24 Jul 2024

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Articles By River Tucker

Amanaki - EP Review: Embers
22 Jul 2024 // review by River Tucker
Amanaki might not be a household name yet, but along with their indie label, North Supply Co., they’re definitely on track to grab your attention.
Silcrow - Silcrow - EP Review: Silcrow
14 Jun 2024 // review by River Tucker
Aiming for the stars, Silcrow’s seven-track EP merges American-style rock with a touch of Seattle grunge in a well-produced release that will appeal to many generations of music lovers, but mainly to those whose musical awakening happened sometime in the 90’s.As well as changing their name from Close To The Bone to the much more kick-arse Silcrow, these four young guys from Auckland have been working hard on the live circuit (bar a short hiatus during lockdown) to get their songs fully dialled in and ready for the studio.
Parasitic Infestation - EP Review: Promo EP
21 Apr 2024 // review by River Tucker
If you’re looking for some great metal music, you’ve come to the right place. Hardworking up-and-coming band Parasitic Infestation, who specialise in Brutal Death Metal, are set to make your ears bleed with their latest promo release, consisting of three deliciously heavy songs (plus bonus tracks) that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.
The Death Spell - Album Review: The Death Spell
12 Dec 2023 // review by River Tucker
There’s a real whisky drinking, bare knuckle fighting edge to the self-titled debut album by The Death Spell, kicking off with Nail You Higher Than Before. Obviously, song lyrics are in your face on this track, especially for any Christians in the audience, but you couldn’t ask for a better intro to the musical style of this Auckland-based band.
Beastwars - Gig Review: Reign of the Beast @ Whanganui Musicians Club, Whanganui - 13/10/2023
15 Oct 2023 // review by River Tucker
If you're into metal music, the Musicians Club in Whanganui was the place to be last Friday night for a feast of auditory delights to satisfy even the hungriest of souls. Brought to you by Lost Art and Panhead beer, Beastwars and Shepherds Reign headlined an epic concert that was set to bring the house down on the first leg of their not-to-be-missed Reign of the Beast tour.
End of an Empire - Album Review: Best Laid Plans
25 Sep 2023 // review by River Tucker
It’s been a couple of years since End of an Empire released their favourably reviewed debut album, Within, Without in 2020. Since then, the Wellington-based four-piece have obviously put their time to good use by writing Best Laid Plans, which is arguably one of the finest Hardcore releases to come out of New Zealand this year.
The Rising Tide - Gig Review: Inferno - Youth Rock & Metal @ The Stomach, Palmerston North - 5/08/2023
07 Aug 2023 // review by River Tucker
It’s not often that you get treated to a mid-winter concert where nearly every metal genre is being performed. But that’s exactly what happened at The Stomach in Palmerston North last Saturday night where four bands gave it their all in a rip-roaring all-ages show that will undoubtedly leave the hundred or so people who attended with lasting impressions.
Mammuthus - Album Review: Imperator
18 Jun 2023 // review by River Tucker
If you like your stoner metal super-sized and embellished with a nice touch of doom, then Mammuthus’ latest release, Imperator, is definitely the album for you. Seven tracks of deliciously down-tuned, guitar-driven heaviness smash into your eardrums like a well-oiled and relentless steam train.
1 Drop Nation - Single Review: I'm Home
08 May 2023 // review by River Tucker
When it comes to reggae music 1 Drop Nation's latest single, I'm Home, hits all the right notes. Soulful melodies, tight rhythms, and on-point vocals impart a feel-good vibe that will get you chilling or up and dancing, whatever mood you're in.
Devilskin - Gig Review: Devilskin @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 28/04/2023
30 Apr 2023 // review by River Tucker
It was well worth getting in early to catch Devilskin’s exclusive VIP performance at The Royal in Palmerston North last Friday night. Following on from a successful show at Homegrown, Devilskin has embarked on their much-anticipated nationwide Let Me Breathe tour, brought to you by The Rock, after a short hiatus that, if anything, has made their current shows all the more sweet.
Gig Review #2: Homegrown 2023 @ Wellington Waterfront - 18/03/2023
21 Mar 2023 // review by River Tucker
The weather gods must really love live music because they fully turned it on for the Jim Beam Homegrown music festival in Wellington last Saturday. Not only were the tunes absolutely fantastic, the crystal clear blue sky followed by a twinkling starry night set a magical scene for thousands of beautiful party people to enjoy some of New Zealand’s biggest bands performing across five stages on the capital’s spectacular waterfront.
Melanie - Gig Review: Melanie @ Snails, Palmerston North - 04/03/2023
07 Mar 2023 // review by River Tucker
What else was there to do last Saturday night except get out and support some live bands at a local music venue, in this case an all ages gig with Feildings Best Dancers, Crying Club and Melanie at the legendary Snails in Palmerston North.Snails also doubles as an artist space and there’s a considerable amount of well-lit artwork on display for people to appreciate.
Bad Schematics - EP Review: Keep Your Gods
28 Feb 2023 // review by River Tucker
Bad Schematics have hit the road running with a small tour and a couple of promo videos made in support of their debut EP, Keep Your Gods. It’s a rip-roaring release somewhat influenced by early 2000 American Emo rock, embellished with touches of Nu-Metal and high-energy Alt Rock, which delivers a sound they can proudly call all their own.
Imperial Slave - Gig Review: Imperial Slave @ Castle 789, Palmerston North - 21/01/2023
23 Jan 2023 // review by River Tucker
It was pretty balmy in Palmy last Saturday night at Castle 789, but the Summer heat didn’t deter people from wearing black, with nearly every major metal band represented on patches and T-shirts by a small but dedicated crowd of enthusiastic metalheads.Tribute band Meiniak kicked things off with an extended set of all the Pantera greats, nailing such crowd-pleasers as A New Level, 5 Minutes Alone, Drag The Waters and Walk.
Enoch - Single/Video Review: Seasons
26 Dec 2022 // review by River Tucker
Formed in 2017, Enoch is a five-piece metal band hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, who encapsulates everything that’s good about metal music. Well produced by Texas based Machine (Lamb of God, Clutch, Impending Doom), Seasons is Enoch’s fourth single and marks a refreshing step away from their nu metal roots.
Newzerror - Single Review: You
08 Dec 2022 // review by River Tucker
Newzerror is a new two-piece band hailing from a small town in Aotearoa New Zealand called Matamata. Anything but small, Rick and Dee’s sound on their debut single You smashes through the ceiling with some straight forward no-nonsense metal sure to get you up and moshing.
All I Seek - Single Review: Envy
05 Aug 2022 // review by River Tucker
More than just a progressive Metal band, All I Seek have coalesced many of the best Alt Metal styles around, including at times Melodic Death (with a slight Djent edge) into their rip-roaring third single, Envy.This massive four-minute track fills a gap in New Zealand’s current progressive Metal scene and the juxtaposition of the songs uplifting message, delivered during mid-winter, makes it a very well timed release.
Pale Lady - Single Review: Never Satisfied
07 Apr 2022 // review by River Tucker
2017 Battle Of The Bands national champions Pale Lady have hit another home run with their latest single; Never Satisfied. Contrary to the song title, you can tell these four young guys who hail from Wellington are having shit loads of fun playing this fantastic song.
Slow Rage - Album Review: The Low-Down
14 Oct 2021 // review by River Tucker
Every once in a while a release comes along that is just oozing with originality and that’s the case with Slow Rage’s debut album The Low-Down. Eleven tracks of pure musical goodness integrate a number of diverse styles that you cannot help but appreciate.
Magnalith - EP Review: Instrumentality
15 Apr 2021 // review by River Tucker
If you ever had the inclination to record some music, heading over to Auckland’s LAB studios to lay down some drums is a good way to begin. Not only have they provided Mathew Bosher’s solo release with the depth of sound his chosen genres demand but they also ensure the contagious rhythms on Instrumentality, his debut EP under the moniker Magnalith, have the cut through required to get listener’s fully engaged.
Garden Party Riot - Album Review: Garden Party Riot
24 Nov 2020 // review by River Tucker
Garden Party Riot’s self-titled debut album is full of intense energy, odd time signatures and cohesiveness often only found in three-piece bands. But above anything else these nine original tracks are party inducing, which is exactly what we need in this time of doom and gloom.
3000AD - Album Review: The Void
06 Nov 2020 // review by River Tucker
For a debut, The Void by 3000 AD is one hell of a kick arse release. Not only does it deliver everything you could ever want from a metal album, elements of punk and thrash will also satisfy the most hardcore head bangers amongst us.
Andrew Masseurs - Album Review: Fuzz Bomb
18 Oct 2020 // review by River Tucker
If you like your music with prominent soaring vocals and driving rhythms that are sure to get you on the dance floor, Fuzz Bomb is the album for you. As well as playing all the instruments, Wellington based musician Andrew Masseurs, formally of New Zealand band Ammp, has also recorded and mixed the entire album.
Grey Skies Over Rapture - Album Review: Grey Skies Over Rapture
28 Sep 2019 // review by River Tucker
If you like your death metal laced with elements of thrash and razor sharp axes merged with unrelenting rhythms, the debut self-titled album Grey Skies Over Rapture is the release you’re looking for. It has a little bit of everything that makes the death metal genre great!
Ommeta - EP Review: Precostal
23 Aug 2019 // review by River Tucker
Ommeta is the solo project of Auckland based musician and audio engineer, Luke Finlay. His debut release Precostal isn’t just about technical death metal.
Amnesia Jones - Album Review: Amnesia Jones
09 Mar 2019 // review by River Tucker
Relying heavily on the funk gospel, Amnesia Jones’ debut self-titled album is sure to get listeners up and dancing. There’s an endearing lo-fi quality simmering just below the energy and sparkle of the eleven-track release.
Shihad - Shihad @ Brewers Indoor Arena, Mt Maunganui - 27/10/2018
31 Oct 2018 // review by River Tucker
Shihad couldn’t have asked for better support acts in the form of Villainy and Kora for their 30th Anniversary Tour gig last weekend at Mt Maunganui. Not only did all the bands bring their A game to the stage, the audience was fully locked, loaded and set to celebrate thirty years of Shihad’s musical success.
Built - EP Review: Here’s To Sweet Sabotage
03 Aug 2018 // review by River Tucker
Musician Dean Young has been writing and producing some fantastic music over the last couple of decades. His latest musical work released under the name Built, comes in the form of a stonkingly good 6 track EP entitled Here’s To Sweet Sabotage.
Apollo SteamTrain - Single Review: Superstition (Looking In The Mirror)
19 Jun 2018 // review by River Tucker
Apollo SteamTrain have been hard at work producing solid songs and developing a loyal fan base through gigging and regular recording over the last couple of years, but their latest single Superstition (Looking In The Mirror) is a marked change in musical direction for the Tauranga based rock band.Starting out with a crisp drumbeat on nicely tuned toms, Les Robinson is soon joined by singer songwriter Brendan McCarthy’s crunchy guitar.
Alien Weaponry - Album Review: Tū
08 Jun 2018 // review by River Tucker
Released on Napalm Records and named in veneration of Tūmatauenga, the Māori god of war, Alien Weaponry’s debut album Tū is a testament to what can be achieved through excellent promotional material and a lot of dedication to their musical craft.Opening track Whaikōrero starts things off with a spoken welcome and warning accompanied by a Kōauau (flute instrument) and a Pūrerehua (wind instrument) guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.
Hault - Single Review: Into The Light
30 May 2018 // review by River Tucker
Wellington band Hault is getting ever closer to the quintessential Dunedin sound with their latest single release, Into the Light. There’s a bit less grunge inspired psychedelic influence going on, but essentially this three-piece has retained their core sound first captured on a debut self-titled EP released last year to favourable reviews.
Bloodshot - Album Review: Pull The Plug
15 May 2018 // review by River Tucker
What is it about Wellington that produces such great metal bands? Bloodshot is no exception to the rule and seems ready and rearing to go.
New Telepathics - Album Review: The End Of War
31 Mar 2018 // review by River Tucker
The New Telepathics' latest release, wishfully entitled The End of War, explores an amalgamation of Soul, Jazz, Trip Hop, Techno Funk and Calypso genres with inspiring lyrics and tight rhythms sure to get the crowd amped and on the dance floor.Driving bass lines and pared-back drums are sometimes interspersed with unusual sequences and effects that give an edgy disjointed vibe.
Arc of Ascent - Album Review: Realms of the Metaphysical
07 Apr 2017 // review by River Tucker
The third full-length album from Arc of Ascent, Realms of the Metaphysical, is an uplifting release full of dark beauty and stand out vocals.  Like their two previous releases, Circle Of The Sun and The Higher Key, these songs will translate well live.
Head Like A Hole - Gig Review: Head Like A Hole NYE @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 31/12/2016
05 Jan 2017 // review by River Tucker
New Years Eve at the Mount reminded me a lot of the high-octane gigs from back in the day when Head Like A Hole (HLAH) first started touring the metal scene up in Auckland, which was a bit dead at the time. Of course there’s not as much nakedness going on these days, but HLAH still helps people to get over their inhibitions with rip-roaring performances that will blow your mind.
Beastwars - Album Review: The Death Of All Things
22 Feb 2016 // review by River Tucker
There’s a real primal feel to the new Beastwars album, The Death Of All Things. Beastwars cut their own sonic path again and this release follows in the footsteps of their previous albums, both of which rated well in the New Zealand album charts.
Tainted - Album Review: Into Temptation
03 May 2015 // review by River Tucker
Once again Tainted have delivered an outstanding album full of powerful riffs and massive soundscapes with enough subtle nuance to satisfy even the most refined metal connoisseur. Combining solid song construction and excellent engineering, Into Temptation merges all the elements required for a successful release.
The Jury & The Saints - Album Review: The Jury and The Saints
26 Mar 2015 // review by River Tucker
There is no doubt that The Jury & The Saints have once again delivered an outstanding album containing a powerful uplifting message for the youth of today. Striking exactly the right balance, this self-titled release retains a nice raw edge while skillfully delivering a polished performance.
Checaine - Turn the Stone Album Review
11 Jul 2014 // review by River Tucker
There's a real solid feel to this Checaine album, Turn the Stone. With a plethora of stonking riffs interspersed by lighter moments, these four guys from Hamilton have pulled a real gem out of the rock n roll bag.
Dead Dreamers - No Closure for Open Ends Album Review
01 Nov 2013 // review by River Tucker
If you like your metalcore intricately crafted with a hint of punk and a dash of death for good measure, Dead Dreamers latest release No Closure for Open Ends is a must-have for your music collection. Originally hailing from Hamilton and after touring extensively throughout New Zealand, the five piece have recently relocated to the UK to break into the international market, so you will have to wait for their return tour to catch them live.
Shitripper - Brain Defect Album Review
26 Jul 2013 // review by River Tucker
There's something very traditionally punk about Shitripper’s latest release Brain Defect. The Auckland based six-piece band isn’t your average three-chord punk outfit though, with a hardcore edge and snappy raucous songs sure to keep you on your toes.
Osmium - The Misery Harvest Album Review
29 Jan 2013 // review by River Tucker
There’s no escaping Osmium’s awesome metal prowess throughout their second full-length album The Misery Harvest. Stylistically similar to Alice and Chains, what sets the Invercargill based three-piece apart is a harder edge of heavy riffs with a bit more grunge for good measure.
Rhythm and Vines Review
07 Jan 2013 // review by River Tucker
There’s something very special about the Rhythm and Vines music festival held during New Year at the lovely Waiohika Estate Vineyard, just out of Gisborne. Rhythm and Vines celebrated their ten-year anniversary with an unprecedented level of professionalism and 31,000 music lovers partied with them on New Years Eve.
Villainy - Mode. Set. Clear. Album Review
29 Dec 2012 // review by River Tucker
The first thing to strike you about Villainy’s debut album Mode Set Clear is the excellent surrealistic graphics designed by legendary designer Storm Thorgerson. Echoing some other great works by the renowned artist such as Muse’s Absolution, Megadeth’s Rude Awakening and Pink Floyd’s A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, the digipac is so good it’s worth framing and mounting to the wall.
Rival State - Apollo Me Album Review
29 Oct 2012 // review by River Tucker
Rival State's album Apollo Me is a solid effort throughout. At times their powerful sound is without compromise.
New Way Home - Mirrors Album Review
03 Sep 2012 // review by River Tucker
From the outset New Way Home's latest release Mirrors is a rip-roaring beast sure to get the mosh pit pumping. Building on some of the best metal sub genres while forging a truly original sound all of their own, the five piece hailing from Auckland have incorporated the perfect blend of delicate harmonics and unrelenting heaviness.
Depths - Resurgence EP Review
23 May 2012 // review by River Tucker
Released on Deadboy Records and best described as a cross between Meshuggah and As I Lay Dying with hints of Machine Head thrown into the bubbling cauldron for good measure, Depths' EP Resurgence is sure to quench your desire for head banging mayhem. The CD starts off with a nice atmospheric and spooky intro that soon gives way to Age Of Compromise.
Arc of Ascent - The Higher Key Album Review
02 May 2012 // review by River Tucker
Arc Of Ascent’s latest release The Higher Key is an excellent follow-up to their debut album Circle of the Sun (Astral Projection) that received favourable reviews. Hailing from Hamilton, the trio punches well above their weight and epitomizes the wall of sound technique with one of the most commanding and transcending metal albums so far this year.
Heavy Metal Ninjas - The Heavy Metal Ninjas EP Review
04 Mar 2012 // review by River Tucker
The Heavy Metal Ninjas, who formed in 2010 (the year of the ninja), have certainly transcended the mortal realm with their debut EP of the same name. From devastating riffs, synchronised perfectly with meticulous timing, the five Ninjas including Stu and Fran Kora from multi-platinum selling band Kora, look set to completely annihilate the competition.
Outsiders - Shallow Graves EP Review
01 Mar 2012 // review by River Tucker
The Outsiders latest release Shallow Graves is a short but sweet EP that builds nicely on their impressive 2010 debut album The Words Will Write Themselves. With obvious similarities, Shallow Graves has a bit more Kiwi flavour and an underground number eight-wire approach.
Cobra Khan - Adversities Album Review
09 Dec 2011 // review by River Tucker
From the opening riff that will make the hairs on the back of your neck shiver in anticipation, Cobra Khan’s latest release Adversities, never lets up. The quintet had already set the bar high with their previous releases, especially the 2008 album Helgorithms, ensuring many dedicated fans here and abroad.
Sticky Filth - Fourth Domain Album Review
03 Dec 2011 // review by River Tucker
For starters, Sticky Filth’s latest album demands to be played loud. Fourth Domain is a nicely packaged release that builds on a solid foundation of the tried and true, while not being afraid to explore something new and the darker side of life.
Machete Justice - Reversion Album Review
08 Nov 2011 // review by River Tucker
Picking up where many metal bands left off, Machete Justice sets the bar high with their most excellent début album Reversion. Hailing from Tauranga in New Zealand, the quintessential four-piece band aims for the sky with an album not for the faint hearted.
In Dread Response - Embers in the Spiritless Void Album Review
16 Aug 2011 // review by River Tucker
From the outset In Dread Response’s second album, Embers in the Spiritless Void, lays down the gauntlet as an unrelenting and epic release. Musically comparable to international bands like Machine Head and Lamb of God, while defining their sound with a new level of creativity, In Dread Response builds on the theme of vengeful anger that is the basis of all great thrash, doom and melodic death metal.
El Schlong - Time/Place Album Review
27 Jul 2011 // review by River Tucker
It seems like ages since El Schlong released their groundbreaking album The Baddies Are Coming in 2008. The band described that release as “like Satan in the bath puzzled by the ginger pube on the soap.
Ammp - From The Back of the Sun Album Review
20 Jun 2011 // review by River Tucker
The first thing to strike me about Ammp’s debut album From The Back of the Sun, is the excellent packaging with nice photographs, song lyrics and production notes all stylishly presented in a 12 page foldout booklet. It’s good to see the bands professionalism doesn’t end with their musicianship.
Black Boy Peaches - Company Feel Good Album Review
11 May 2011 // review by River Tucker
Black Boy Peaches state that their modus operandi is to “write great music, make great records and play amazing gigs.” Clearly they’re well on their way to achieving these goals with the bands debut album ‘Company Feel Good.
Leeches - Self Titled Debut EP
17 Apr 2011 // review by River Tucker
I had a feeling I would like this CD, even before I put it in the machine and I was not disappointed. There’s something very impressive about the self-titled release by the Leeches with its hardcore, raw quality that will knock your socks off.
Blue Blood - Top Shelf Woman Album Review
30 Mar 2011 // review by River Tucker
Blue Blood’s debut album Top Shelf Woman exudes good times from start to finish. Best described as a rock solid funkadelic escapade into jazzaliscious dynamics, with some stonking blues soul to get your heart pumping, it’s really something you should pick up today.
Nort - Lifestyles of Bleeding Album Review
15 Mar 2011 // review by River Tucker
Nort’s new nine-track album is obviously a parent free zone but once the lyrics kick in you might need to hold your mammas hand. Best described as an unrelenting audio assault and not for the faint hearted, Lifestyle of Bleeding has crushing guitars, ballistic bass lines and ruthless drums that will render you incapacitated and requiring a medical certificate.
An Emerald City - The Fourth Album Review
03 Mar 2011 // review by River Tucker
Haven’t heard of An Emerald City before? That’s OK, I’m here to get you acquainted.
The Jury & The Saints - Daydreams Album Review
24 Feb 2011 // review by River Tucker
To look at this CD you might think WTF and not give it a second chance. But if you get past the initial shock at the quirkiness of the eco friendly packaging, you'd be well pleased you did, and a lot more besides.
The Karrados - A Means to an End EP Review
28 Jan 2011 // review by River Tucker
There's a lot of really good music around these days and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need something new. That's exactly what The Karrados are, right down to their original name.
CHARTDISC Volume 4 New School vs Old School Review
20 Oct 2010 // review by River Tucker
With a hot pink eco-friendly package, Christchurch's ChartDisc certainly stands out from the crowd. Now onto the music...
Black River Drive - Black River Drive - Perfect Flaws Album Review
08 Oct 2010 // review by River Tucker
Black River Drive has clearly put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their debut album 'Perfect Flaws'. The ten tracks are so cohesive that, as a reviewer, it was difficult pulling them to pieces.
Bannerman - Bannerman - The Dusty Dream Hole Album Review
01 Oct 2010 // review by River Tucker
If we could combine the voices of Greg Johnson with a dash of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Jeff Buckley we would be close to the sultry and charismatic voice of Richard Setford. This clever fellow also composed, produced and engineered the fourteen-tracks in conjunction with Olly Harmer, who recorded the drums and did the mastering and mixing at The Lab in Mt Eden.
November Zulu - Black Yellow White Album Review
22 Aug 2010 // review by River Tucker
Something special happens when likeminded musicians get together to make the music they love and this is abundantly clear with November Zulu's debut album entitled 'Black Yellow White'. With a deeply rich sound driving the songs along in a powerful and stirring way and Geordie Meade's charismatic vocals tightly tied together with exquisite compositions, November Zulu display a thorough understanding of what rock n roll is all about.
Frozen Alice - The Torino Scale Album Review
21 Aug 2010 // review by River Tucker
From the opening track Everyday with its quieter moments that slowly build into commanding riffs, I knew I was in for something special. This song knocked my socks off!
Roofdog - Album Review: Roofdog
13 Aug 2010 // review by River Tucker
Roofdog is a five-piece ska band from West Auckland and this self-titled album is the bands first release since forming in 1998. We really have been waiting a while for this one, however there's a marked difference between a band that is naturally tight because of countless practices and gigs and one that rushes to get something released without finding that X factor in the mix.
Hangman - Version One Album Review
08 Aug 2010 // review by River Tucker
The album entitled 'Version One' starts off with the slow driven funk song You Got to Move. A good beginning indicating the bands secure grounding, in established musical structures.
Riverblind - Hour of the Wolf Album Review
06 Aug 2010 // review by River Tucker
Founded in jazz standards the first song Mute Signals works its way into slow blues melodies with sweet soaring vocals and guitars that pluck at your heartstrings to evaporate any bad mood that the winter weather might have you under. With the dynamic range of Jeff Buckley but retaining the kiwi accent there's a real bard like feel to Dave Kempton's vocal delivery.
Oxboy - Ecstasy's Not Life EP Review
09 Jul 2010 // review by River Tucker
There's certainly plenty of good sounds coming out of New Zealand at the moment and the 'Ecstasy's Not Life' seven track EP by Oxboy is no exception to the rule. Released by Hit Your Head Music and recorded over three days by Alec Withers (Devil's Elbow, Tempo 38, Angel Hammer, Servo) and mastered by Ian G.
Fornax Chemica - Chemical Furnace Album Review
01 Jul 2010 // review by River Tucker
Out of the atmospheric darkness erupts Fornax Chemica like a lava flow of burning brilliance. Deep aggressive rhythms and monumental musical structures carry you along on a tidal wave of diverse dynamics reminiscent of Alchemist, Isis or our very own Sora Shima.
Superturtle - About the Sun Album Review
13 Jun 2010 // review by River Tucker
There's something very young about Superturtle's sound on the album About the Sun, although the band is comprised of seasoned professionals. Superturtle takes you on a cheerful journey of jangly guitars, lovely duets and clever soundscapes all conducive to having a good time.
The Usmani Collective - Searching EP Review
04 Jun 2010 // review by River Tucker
The Usmani Collective - Searching The debut EP from the Usmani Collective starts with the self-titled track Searching with an intro of soft bluesy piano and bass guitar, melding into nice funky jazz styles; making me think I'm in for a treat. There's even some gospel influence in there.
Outsiders - The Words Will Write Themselves Album Review
20 May 2010 // review by River Tucker
'The Words Will Write Themselves' certainly starts with a bang! The first track 'The Other Half' has hit written all over it.
Puppeteer - Tucked In By Brutality album review
23 Apr 2010 // review by River Tucker
Puppeteer 'Tucked in by Brutality' album review Preparing for a metal review: Black T-Shirt, check, sound system, check, beer, check. Puppeteer is a four piece metal band hailing from Auckland and Tauranga.
Cybiont - Angels and Demons Album Review
18 Apr 2010 // review by River Tucker
Cybiont 'Angels and Demons' CD Review The first thing to strike me about the 'Angels and Demons' CD by Cybiont is the fantastic colourful artwork and environmentally conscious packaging. Track One 'Take Me To The Moon' starts with a slow harmonic exploration into minimalism.
Jdubs - 'The Keynotes' Album Review
14 Apr 2010 // review by River Tucker
Jdubs - The Keynotes CD Review Jdubs is Ben James along with Charles Kickens, Pacific Heights and P-Money with Shapeshifter's Devin Abrams mixing and producing much of the content for the release on his Truetone record label brings you 'The Keynotes', a CD of quality Hip Hop featuring the vocal talents of MC Aeries, Sacha Vee and Lisa Tomlins. I like the packaging for this CD.
One Love Concert 06/02/10
25 Mar 2010 // review by River Tucker
Review for muzic.net.
Dawn Of Azazel - A Massive Explosion of Sound
25 Mar 2010 // review by River Tucker
Dawn of Azazel/Megadeth/Slayer 26/01/10 Miserable weather greeted fans as they lined up to enter Auckland's Logan Cambell Centre on Monday 5thOctober 2009. But the rain could not dampen the crowds highly charged enthusiasm for the event.
Splore 2010
25 Mar 2010 // review by River Tucker
Splore 2010 19th - 21st Feb. With just the right balance of good vibes, friendly faces and fantastic entertainment, Splore is a must attend festival suitable for the entire family.
Knives At Noon - A Mothaflippin Party
22 Mar 2010 // review by River Tucker
Bar Bodega 20/03/2010 The night was young, I had my glad rags on and Wellington looked ready to party. What better place to be than the stalwart of the music venue business; Bar Bodega now located on Ghuznee Street in central Wellington.

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