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Brendan Pyper - Interview with Brendan Pyper

27 Sep 2018 // An interview by darryl baser

Brendan recently crossed genres to explore the world of Pop and RnB, and he spoke to Darryl from muzic.net.nz about his music, performing solo and what his plans are.

Kia-ora Brendan, who are you, what's your whakapapa and what bands have you played in before your solo career?

Hi, my name is Brendan Pyper, I am a Pop/RnB solo artist. I used to be in the Hamilton Pop Rock band The Latest Fallout. I founded the band in May of 2012 but decided it was a better career move to disband and go on my own in March of this year.

You had a change of genre recently, what prompted that?

I was stuck in a band and genre that couldn’t really change without me actually taking a step back, stopping and starting again from scratch. I desperately needed a change cuz I felt so locked into only one genre and I couldn’t escape and get away from it. It’s not a good feeling, it leaves you void of inspiration and I was seriously lacking passion. Don’t get me wrong my band was and always be my baby I LOVED it - it was my 17-year-old me’s dream accomplished! I just wanted to create a sound that is more me and getting back to the core and center of who I am as a musician with complete transparency and honesty and that’s the kind of music I truly love to create and give to my fans!

Did it change your songwriting process?

Nah I wouldn’t say it did at all really aye, I still write the same way, I draw from different inspiration sources now that’s for sure haha. But the writing process is much the same now. Maybe with a little more thought and time spent on these new songs I’m releasing.

What are your current projects?

I am 2 singles in from my Debut Solo EP Up The Anti, it is a 6-track EP that shows my transition from front man of a 4-piece Pop Rock band to a Pop/RnB Solo artist. My first single was a very chill coming home from town song called No Strings Attached. The song is very what you think it is, the push and pull of expectations and desires of a one-night stand with very honest tongue and cheek lyrics that stab at each other.

Are you more solo focused, and what about collaborating with others?

I am very focused on my solo project at the moment and am putting everything I have into it, but I am very very open to collaborating with anyone! You never know if somethings going to work until you try so I’d rather put it out there that I’m willing and wanting to collaborate with anyone who is keen and matches my style or even if they don’t. Your best song is still un-written so who knows what or who might come along and change your life! I’d love to work with a rapper and or amazing mega producer!

Where are you in the writing, recording, touring cycle?

I have definitely finished the writing process for the EP and am even working on a full-length album already haha! I have almost finished writing the big first single off that. But with the EP I have finished writing and recording long ago and am now just adding different sounds into the songs and playing with different sounds to make sure they are perfect! Will look at doing a mini tour near the end of the year or early next year in summer!

Where have you been playing Aotearoa, and what are your plans?

I have played so many shows across Hamilton, Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, even Dunedin and Matamata over the years! My plans are to get back on the road with my new backing band to give people the full live intimate and real show just like on the EP! Do more music videos for the singles and promo, performing live on radio stations etc and get back to playing live shows and being busy with my original solo music are the main priorities for me. I miss singling live and performing your own songs live is such a wicked feeling for me! I feel that I am now more ready than I ever have been in my life to give this my all!

Which bands did you listen to growing up, and conversely, who do you listen to now?

I grew up listening to Linkin Park, Thousand Foot Krutch, Hawk Nelson and Falling Up, they are still my favourite bands!

Now I’m more focused on solo artists funnily enough haha! I love Highly Suspect at the moment!!! Christina Aguilera cuz damn she can sing! Khalid, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Sia, Julia Michaels, Chris Brown and Jess Glynne. I draw a lot of influence from them all in different ways.

Where do see yourself in five years’ time?

I see myself having a comfortable life touring all around NZ and the world, writing recording/making music full time and songwriting for other artists as that is a lil dream of mine also haha! I wanna be an established name in the NZ music scene and taken seriously as a truly talented solo artist. I want to have also charted an EP, Album and Single.

If there's anything I haven't asked that you'd like to say, go for it here....

I am also a vocal coach and teach pop, rock, jazz and pop opera vocals at a music academy in the north shore. I have a Bachelor of Music that I studied for 5 years to get and also graduated in March last year.

Here are links to my 2 singles that have been released off my solo EP:

No Strings Attached

Falling For You


About Brendan Pyper

Brendan Pyper is a Pop/RnB/Funk artist from Auckland.

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