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Tempo 38 - Tempo 38 Interview

09 Oct 2004 // An interview by Epitomised_Drummer
Carl: What are your influences?
Tempo 38: Rise against, Faith No More, Rancid, Transplants, OMC, Good Riddance

Carl: What would you be doing now if you weren’t in Tempo 38? Tempo 38: Drinking beers, probably in another band.

Carl: How do you believe Tempo 38 fits in with the NZ music scene? Tempo 38: We have a very original sound, not like anything else around at the moment. We are a cross between Punk, Metal, and a bit of thrash Rock.

Carl: What can you never leave home without?
Tempo 38: A rubber, beers, good music for the road.

Carl: What is the strangest thing that has happened to you on tour? Tempo 38: Going home with a stripper.

Carl: Where can you see yourself in 5 years time?
Tempo 38: Still as a band – with our music having progressed over time. Hopefully signed with 2 albums released.

Carl: What are your plans for the rest of 2004 ?
Tempo 38: Punkfest in October, playing with The Bleeders in November, Two members getting married early ’05, performing 1st of October in store at Real Groovy.

Carl: What do you always take to your gigs?
Tempo 38: A bag full of tricks. Tape, stapler, CD’s to give away etc.

Carl: What advice do you want to give to other musicians/bands? Tempo 38: Do it for yourself because no-one else will!

Carl: Who else worked on your single with you?
Tempo 38: David Homes at Venn productions engineered our single “Con” which we released in April.

Carl: What else is in your CD collection at home?
Tempo 38: Slayer, Rancid, Stone Temple Pilots, Napalm Death, Spring Monkey, Sub Humans, Omega Dawn, Angel Hammer.

Carl: What music do you enjoy listening to?
Tempo 38: Anything with a good hard beat, or anything without one.

Carl: What is the best gig you have ever been to?
Tempo 38: Pearl Jam in Wellington, Faith No More ’98, Mudvayne, Suicidal Tendencies ’99.

Carl: Do you think that you will eventually move overseas to further your career?
Tempo 38: Definitely. We have plans for a small Aussie tour next year sometime, so that could lead on to something bigger.

Carl: Where is your favourite place to perform in NZ?
Tempo 38: The Valve in Wellington – it goes off!

Carl: What is your strategy for surviving as a NZ band?
Tempo 38: Drink lots of piss, and have lots of fun.

Carl: What inspired you to start out in a band?
Tempo 38: We just got together as a few mates for a jam session. Then we kind of moved up to being a garage band, then up to Tempo 38.

Carl: What is the best gig you’ve ever played?
Tempo 38: August 20th ’04 at The Valve in Wellington, or Battle Of The Bands winning our heat, then coming 2nd at the regionals for Wellington.

Carl: How do you feel after releasing your single?
Tempo 38: It’s just another step towards our album really.

Carl: If you were confined to one room for 6 months, what CD would you take with you?
Tempo 38: Guns n Roses – “Lies”

Carl: How do you keep in contact with your fans?
Tempo 38: Using the forums on our site – www.tempo38.tk, or email.

Carl: Do you prefer playing smaller intimate gigs, or larger stadium type gigs?
Tempo 38: Definitely smaller intimate gigs with a great atmosphere.

Carl: Have you always wanted to be musicians?
Tempo 38: Yeah, we have always wanted to be famous.

Carl: What has got you to where you are today?
Tempo 38: Inspiration, perseverance, and generally loving the live shows.

Carl: What has the strangest present you have ever received from a fan?
Tempo 38: Hooking up with a stripper after a gig on tour.

Carl: If you were to retire, what would you do?
Tempo 38: Travel, and hopefully be playing music, living the rich life !

Carl: What is your opinion on people copying your style?
Tempo 38: It doesn’t really matter, our style is constantly changing. If the style is influenced by our music, then its all good.

Carl: What will your next release be?
Tempo 38: Probably a video for our single. Hopefully March next year we will release an album. For now we have to push our singles as much as we can.

Carl: What is your secret for staying together?
Tempo 38: No real secret, we are just all good mates, and love beer.

Carl: Who else have you played live gigs with?
Tempo 38: We have played several bigger gigs lately, some highlights being with Jebediah, The Ataris, Shutdown, Voodoo Butta, Chugganaut, Agent, Hellbourne, Breathe, and Jakob.

About Tempo 38

Tempo 38 ‘infamous hard-edge/punk band from Hawkes Bay’ have been doing it the hard way since 2000. The band incorporates driving upbeat music with an energetic live show.

‘The Temps’ have released 3 EP's, a split CD with Australian hardcore band Provoke, and have tracks featured on numerous compilation CD’s (released in New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the UK). Tempo 38 have played with many bands from N.Y.C hardcore legends Shutdown to Californian pop-punk band The Ataris to Aussie punk legends Hard-Ons to NZ’s own the Bleeders, the band have embarked on two Headlining tours of their home-country and hit the road on a regular basis for one off festivals and shows.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Tempo 38


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Year: 2007
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Break With Reality
Year: 2002
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