19 Aug 2022

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Ghetto Sunrise - Ghetto Sunrise Newsletter Interview

20 Jun 2014 // An interview by Shade

Ghetto Sunrise hail from the city streets of Auckland and play a bombastic fusion of reggae, ska, dubstep and electronica. They bring you a fine fusion of drum n bass, dubstep and live electronica, with their music being reviewed as punchy, catchy and easy to listen to. Thanks to Joel for answering the following questions:

Who are your role models in the NZ music industry?

My role models in the music industry are the unsung heroes. People like the staff at Muzic.net.nz and all the others out there that slug their guts out and spend their weekends reviewing material and plugging away on behalf of us musicians. I also take my hat off to all the unsung bands out there. I'm constantly blown away by the awesome new sh#t I'm hearing online.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Probably Into the Void. It's an epic tune that fuses so many genres together. If you like Tool, you will like this song, if you like Shapeshifter you will like this song or if you like Skrillex and Cypress Hill you will like this song. It's a trip and a half.

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians? Who would they be?

Yep, this album featured Emma P. Our first record with collaboration of any kind. Talks are well underway for who will be on our next stuff. What I am interested in and we haven't discussed yet is getting some guest producers involved on the next record.

Where is your favourite place to relax in NZ?

Port Charles, Coromandel.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Empire, Laughtons new band - cause I have no idea what they sound like and it's probably epical as.

Logic Defies Logic and Fornax Chemica- Because they are NZ's 2 most underrated instrumental bands in history. That's a fact, not an opinion.

Kulus - Cause they have paid their dues and ooze metal integrity.

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about Ghetto Sunrise?

Unexpect the expected.

How would you describe Ghetto Sunrise’s music in one sentence?

Butterflies and Chainsaws.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Probably playing with 1814 at the studio last year. It was a sell out show and those boys are just always full of good hearty spirits.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Logic Defies Logic EP. The Fornax EP. The new SOM and MC Tali's new tune on http://www.theaudience.co.nz/.

What is Ghetto Sunrise’s long term goal?

Writing fusion music and being innovative is where it will always be at for us.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Film, society, surroundings, food, mental stimulants and what ever else is striking a chord at the time.

What can we expect to see from Ghetto Sunrise over the next year?

GS will continue the battle to get this underground movement into mainstream media, a couple of tours and no doubt some more dub tunes for summer.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Keep the faith.

Tell us about Ghetto Sunrise’s next release.

It's a heavy amalgamation of drum n bass, dub step, jungle, metal, rock, trip hop and Rap. Get a copy today, invite your mates over, get messy and blast that sh#t. If you can't afford a copy email me personally at: [email protected] and I'll send you a copy. You are missing out otherwise, but don't take my word for it download the single free.

What can you never leave home without?

Bose HP's.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

There is an explosive story about the end of five day constipation, 2 litres of prune juice, two intoxicated groupies and a green banana, all set to the idyllic backdrop of an Auckland traffic jam. But that one will keep for a more sordid publication.

What inspired you to start Ghetto Sunrise?

I needed to start something different. Something I didn't have to write within a genre for. Something liberating, musically and lyrically.

How did you come up with the name Ghetto Sunrise?

To me it's two almost juxtaposing words that create a symbolic image in my mind. To me it means that even over the depression of the slums the sun still rises ever day. Keep the faith cause they can't take love or sunshine away baby!

What rumour would you like to start about Ghetto Sunrise?

We aren't rejected shaven space apes practicing musical telepathy.


About Ghetto Sunrise

Ghetto Sunrise hail from the city streets of Auckland and play a bombastic fusion of reggae, ska, dubstep and electronica. Ghetto Sunrise are on the cusp of releasing their debut record "One Drop Love". The EP was mastered by Mike Gibson, responsible for the many NZ urban albums including classic reggae records by The Black Seeds, Rhombus through to the killer grooves of the Native Sons. Ghetto Sunrise have been compared to everyone from Sublime and Katchafire but feature heavy bass driven electronic sections reminiscent of early Salmonella Dub mashed together with the latest Dubstep from the UK. Ghetto Sunrise are currently booking their first tour and are set to mash, smash and crash sound systems across the country.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Ghetto Sunrise


Ghetto Sunrise
Year: 2014
Type: Album
One Drop Love
Year: 2013
Type: EP

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