20 May 2024

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Pakkz - Pakkz Tha General Interview

30 Jul 2014 // An interview by jck2

If you’ve never heard of Pakkz Tha General and you’re a fan of Hip-Hop then you need to know.

Now I thought I’d seen some hard grinding rappers but Pakkz Tha General is on a whole nother level. In 2013 he released 3 full length quality albums. D-Day, Punishing Tha Game and The Western Leader.

Signed by 833 Records, Pakkz has already released a free EP called Raw Footage to kick off 2014 and If that weren’t enough he has a double album coming out soon called The Borough King.

Pakkz is a big man blessed with a big voice. The kind of voice rappers would sell their soul to have and he’s definitely not letting his gift go to waste.

Each album is jam packed with features from well known NZ rappers and has the ever popular Sid Diamond featuring on every album. The songs are straight Hip-Hop, Boom Bap but manage to sound up to date with massive hooks that you can sing along to. The production and sound quality is world class and no expense has been spared to get a fantastic sounding and looking product.

Pakkz also hosts the P.T.G Code radio show on streaming radio Rep FM on Wednesday nights from 8pm until 11pm playing that real Hip-Hop all day. I caught up with Pakkz Tha General and asked him some questions to learn a bit more about the man behind the music.

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

Reality rap, that tries to encompass every emotion a human can go through.

What sets you apart from other acts/groups?

Longevity, hunger,experience.Ive been rhyming since I was 13 years old and active in the scene since I was 14. I was at most Hip-Hop gigs in Auckland from about 2002 until maybe 2010 so I learnt a lot, saw a lot and met a lot of good people along the way. Also I learned how to network through the net early, so I guess being able to collab with a lot of underground/up and coming and already known artists was an advantage because my fan base grew in the areas they were repping.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

I'm proud of all my music I’d say from 2007 onwards. I put a lot of effort into everything after I felt I’d locked my style that I was going for, so everything from then until now and including my new shit I’m proud of for the fact I put my heart and 100% effort into every line from then on.

Where do you come from or what part of NZ do you or your group represent?

I was born in Opotiki, Bay of Plenty. Raised in Pawarenga, Northland and bred in good old West Auckland. I represent them all but for now I’m trying to put West Auckland on the map all day.

Do you produce your own beats or do you use any particular beat maker?

I did a bit of production, but only rapped on a few of my own beats, mainly because they sucked. Before I linked with my label I was making an effort to include all my NZ producer friends like Yorel, 44, Dj Kinetic & a few others but it slowly faded as I progressed, they weren’t advancing as quick with shit as I’d have liked them to so I started fucking with American producers like my dude Dreek who I’ve done a whole album with. The Legion, Vinny Idol, Mykill Myers, K-Dubb, Jared Gosslin and a few other dudes and I haven’t stopped since.

What's your favourite and least favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture?

My favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture is just watching the evolution of the whole shit. The music, the trends, the sound and the people that come and go. My least favourite thing is the bickering n beef. Shit is childish, save it for the streets.

Tell us about your next release.

My next album Borough King is my 4th album to date and it's a double album. It's got a few features who are mainly doing hooks plus a couple of international collabs as well. Basically what I’m trying to do on the next album is to solidify the work that I’ve already put in and make other cats realise that if u wanna do this you have to work as hard as I do. I’m also trying to show cats that this shit isn’t easy but it isn’t hard either. Put in work and get results, I’m letting them know that I’ve done that, now I’m the musical King of my hood and city.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring rappers/producers?

If you're truly passionate about this shit go hard. If you're not 100 percent fuck off and do something else, there's already too many rappers. If you suck you're gonna get eaten by wolves like me.

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

More good music,and hopefully some visuals. Basically the rise of PTG to where I belong. On top of this NZ music shit.

You can find me at.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pakkzthageneral Instagram: 5StarPTG
and my official site http://www.officialptg.com/

I’d suggest you go get the free EP from the Pakkz Tha General website and get some goodness in your ears.


About Pakkz

Coming a long way from humble beginnings as a member of the Cyrillix crew with the infamous 2Face of "Who Dat" fame, Pakkz has earnt his own as a up and coming MC.

As the youngest person to ever represent NZ against Australia two years in a row, at the inaugral Trans Tasman MC battle, at only 17 years of age, he has his sights set for the top of Aotearoa Hip-Hop. Being under the tuition/wing of MC Kronikal, Pakkz learnt that age has nothing to do with anything in this industry, and if nothing, sheer determination does get you places.

After recently releasing The Full Effect Mixtape with his DJ Spelling Kills of 4 Corners/Stepkingz crews, Pakkz work load has heavily increased and he is now working on a currently untitled debut album to be released through 833 records and 3 more mixtapes entitled All Killer, No Filler, PakkzWun & Kronikal - The Best Of Both Worlds and PakkzWun & Karizma - Medicated Minutes.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Pakkz


There are no releases to display for Pakkz.

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