26 Mar 2023

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The Beths - Coastella Interview: The Beths

14 Dec 2018 // An interview by eidirbs

Auckland based up-and-comers The Beths have been proving that they are a band worth keeping an eye on. They are due to feature at Coastella 2019, which is taking place on the Kapiti Coast on 23 February. Bridie from Muzic.net.nz spoke to Liz (guitar, vocals) about how they formed, friendship and the year that was 2018:

How would you sell The Beths to a new listener?

Like me personally? Guitar pop I suppose. I feel like no one wants to hear me sell my band, it would be bad.

As a group of friends firstly, was it a big decision to make music together or did the process come naturally?

We were already playing a lot of music together in a bunch of different projects since studying music together, and then we made a decision to start a 'band.' I wanted to write songs again and we all wanted a fun side project.

What does friendship mean to the band?

Ideally, treating each other with respect.

What’s your ultimate direction for the band?

I'd like to us to keep making and playing music and be able to support ourselves.

Sum up 2018 for The Beths?

2018 was a year that felt to me like it used to when you were a kid and it took an eternity to get to summer holidays. All the new experiences and new places I suppose, stretching the time out.

Have there been any major challenges you’ve had to face as a band? If so, how did you get through them and if not, how do you keep each other in check?

Touring is tiring, and you need to look after each other. Everyone has days where they are sad or not functioning 100%, and that's okay when you know that if one of you needs space your bandmates can keep things going and will support you. That is the ideal, and it doesn't always work out that way.

Do you have any pre-show rituals you need to do before performing?

Just warming up, nothing really ritualistic, for me anyway.

You’ve made a lot of lists as peoples favourites this 2018. Is there a list you one day hope to be the top of?

Honestly, not really. I mean, I have ambition and I want to keep making music and I want that music to connect with people and I want to be proud of it. Lists are quite a specific and limited representation of that connection. It still feels good when you're on one, of course, I just don't want to attribute any of my future happiness to being on any one in particular.

Where can people follow you on social media?

We're on Facebook, and you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram - @lizstokedstokes


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About The Beths

Photo Credit: Frances Carter

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