26 Mar 2023

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Articles By johnsoncraigsbc

Spartacus R - When The Fever Takes Hold - Debut Release
15 Feb 2009 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
The locally anticipated debut release from Wellingtons own Spartacus R is finally here. After becoming regionally acclaimed over the past six years their debut full-length album “When The Fever Takes Hold” is looking to rouse devotees and new listeners alike.
Samuel Flynn Scott - Straight Answer Machine
28 May 2008 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Stepping away from electronic Americana and heading towards tropical folk, ‘Straight Answer Machine’ is Samuel Flynn Scotts’ second solo performance that supports his song writing potential. ‘Straight Answer Machine’ leads us on a mystical journey through his ideological landscapes and on through good hard times.
An Emerald City - Debut, Self Titled E.P.
15 Apr 2008 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
An Emerald City showcases mastery musicianship with a seamless blend of traditional instruments, spawning an easy listening, instrumental collaboration of styles in this self titled, debut extended play. Commencing the four track E.
Recloose - Recloose- Perfect Timing
14 Apr 2008 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Recloose has been busy and after such previous success, the now internationally exalted producer and DJ has brought a new touch to living room and club dance with ‘Perfect Timing’, taking a few pages out of the eighties in the process. Starting the album with Rachel Frasier and the mellow sophistication of ‘Catch A Leaf’ is the perfect way to precede the dismal post eighties revival that is ‘Robop’.
Crash-Test For Favourite Things - We all want to be just like you.
31 Mar 2008 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
We all want to be just like you- Crash Test For Favourite Things The general aesthetic of Crash Test for Favourite Things has matured since their debut, self titled album, and the cover art captures some of the imagery that is apparent in the music wonderfully. It speaks innocence and injustice.
Lawrence Arabia - Lawrence Arabia: Live Gig @ Happy 08 Feb 2008
13 Feb 2008 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Thursday night at Happy was packed, and for good reason. For ‘it’ man Liam Finn was due to support Lawrence Arabia, who threw two nights of fun filled music with all his friends.
The Phoenix Foundation - Happy Ending
20 Dec 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
After such success from ‘Pegasus’ it was exciting to hear what direction The Phoenix Foundation had taken with their new album- 'Happy Ending'. I like the album and its casual holiday appeal, with up beat happy tunes like ‘Bright Grey’ and ‘Bleaching Sun’, but opening singles aside; the album showcases all of the song writing talent that is The Phoenix Foundation.
The Phoenix Foundation - Wellington Opera House 17/11/2007
19 Nov 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
On Saturday night The Phoenix Foundation played at the Opera House in Wellington as part of their Happy Ending tour. Because of the recent success from their newly released album ‘Happy Ending’ I was excepting another great show from the Wellington lads who seldom disappoint.
The Deadly Deaths - The Deadly Deaths- Debut Album
24 Jun 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Although the name doesn’t suggest it, The Deadly Deaths debut album is soothing and articulate, like a pre planned walk in the park with a close friend or relative. I find myself subconsciously listening to this album, but moments like the whaling guitar in ‘Deadline’ really capture your attention.
OpShop - Second Hand Planet
16 Jun 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
First of all Jason Kerrison, good stuff on those Music Month ads, now on a more serious note, Opshops’ second album Second Hand Planet isn’t half bad. After a debut album fronting radio friendly hits like ‘No Ordinary Thing’ and ‘Levitate’, a chart topping second album seems out of reach for most of the mediocre bands New Zealand has been producing lately.
Ritalin - Ritalin- Roguetown
16 May 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Ritalin is reminiscent of Metallica in the ‘kill em all’ days, especially with guitaring like that in ‘The Haunting’. But apart from some good moments, the rest of the mid chorus strumming started to hurt my ears a bit.
Brutally Frank - The Finer Details
15 Apr 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
When a band becomes sponsored by sunglasses and clothing labels, what would you expect? These guys are pretty tight when it comes to musicianship, but some of their song writing is a bit high school.
Samuel Flynn Scott - San Franciso Bathhouse 14-04-2007
14 Apr 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
A collaboration of two of New Zealand’s finest songwriters made for a night of rugby jokes, charm less humour, and an array of songs which were destined to be worshiped religiously. Samuel Flynn Scott and Lawrence Arabia combined their sets to create one large, long set filled with both of their song writing goodness.
Tempo 38 - Tempo38/Provoke Split Compilation
02 Apr 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
I once thought the Trans Tasman rivalry was solely based on the results of cricket matches. Now that we’ve been handed Australia/New Zealand hardcore the rivalry has been cross credited to a battle of the screamos.
DateMonthYear - DateMonthYear- 7Ghosts
28 Mar 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Prelude- amazing. Intense and fierce.
OdESSA - Motel Machine- Single
28 Mar 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
After Oak Park Avenue, and with hits like ‘Sugar Pop’, ‘Promises’ and ‘Bring Your Money Back’, I was left wondering if OdESSA would become yet another one album wonder along with the likes of The Darkness and Jet. After bringing exciting, fresh material to the Wellington music scene, and along with a killer live performance, what could they do next to try and maintain this new found success?
SJD - SJD @ Happy, Wellington
15 Mar 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
The last time I was at Happy on Tory Street in Wellington I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the band that was playing (The Dylan Storey Band), and being the well known SJD I knew this time was going to be no different. The last time I saw SJD live was on the opera house tour with the Phoenix Foundation, so I had recollections of a fantastic performance, and seeing them in a more intimate setting was very exciting.
Charlie ASH - Charlie Ash @ Bar Bodega 23/02/07
27 Feb 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Auckland’s electro pop Charlie Ash set the scene for the evening by painting the faces of the audience as they entered Bar Bodega, and although it smelt like rotten fish oil it created a highlighter, early 90s, mullet theme throughout the audience and onto the stage. And I quote Rosie- “face paint is better when it’s not paper”.
Equus - Equus- Hind Legs
27 Feb 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Sounding like a local garage band, I would expect Equus would have a large local following and be the biggest thing to hit pubs and taverns in recent years. Hind legs is a New Zealand album.
Connan Mockasin - Kings Arm 20/01/2007
23 Jan 2007 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
The Kings Arms Aye, who would’ve thought. A lot probably but that’s beside the point.
Katchafire - Katchafire- San Francisco Bathhouse Wellington 23rd Dec 2006
05 Jan 2007 // interview by johnsoncraigsbc
Although I ended up driving into town by myself, this particular night turned out to be rather enjoyable. The San Francisco Bathhouse is a great venue, housing numerous bands of all genres.
House Of Shem - House of Shem @ Subnine in Wellington
19 Nov 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Sub nine is a youth friendly venue which has a tendency to make gigs feel like fourth form dances. Don't ask me why.
The Dylan Storey Band - The Dylan Storey Band @ Happy in Wellington 18/11/2006
19 Nov 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
I had never been to Happy in Wellington before last night, but I’m comprehensively glad I went for a number of reasons. Being at the top of Tory Street was an added bonus because it was well away from the city centre so I could bypass the drunken fools in town on my way home.
Salon Kingsadore - Salon Kingsadore Live @ Bar Bodega 14/10/2006
18 Oct 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
I once thought the best way to imagine being on holiday on a cold, windy night was to drink home made lemonade with an umbrella in it and watch saved by the bell re runs. How wrong I was.
Ishtar - New EP! South of Sanity
01 Oct 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Don’t judge a book by its cover, is what I have learnt from listening to Ishtar’s new E.P South of Sanity.
The Septembers - Cabaret Wellington Gig
30 Sep 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Saturday night saw me trudge around half of Wellington as I tried to find a bar/venue called Cabaret which I had never heard of before. I finally decided to ask in the nearby Starmart for directions only to find I had walked straight past it several times.
The Rock and Roll Machine - Debut Self Titled Album
30 Sep 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
After a bad Rock and Roll Machine gig experience, their self titled debut album came as a very, very pleasant release. After receiving their album, I haven’t taken it out of my stereo since, and has been played a hundred times since then.
Stellar* - Something Like Strangers
30 Sep 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Stellar seem to have taken a softer approach in making their new album, Something Like Strangers, which in turn has created a lazy Sunday album which you can have playing in the back ground from start to finish. Andy Lovegroove provides additional vocals in the beautiful duet which is 'For A While'.
Crash-Test For Favourite Things - Pre CD release interview 1-9-2006
01 Sep 2006 // interview by johnsoncraigsbc
Who are your favourite musicians/bands? Hanson.
The Black Seeds - The Black Seeds 'Into The Dojo' release tour in Palmerston North
25 Aug 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Alexander Kapranos once said “It’s always better on holiday”, and I’ve come to the conclusion he was comprehensively correct in saying so. There’s something about being away from home that makes everything that much more exciting, so I packed up the car, got the lads, bought some booze and headed out into the unknown for some guaranteed chaos.
The Rock and Roll Machine - The Big Kumara 10-8-2006
12 Aug 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Thursday nights don’t usually see me out of the comfort of my living room, but this was no ordinary Thursday night. The Big Kumara in Wellington was to hold The Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine.
Bachelorette - San Francisco Bathhouse 4-8-2006
05 Aug 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
At Luke Buda's gig at the San Francisco Bathhouse last night, a youthful Bachelorette opened for him. Her musical style was fitting for the type of music which was to come, and was relaxing entertainment until Buda took the stage.
Luke Buda - Luke Buda 4-8-2006
05 Aug 2006 // review by johnsoncraigsbc
Being a big fan of The Phoenix Foundation, I had high expectations for Luke Buda's solo performance at the San Francisco Bathhouse last night. When Luke finally came on sporting a pompous jacket with tails and all, I knew I wasn’t about to be let down.

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