29 Feb 2020

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Eyreton Hall - Interview with Eyreton Hall

24 May 2019 // An interview by Darryl Baser

Eyreton Hall have released their incredible new album Spaces today through Marigold Music. Darryl from Muzic.net.nz spoke to Toni about their newest single Albatross, touring plans and much more:

How long has Eyreton Hall been together?

Since 2011 :)

Who does what in the band?

I sing and play piano/keys, and Andy plays drums. We both write and arrange.

You've just released Albatross, what sort of feedback have you received?

Lots of lovely feedback - people seem to really like it and loads of people have commented on Jared Kahi’s beautiful video too. It is written about our littlest guy - so it’s a happy song which is cool because they are notoriously hard to write.

What's the plan: is Albatross the first single to fledge from a forthcoming album?

Albatross is the third single actually - we had the title track Spaces released in October and Weekend was released in March. The album is out this Friday the 24th of May. Whoop!

Apart from the single what part of the writing, recording, releasing cycle are you in?

Can’t believe I get to write this - but as of Friday we are finished! Yay! Of course, then the real hard work begins with promoting the album and gigs etc.

What are your touring plans?

No immediate plans as our bass player is off to New York straight after the release show (which is this Saturday at Galatos - just FYI :) We have a few leads and think we might do some shows in the South Island in October.

Where do you see the band in five years’ time?

I imagine we’ll still be creating music and playing gigs….. if it ain’t broke?

How do you describe your band's sound?

Folk music with pop sensibilities and whacky jazz inspired chords!!!!

If there's anything I haven't asked that you'd like to say, please write it here...

“Nothing particularly - but thanks heaps for taking the time to talk with us :)”


About Eyreton Hall

Andrew Keegan and Toni Randle are the art folk duo, Eyreton Hall.

From different parts of the antipodes, Toni was born in Christchurch and Andy in Sydney. Toni had a misspent youth filled with dancing, singing and piano lessons. Andy played big band drums and busked every weekend. It was only natural that the world of folk would start to call to them.

Their worlds collided at the Sydney Conservatorium where both were studying that lesser-known folk sub genre – jazz. At 19 (Andy) and 21 (Toni) a musical partnership was formed.

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