11 Dec 2023

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Electric Wire Hustle - EWH Are Back With 'Love Can Prevail'

03 Oct 2014 // An interview by RYAN KERSHAW

Congrats on Love Can Prevail. Your release If These Are The Last Days sounds like fun not just with the writing but also with the mixing of the track too (remix or no remix). How involved is the band in the mixing process?

Thank you! Definitely a good feeling to finally share the album. We're all involved in mixing process - that's really key - much can change at this stage so it's important we're all happy with the overall direction. The three of us (as Myele was still a part of the band at the completion of Love Can Prevail) would usually be on the same page overall but there were times when we'd have to find a way through some creative differences. It's good though — you need to test your preconceptions at times and it forces you to remain open to possibility. 

Your music doesn’t feel as if it’s limited by genre. The late 60’s was a massive creative high for using the studio as an instrument - Are you influenced by any 60’s or psychedelic music? They Don’t Want from your self titled album has a cool Motown/Stax feel. 

Definitely — the music of the 60's and 70's is formative for us and we will always reference it. We were fortunate enough to be able to access lots of vintage gear that captures much of the warmth and intent from that period on this record too (big thanks to our man Axel of Jazzanova in particular).

One of the biggest complements we've received in acknowledgement of that lineage was from The New York Times who wrote that we 'Plunge Marvin Gaye's pensive side in the 21st-century...'

Taking a journey back through time can be a great eye opener. Have you been influenced by any artists that you found out about while checking out who your favourite artists grew up listening to?

For sure. Just the other day we were listening to Little Richard's entire back catalogue after hearing of his deep influence on Prince.

In an interview with Brooklyn TV you mentioned that you were reconnecting with your Maori heritage. As far as Love Can Prevail goes - Do you think letting your honesty flow as an artist strengthens that connection with your roots and vice versa?

Absolutely. Telling your own story acknowledges and strengthens these. 

How did you guys build your team around your music? Was it fairly organic, or were there a few ups and downs? 

It's been organic. Change is inevitable. Last year our original drummer and manager left the group and we changed labels. That has all lead us to our new team. Our managers and main labels are based abroad but it's all working really well. One thing has just naturally lead to the next.

On your YouTube channel you have a really great vid published each month – did you have an overhaul of your social media at one point and plan it? Do you have a system for releases or do you go with the flow? 

We've had a lot of great people advise us on ways to be more structured and effective with our social media. It's still far from where we want it to be but it's getting easier and more natural. Most of the time it's about not waiting and sitting on things — planning ahead but also getting as much out when the momentum is right.

As people we sometimes feel ‘not caught up’, sometimes we might feel rushed, sometimes (hopefully) relaxed and content, sometimes amped. Where are you in relation yourselves musically? How do you feel about your music at this place in time and are you at peace with the whole ‘art/business’ thing that musicians can battle internally with when making a living from music? 

Ha — I think it's an on-going battle with where you sit in the art/business-scape. I think you need the yin and yang to bring the best out of you. Some struggle, some peace, some deadlines and some time to zone out completely. Part of it is business though and you need to be smart and surround yourself with people you can trust who are better than you in the areas that aren't your strengths. 

You seem to have a wicked relationship with New York, and the music fits the classic NY vibe, although EWH wouldn’t feel out of place in a getaway on top of a South Island ski field either. Do you have any locations that you feel drawn to, or that inspire you more than others? 

We've been lucky to travel to many spots. Many do feel comfortable from the get-go. I think those places are a combination of the energy of the place but also the people. San Fran is like home. L.A is too. New York is always a favourite and we may end up there for a time. Having said that though Berlin and Osaka could also be bases for us. All of them have a great community as well as geography / vibe.

You have performed in 14 countries. How has traveling as a unit helped you as people and musicians?

On traveling – it can feel tricky for a lot of musicians in NZ to get overseas. What are 3 things that helped you actually make those trips happen?

It's been great for us. It forces you to raise your game every time. You need to work at your craft constantly. It also instils the idea that you have a unique voice and that people want to hear it. Travelling inspires the art and it also toughens you up. Early flights / long drives / little sleep - all of this amongst exposure to culture and food and amazing sites and people. 

3 things: 1) Put yourself out there: Don't be afraid to share your music / send it off / or ask someone to listen - that's how we are where we are. 2) Aim high: set the bar for what you think is acceptable from yourself up high. Know that what you do put out meets that. 3) Be confident but humble.

How would you compare, if you would at all, the vibe of Love Can Prevail with your previous releases?

Love Can Prevail has a greater live presence in the production. It's definitely more Psychedelic than the last album. What we're working on now is different again.

Will NZ fans have to wait long to hear it live? Where are the gigs?

We're very excited to be playing a couple of release shows this month. 

Wellington : Saturday October 11th at Meow
Auckland : Saturday October 18th at The Powerstation

Both are with support from our good friends The Peacekeepers as well as Lord Echo and Paddy Fred in Wellington and Team Dynamite in Auckland. Both will be big nights.

What would you like to say to the EWH fans out there rightfully excited about the release?

Thanks for being patient and continuing to support and spread the music. This second album was a quite testing - being our sophomore release - but it had to be right. The next release is already underway so you won't have to wait that long this time round.


About Electric Wire Hustle

With their debut self-titled album Electric Wire Hustle achieved cult status. A number one song on Hype Machine, five-star reviews from the likes of Okayplayer, and BBC Radio support from Gilles Peterson and Benji B secured them unwavering support internationally with a flood of production requests following.

Their sophomore album Love Can Prevail has continued the trend, winning best electronic album at the 2015 New Zealand Music Awards. Added to that is previous support from The New York Times and Wax Poetics, making The Listeners Top 10 albums of 2014 and winning the official stamp of approval of Questlove, The Roots and their imprint Okayplayer Records who alongside Somethink Sounds released the album in September of that year.

Demand for their live show has seen EWH perform in 18 countries, appearing at festivals such as Glastonbury, Dour, Sonar, Sziget, SXSW, Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, New York’s CMJ and The Roots Picnic.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Electric Wire Hustle


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Year: 2014
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Year: 2010
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Year: 2009
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