I talk, my mannerisms. I’m a product of the place that raised me which is Avondale.

Name one crucial turning point in your music career so far?

When I started getting traction online, and over a thousand plays on SoundCloud! Also, when I went to Europe, played a few shows and did Colors Berlin – That really helped spread awareness of my music outside New Zealand.

Name one fact about yourself that no one would expect of a hip-hop or rap artist.

The first album I ever bought was Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory.

Who are your favourite kiwi groups/artists right now?

Troy Kingi, Imugi, Paige, Seth Haapu, Benee, Ranui Mars and Vayne.

Which musician or group would you most like to share a stage with?

Bootsy Collins or Thunder Cat. And maybe J Cole or Kendrick Lamar.

Care to give us a quick run-down of the Puma x Red Rat Mentorship Programme?

It’s a programme that gives three aspiring artists either in the music, dance or art scene an opportunity to be mentored by either myself, dancer Bianca Ikinofo or street artists Charles and Janine Williams. I’ll be helping Puma and Red Rat choose a creative to mentor in the music scene; I’ll be spending time with them to help create and work on their craft as well as make music that they will be able to showcase and perform at an event next year. The goal is to engage with these creative people and give them my experience and knowledge, as well as helping them get that next step further in the music industry.

How do musicians apply for the mentoring programme and how will they be selected?

People can apply either on Red Rat’s Instagram or Facebook page by sharing a pic or video showing their skills, and why they should be mentored. Head to www.redrat.co.nz for more info.

What advice would you give to aspiring rap musicians in Aotearoa?

Try and surround yourself with people with similar aspirations, drive and intentions as yourself. Work hard at your craft, be yourself, don’t try and sound like whatever is popping or trending at the time. Don’t let ego get in the way of your purpose. Make sure you love the music you make and have fun.

What’s next on the Melodownz horizon? New music videos or EPs?

I have a bunch of things coming on. I’m relaunching my Melos Not so Melo hot sauce, which will be available online and in selected retailers. I also have a secret new project on the horizon and heading to L.A. in a couple weeks so will hopefully make some magic happen there! Plus, I’ve got a bunch of shows coming up so I’m just staying Melo.


About Melodownz

Bronson Price aka Melodownz is a Polynesian urban poet and artist raised in the Melting pot urban village of Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand.
He plans to take over the world one rhyme at a time.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Melodownz


Melo & Blues
Year: 2018
Type: EP
Year: 2017
Type: Album
Beginners Luck
Year: 2014
Type: Album

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