21 Jan 2019

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Decades - Decades

08 Jul 2018 // An interview by hailtree

With only a few days until Decades start their New Zealand 'The Truth Hurts' tour - Amanda had a quick chat with front woman Emma about what's true, what's been in the past, and what's happening now. They're playing four shows across Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland - and I for one am definitely excited to head along to one of the shows.

I guess first off, what is the truth? 
Aliens are real and the only correct way to have a toilet roll is with the fresh square coming from the top.

Last time we talked to you, you were just about to release your first album - how does it feel to have had that out there for nearly a year now? And what’s up next?
It feels like this year has gone WAY too fast. We are currently starting to record our next album - we have no idea what the fuck we are doing and it's SUPER fun.

Who creates the lyrics in your band?
Mostly Liam. Quite often Liam will write the bones of an idea of a track, like a verse and chorus, and if the rest of us like it, he will either complete the lyrics or if I REALLY like it, I will complete the lyrics. A lot of songs come together in the latter scenario for us, mostly because it has to be a story that I can connect with to want to sing it for him in the first place and add my own experiences and perspective to it.

What’s it like being a band down in Christchurch after the quake? I know you guys lost a lot of good venues (Zebs, etc!). How did this affect the band?
I don't know, the earthquake is such a past thing for us. It was shit at the time, but it's been 7 years and I don't see how Christchurch is suffering in the venue-count space any more than the other main centres. It didn't really affect us at all directly, what it did do was bring local musicians closer together cross-genres and so there is a lot more support down here than in other cities, for us anyway. Zebs wasn't lost in the earthquakes, it was lost from lack of financial support which is a damn shame because of how amazing it was for all ages gigs and underage bands to begin cutting their teeth on a live circuit of sorts.

If you guys could revive one (broken up/on hiatus) NZ band to open for you guys, who would it be?
Crowded House. I reckon we'd get a good crowd at that one, aye? Hahaha. Okay if I'm going to be serious though, House of Mountain!!

You guys recently auctioned off your skin to have ‘The Truth’ tattooed in the winners handwriting - what inspired this?
I got some spur-of-the-moment finger tattoos a few weeks back with a friend, and it's been a few years since I had been tattooed. It re-awakened the bug in me and we were on the cusp of announcing the tour and out for a few beers one night and I was like I WANT TO GET TATTOOED TO MARK THE END OF THIS ALBUM CYCLE. This album was a long time coming, we met our manager in 2014, recorded in 2015, signed our record deal in 2016 and finally released it in 2017. It was and is a huge deal to us. So, we brainstormed to auction off the chance for a fan to mark us with part of the album name in their personal handwriting and started with Curtis as he's never been tattooed before and was also super in to the idea because he's sentimental as fuck deep down under that grizzly beard. Dan and Liam were harder to convince and subsequently will not be having one of the coolest experiences of their lives like Curtis and I. We can't wait to tell our grand-cats one day.

Last of all - convince our readers to come to one of your shows using only three words?
Why wouldn't you?


About Decades

Formerly known as Ashei, there are a myriad of ways to describe NZ rock outfit, Decades, but one word that really summarises their so-far 5 year journey in sharing their music is simply: determination. Bursting on to the scene in 2009 led by a unique female voice that reaches both the gritty angst and delicate reservedness of the vocal spectrum, Decades have shown they are an independent Kiwi rock band to really watch with their shared passion for intense live performance and honest song writing.

Members Emma Cameron (vox/guitar), Liam Muir (guitar), Daniel Perry (drums) and Curtis Booth (bass) have spent the last several years focussing on honing in on their unique sound, independently releasing a scattering of singles and music videos to varying levels of local success, playing as many local shows as they could muster around their full-time day jobs, and supporting larger national and international acts such as Midnight Youth (NZ), Villainy (NZ), The Ataris (US), and Scary Kids Scaring Kids (US).

In 2013, Decades knew they were at a point of ‘go big or go home’, and so they began to envision what the next couple of years should look like, and how they were going to reach these milestones. Early 2013 saw Decades lock in with producer Matt Bartlem of Loose Stones Studios in QLD to create their debut record. Faced with the many obstacles of an independent band, the band launched - and achieved - a $10,000USD indiegogo crowd funding campaign in mid-2013, to head over to the studio in Australia to complete a 5-track EP.

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Year: 2017
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