20 Sep 2020

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Unknown - The Halloweens muzic.net.nz Interview

10 Nov 2005 // An interview by Shade
1. Who do you admire most in NZ music at the moment?

Karam: I quite like The Checks and how far they have got, supporting Oasis etc. They have an awesome live show. Elemeno P are cool too, but I think I like their first album better than their latest.

Will: I saw Steriogram for the first time live at that Rainbow Warrior tribute concert and was well impressed. They're doing pretty good for themselves from what I can see. I've gotta start getting to more live gigs though because I don't have a TV or radio.

Shaun: I would have to say Shihad since for longevity and they still have a lot of brutal energy. Any band that can make a living out of music full-time in NZ deserves my vote – it's not easy.

2. Who would you most like to support live?

Karam: Blur, Parklife era, that would be cool. The Libertines, they'd be cool to drink beers with. The rowdy pub gigs are the best ones. So any band that would play in a rowdy pub gig to drunken punters. Controlled chaos is good.

Will: NOFX because I bet they have shitloads of fun on tour. But the crowd would boo us off because they'd all be hard core punk fans. So probably not NOFX. Deja Voodoo then.

Shaun: Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl is a genius. And he's a drummer. See, drummers can be geniuses.

3. How would you describe your music?

Karam: It's messy but in a good way. I like to hunt down genres of music like 50's rock and country music, and write a song based on that era. If I can evoke real emotion in people with the music then I'm happy. Especially sadness for some reason because I'm not really a sad person.

Will: For me it's music with no real hidden agenda - I'm in it for the fun and love of music and if everyone listening gets the same kind of thing out of it I'm happy.

Shaun: 100% pure entertainment (we put on an entertaining show to make up for lack of talent).

4. How did you come up with the name 'The Halloweens'?

Karam: I was driving back from Hamilton and listening to an Ash Bside called 'Halloween'. It's basically this story of a guy who after a really hectic year of touring, returns home to see his parents. He gets on a bus and cruises to his mates house where they go to a Halloween party....and get rattled!!! So that is most appropriate. Also, it was a safety thing. I thought if we were named after a day, then we'd get at least one gig.....

5. What can you never leave home without?

Karam: keys, chewing gum and payment cards.

Will: Pants.

Shaun: My sanity. Tough at times.

6. Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?

Karam: Hopefully still playing rowdy pub gigs, but getting free booze. A couple of yachts in Auckland harbour would be cool. I live for playing live so I wouldn't want to give that up.

Shaun: As I'm the oldest guy in the band, probably a retirement home. I just hope the other boys come and visit me from time to time.

Will: Not if you're a drooler.

7. Which member of The Halloweens has the worse habit, and what is it?

Karam: Dave has sleep apnea so often falls asleep at practise and at gigs. It's pretty annoying. Shaun is impeccably early, making us all seem late most of the time, and Will's bass keeps blowing up and smoking. Actually Will's bass amp has the worst habit. It smokes when you turn it on. I on the other hand brush my teeth 16 times per day...... I'm addicted.

Shaun: Dave – if his amp went to "11" on the volume dial he'd use it. He also has the strange desire to play drums during practice breaks. It's not a pretty sight.

8. How did The Halloweens start?

Karam: Will and I were best mates and flatmates while we were studying down at Otago Uni. We moved up here to start work, put a few ads out there for a guitarist and that's how we found Dave. Dave had done the same and he found Shaun. We started jamming at my house in Auckland. That's where we wrote most of the initial songs. Our first practise was at the Featherstone in April this year.

9. Which band would you most like to be compared with?

Karam: This is something I wouldn't really want to admit. I love Blur though....eccentric is good.

Shaun: Hopefully not Blur. Anything but that.

10. What rumour would you like to start about yourselves?

Karam: I think Dave would like everyone to think he was Batman. That Dave is dating Dawn off 'The Office'.

Will: That we beat up Metallica.

Shaun: We're supporting the Foo Fighters on the 26th.

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