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The Pink Floyd Experience - Tour Interview

20 May 2019 // An interview by Reef Reid

The Pink Floyd Experience have an extensive tour lined up from May - July 2019, covering both New Zealand and Australia. There are a number of professionals that contribute in their areas of expertise that comprise the production of "The Pink Floyd Experience", such as the guys from Luminaire Systems (LSL) who are responsible for all the lighting, headed by Glenn Border. Craig Walsh from KOR Creative/Tribute Media who has created all over the cinematics, Andy and Gill Craig from Western Audio Engineering who make everything sound just right,  Warren Keene from Bigfoot Video Systems who like Craig, also takes care of video and cameras. David Seaton of Great Leap Forward who is responsible for the design and programming of the lights, Ferrit from Ferrit's Light Entertainment and Don from Don McCallum Productions who work with Glenn on lighting.  Everybody is fed by Paula and Aaron Peters of Kiwi Coffee and Kai Catering and photographed by Reef Reid of RADAR Photography.   A huge effort by all. 

Reef Reid from Muzic.net.nz spoke to Darren Whittaker (Daz) about their show, challenges they face and much more:

What can fans expect that is different from any previous show?

New technology for starters. We've tried to modernise it a bit, but still staying true to the era. There will be a big difference between the last time we did the wall definitely! As far as what people can expect.. This is theatrical this show. When we did the last tour (Animals 2017) that was a band playing 3 albums, this is theatre and a stage show. Stan's performance is going to be really convincing and powerful. We're really working on the whole emotional side of the album. It's a really emotional album. So, the lighting and all the other effects (C02) will match the emotion and the whole performance. The focus in the second half is definitely on Stan. We're striving to sound and perform better than we have before!

You have a new addition to the band with Matt Pike. How has that worked out?

Really good. It's given us more options. He brings something to it and it's great! Hopefully the audience will notice that as well. It's also something new. It's going to be a little unexpected.

At the same time there are a few notable people missing? Roger, Bella and Wini?

Roger has taken a couple of years out to be with his whanau. The Wall required us to have a more male vocal sound. The girls (Bella and Wini) are still part of the band, they're just not on this tour.

Which venue is the one that you look forward to performing at and why?

I don't actually have a preference really. It's often about the people at the venue, than the venue itself. I like the Bruce Mason Centre, that's a great venue. I like the theatres over the stadiums. I much prefer the theatres, just because they are better equipped. They have a green room, it's a bit more comfortable. There are a couple of venues where the hospitality is really good as well. The Claudelands Arena, the guys are great there.

If you could control something about the tour that you cannot currently, what would that be?

How many tickets you sell! *laughs* That some of the people you deal with would be a bit more professional. That's what I would like. I would like business people to be business people and be professional at what they do whatever it is, because there is nothing worse than dealing with amateurs who claim to be professionals.

Having done this for decades, what are some of the challenges you face?

Getting a run of tour dates! A run of dates that line up, that work for you from start to finish. That's the hardest thing especially when you are doing two countries. We've had some bad runs and called one of them "the dart board tour" because that what it was like, as if somebody had just thrown darts on a board in no order.

What has been the best prank to date you've seen on tour?

The bean bag beans prank that Andy did to G. Mind you, G got back at Andy by bricking up his door!

What are you (Daz) looking forward to the most on this tour?

I'm hoping that we knock it out of the park! That it is the best we've ever done. That's what I'm hoping for. I'm also very keen to see the shows development by the end of the NZ tour.

Tickets are available from their website, by clicking here


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