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Invader Cain - Invader Cain Interview 19/05/2012

13 Jun 2012 // An interview by Asmith

You guys have just released an E.P “Feeling The Trend But Thinking Again”, is it your first release?

Yeah it’s the first decent production, we did some demo’s before and then released them...

Is that where the track “Shonky” came from?

Yeah that was a demo.

And you still made it to number four on the kiwi FM charts?

Yeah it was up there with Shihad and Die! Die! Die!, and King Kapisi, it was pretty cool.

You’ve got another single out at the moment “Burning” how’s that going for you guys?

Burning was actually released about a year ago, it’s on the new EP, it charted no. 24 on the rock top 30 and we’ve got it in rotation on The Rock and Radio Hauraki, we’re really stoked about that.

So how long have you guys been together for now?

Nearly three years in August.

So what’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened on tour?

Last night we went to the Shihad movie and this guy (pointing at bandmate) was yelling and screaming and singing over the top of it, he had already drunk two bottles of vodka before hand and then he fell asleep in the aisle! haha.

It was a waste of time even going to the movies, I can’t even remember what happened haha.

Yeah and a while ago after my son was born I got a bit carried away cos it was our first gig after that, and I didn’t even make it through the gig I just collapsed over the kit hahaha.

Did you guys punish him for that?

We made him drink more! Haha.

It’s funny though cos we actually got quite a good response that night!.

I asked November Zulu about this as well so it’s only fair I ask you too- you guys are touring together at the moment and your facebook likes are really close (they’re actually beating you guys..) is there any kind of Friendly rivalries between you?

Well now there is... haha nah they’re really good guys man, we had the day off yesterday so we just drank all day, I’ve never laughed so much in my life! They’re really good dudes man.

Any big goals for you guys in the future?

We wanna bring another single out, get it sounding as good as we possibly can ya know, don’t wanna compromise it or anything, make sure we get a really good producer so probably in a few months we’ll probably produce another single.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

We’re just so rapped for all the support we’ve been getting and it is growing so thank you all for your support, we’re gonna continue to do this so come out and check a gig out.

If you want to check out the new video to Invader Cains latest single “Back Of Your Mind” here’s the link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4z7lBUKE1s


About Invader Cain

Invader Cain is a group of 4 guys who bonded over the purchase of a new drum kit. Their music is inspired by all the complications, obscurities and uncertainties of life. After forming in mid 2009, Invader Cain quickly established themselves as a formidable and energetic live act, no audience comes away un-sweated! They have played with a selection of NZ's talented musicians, in many of Auckland's well know live rock venues.

The members draw on vast musical experiences including being former band members of 'Ruptus Jack' and 'Siren Junkies'. The major musical influences in the lives of the Invader Cain boys include: The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, (early) Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkey's and The Killers. Their songs are very real; they don't write nonsense. With songs compiled of catchy riffs, it's difficult to not let their energy rub on off you. Their music has become an iPod staple of many of those who have been lucky enough to get hold of it!

The debut single 'Sleep' has been released off their EP 'This Is The Moment', along with an accompanying online video which has already had extensive play. 'Shonky' has been released recently as their second single, watch out for the video up soon! These singles and the EP are available from Real Groovy, iTunes and any of the live gigs.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Invader Cain


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