6 Dec 2023

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Spawts - Interview with Spawts

23 May 2019 // An interview by Freecell

Post punk Rock duo Spawts have been busy recording a full-length album in a flat in Mt. Wellington. It's due to be released in July, followed by some live shows. Kerry from Muzic.net.nz asked them about their favourite venues, influences and their latest album. Here's how it went down:

Exciting times for Spawts, we hear you have a new upcoming album? What kind of influences and style of music do we expect to hear?

We wanted the album to cover a few different styles and vibes, indie/indie rock, post-punk and garage, peppering a few noise elements in some songs, like our latest single Piss in the Wind. We have pretty broad influences – but for me the album is influenced by bands like Cloud Nothings, Popstrangers, Voom as well as a lot of other Kiwi bands.

How did Spawts originate? And how long have you been together as a band or duo?

Jamie and I (Kieran) grew up together in Timaru, both playing in different bands as drummers. We didn’t really start playing together until around 2015 when I started focussing more on guitar and song writing. Our start was pretty low key, really just wanting to make music for fun with the goal of putting out an EP - Steven Marr recorded and mixed that first EP and it's so rad to have him on board doing all the mixing for the album now - the dude is legit. From the start we have had a 3 piece live band and now moved to having a full 4 piece live band to play a lot of the album tracks– we’re super lucky to have Ben Locke and Sam Austin joining us live now.

What are some of your favourite venues you have played at? What are some of your favourite artists you have played shows with?

The Darkroom is definitely a favourite, it's where we started in Christchurch and played all our first real shows until we moved to Auckland. In Auckland it’s got to be the St Kevin’s Arcade venues, Whammy Bar, Backroom and Wine Cellar – they are amazing places keeping the local music community alive in a way that seems hard to achieve these days.

Since we have been in Auckland there has been so many amazing local bands coming through, but some of our favourites has got to be Wax Chattels as well as Hans Pucket. We also were able to open for Bully when they came to NZ - a band I love. They are amazing live performers.

What's coming up in the future for Spawts?

The album comes out on 26th of July – we’re currently planning some shows and touring around that, so keep an eye out on social media for announcements. We're playing a free show at the Portland Public House on the 22nd of June.

Where can we find your music?

We’re on pretty much all online music services.






About Spawts

SPAWTS is an alternative garage band based out of Auckland.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Spawts


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