21 Apr 2024

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Blindspott - Interview with Marcus from Blindspott

02 Aug 2019 // An interview by Lexa.Dixon

Blindspott finished a reunion tour earlier this year which featured an incredible set at Jim Beam Homegrown 2019. Axl Scott from Muzic.net.nz had a talk with the iconic Marcus Powell, who has played in outstanding NZ acts Blindspott, Blacklistt, and currently City of Souls. Here's what went down:

Who are your favourite NZ bands and why?

City of Souls and Blindspott for starters. Good peeps and rad music. I'm lucky to be a fan of the bands I play in. Outside of that… Coridian, Seas of Conflict, L.A.B, Marlon Williams (although he plays solo haha), Church and AP.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

With Blindspott - I hope to have some more releases and still jamming locally. City of Souls will be on the international stage by then.

Who has been the biggest international band you have played with?

Hmmm… Biggest… We played the summer sonic festival in Japan alongside Metallica, Tool, Linkin Park and Deftones… Joan Jett in Texas… Black Eyed Peas at the Big Day Out… I guess any of them haha.

Check out this link.

What motivated you to learn guitar and perform in bands? Was this always a dream of yours?

Musical family mate. Playing since I was 6 or 7… More than playing guitar, the dream has always been to entertain. I love the performance.

What encourages you to keep going?

The love of it mate. Writing is a healthy form of expression for me. I can hold on to a lot of emotion and can’t find words at times but the guitar and recording in a DAW allows me to get that out.

Who is your go-to when it comes to relaxing to music?

Alice and Chains unplugged, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Sublime, UB40, Ben Howard. 

If you could play with any past NZ bands, who would you choose?

Supergroove would be rad.

What can you never leave home without?

Always carry a pick, and a drum key on me… As of lately a cloth for my Harley… Gotta keep it clean boltz.

What does Blindspott mean to you?

Hard yakka haha. We put a lot of energy into building the brand and a lot of individual personality, if that makes sense. We pour our heart into it so it's a reflection of us over time.

Nil By Mouth is clearly a fan favourite, but what is your favourite track?

ILAH mate. By far!

Blindspott delivered 2 kick-ass albums, which one was your favourite and why?

Original self-titled. Simply because it was the original line-up. Good friendships back then with good people.

I have always loved the End the Silence cover, where did that idea come from?

Marcus Ringrose was the designer we employed to create the artwork. We jammed ideas as a team and that's his end result. I love it too man.

Which member of Blindspott has the worst habit, and what is it?

Dunno aye. Probably me…. I snore after too many beers. We used to have a few more habits in the day though...

The world once perceived Blindspott as nu-metal, would you agree with that statement?

Sure. At the time that's exactly what we were.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while playing on tour?

Hanging out with Hatebreed and a rapper named Cage in the states getting peanut butter bananas was strange… Cool, just out of it.

Have you ever had any crazy fan experiences?

A guy offered his girlfriend to me after a gig in Oamaru years ago… Wanna have a blat on my missus is what he actually said… No thanks Oamaru.

What has been the best venue that you have performed in?

Riwaka Tavern bro. Dudes rock up on tractors and they have annual possum throwing comps around the time we play. Hahahahaha.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Be authentic.

Can you tell us about The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa and how it started up?

I worked as a mentor in schools for the NZ Music Commission. It showed me how much I can help others with music. I studied audio engineering alongside youth development and worked with some amazing producers in London with the intention of creating a programme to help young people. This is a very brief explanation but basically how it started.

What does the future hold for Blindspott?

Can’t say just yet. Have to wait and see guys.


About Blindspott

Formed in 1997, Blindspott are one of New Zealand’s most successful rock/metal bands. Going straight to #1 upon release in 2002, their iconic debut self-titled album Blindspott sold multi-platinum in New Zealand and was released in Australia, South East Asia and Japan.

Their first hit single, Nil By Mouth was a success in 2001, gaining major airplay on TV and radio channels across the country. Following a number of hit songs, the emotionally charged anthem track Phlex reached No. 2 on the charts.

Blindspott were the first NZ band to have both their 1st and 2nd albums debut on the NZ Music charts at #1 and the first band in history to have album debut at #1 twice!

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Blindspott


Volume II
Year: 2022
Type: EP
Volume I
Year: 2022
Type: EP
End the Silence
Year: 2006
Type: Album
Story So Far
Year: 2004
Type: DVD
Blindspott (Limited Edition)
Year: 2003
Type: Album
Year: 2002
Type: Album

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